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We Tried Some of the Most Popular Overwatch Workshop Codes

The recently added Workshop feature in Overwatch has proven to be a hit with players. This tool allows for the creation and sharing of codes that change the rules of the game entirely. We previ...

Transport Fever 2 Tips Guide - 10 Things the Game Doesn't Tell You

If you’re new to Transport Fever 2, this traffic simulator can feel daunting without a bit of guidance. Out tips might be old hat to veterans of the first Transport Fever

Overwatch on Switch Includes a Surprisingly Fun Feature: Motion Controls

Ever since the Switch launched 2017, Overwatch fans have been asking “Switch when?” Granted, everyone asks that about every game these days. Now the wait is finally over...

This D&D Kickstarter is Scary Close to Playing an Unbeatable(?) Game

Many of us have played or at least heard of those epically long games of Risk or Axis and Allies that take four hours, eight hours, or even longer to complete. But...