7 Games for Managing Distress and Regulating Emotions

If the question “How are you?” is enough to send you into a state of confusion and panic, you’re not alone. 2020 has been rough on a lot of us. For some, that means first-person shooters and fighting games may not be hitting the way they used to. Maybe you…

Heaven's Vault Preview Interview


Garden Music Risk-Free In Mutazione’s New Sandbox Garden Mode

Mutazione, one of the quiet hits of 2019, won over nature-loving players with a multitude of its little charms. The writing, the characters, and the fascinating premise, all taking place on a gorgeous mutated island, drew in interest from indie fans. But perhaps the most interesting, and understated, mechanic of…



Fanwidth (A Fanbyte Podcast) Episode 40: Captain Rigor’s Slam Squad

You never know where the conversation will take you on Fanwidth! Well, actually, you can probably guess we’ll talk about bad 90s movies and Pokemon. Danielle, merritt, Niki, and Steven go over all that and more in a very video game focused episode of Fanwidth. Besides Pokemon Sword & Shield,…

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Mutazione Knows That Love Can’t Solve Everything

Mutazione is a very cool adventure game from Die Gute Fabrik. You play a teen girl from “the big city” visiting her dying grandfather, who lives in the titular Mutazione: a small, close-knit island community that broke off from the mainland after a meteor crash years ago. Everyone there (well,…

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Fanwidth (A Fanbyte Podcast) Episode 039: Son of Maclunkey

It’s one jam packed week of discussion on Fanwidth, folks! Merritt, Niki, and Steven are finally here to report on Death Stranding. It sounds like merritt and Niki enjoyed it, at least! Meanwhile, Niki alone enters the land of virtual reality… three years after everyone else. Will he choose to…

Fanwidth Fanbyte Podcast 39

Mutazione is All About Hot Goss and Chill Beats

When I first played Mutazione at PAX West earlier this year, I was struck by its unusual visual design. The game’s papercraft aesthetic, which also references Rotoscoped titles like Out of This World, immediately makes it stand out. And now that I’ve had some more time with it, I can say that…