An Italian Gamer Mom & Wife living in USA. I enjoy both Meta and Laid Back playtime in Genshin Impact, having fun creating guides to share with fellow Travelers. RPG and MMORPG are my thing, as well as Manga Art, Drawing, Asian cuisine {Chicken Congee heals everything, including your soul!} & music. Although Technologically Challenged, I like to stick my nose into many kinds of graphic/animation aspects of it, hoping to learn something while having a good time.





Everything Announced During Genshin Impact's 4.6 Livestream

As per Genshin Impact’s schedule, we just received the latest news on the upcoming patch 4.6, and it promises to be a substantial one. This summary will provide all the necessary details to get ready...

Best Build for Neuvillette Main DPS

After his debut in 4.1, Neuvillette’s first rerun is here and if you successfully added him to your characters roster, congratulations! In case you are wondering how to reveal his full potent...

All Active Genshin Impact Redeem Codes - March 2024

One of the universal rules for all gamers around the world, is to never waste a gift code: if it is free, be quick to grab it before it is gone! Genshin Impact is no exception, from short lived codes...

Neuvillette Farming Schedule & Locations

Genshin Impact’s Patch 4.5 is heading towards Phase 2, which means Fontaine’s Iudex Neuvillette’s first banner rerun, along with Kazuha’s. After his debut in 4.1, the 5 star Hydro Catalyst Neuv...

Lumitoile Farming Routes - All 79 Locations, Mapped

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of playing Genshin Impact is the anticipation and excitement of wishing for a new character. Although the farming process required may lack the same excitement, it i...