Experimental Crucible Mode, Subtitle Options Coming to Destiny 2

Next Tuesday’s update to Destiny 2: Shadowkeep will introduce a new experimental Crucible mode, along with some desperately needed improvements to the game’s subtitle system, according to the...

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep's Dungeon Debuts in Latest Bungie ViDoc

Bungie’s latest mini-documentary, embedded below for your convenience, mostly covers things that we already knew about Destiny 2‘s rapidly approaching year three expansion, Shadowkeep

How to Link Your Destiny 2 Account with Steam Before Shadowkeep

Bungie’s divorce from Activision Blizzard finalizes when Destiny 2‘s next big expansion, Shadowkeep, launches on October 1. The game is leaving Acti/Blizz’s Battle.net launcher for S...

Bungie Dumps Secret Destiny 2 Lore After Community Solves Huge Puzzle

Bungie today made public the fruits of a days-long effort by hundreds of bookworms in the Destiny 2 community. While the massive puzzle hidden in the collector’s edition of Shadowkeep

Bungie Outlines Engram, Pinnacle Weapon Changes in Shadowkeep

Bungie today published its final This Week at Bungie blog post ahead of next week’s Destiny 2: Shadowkeep launch, and while most of the ground covered has been tread before, a few new details...