How to get the Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher in Destiny: Rise of Iron

Destiny‘s icy Rise of Iron expansion comes along with new, juicy exotic weapons to find and rain merry death and destruction upon one’s foes with. Zam’s Destiny expert Steven Strom shows off how to nab the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher.

If you’re not into video guides, never fear! We have the written breakdown available as well:

  • Complete the Rise of Iron story campaign.
  • After doing so, you’ll get a new quest telling you to scan an anomaly in Archon’s Forge at the Plaguelands. Go there, and begin one of the scan patrols in that region. You’ll need a Splicer Key or two.
  • Follow the patrol objective down through Archon’s Forge, and towards your objective. When you reach the laser grid, use your key.
  • Upon reaching the room with the Fallen walker, clear out the mob enemies before killing the tank. Scan the anomaly to begin the next step of the quest.
  • Find one Iron Medallion on Felwinter peak by climbing the snowy steps to the left of where you spawn in.
  • Head to The Plaguelands, and you’ll find the second Medallion right in front of you — in the shack in Lord’s Watch. The Medallions are highlighted on your map when close by, and zooming in your gun will make them appear from farther away.
  • Go to the Giant’s Husk, and head up to the shipping containers on the right-hand side. Keep right, and you’ll find one among them.
  • Move to Archon’s Keep, and there will be a Medallion just to the left of the structure that houses Archon’s Forge.
  • Site 6: Go back down the path that took you to the Fallen walker fight that started this quest. In the room with the laser grid, you’ll find the next Medallion in a corner.
  • From Archon’s Keep, move to the Forgotten Pass — the bridge area from The Wretched Eye strike. There’s a Medallion at the end of the bridge.
  • Continue from here as if you were completing The Wretched Eye strike. When you reach the area where Splicers and Hive are fighting, go to the structure on the far left. Inside, there’s a Medallion on the second floor.
  • Complete the “Symbol of Honor” mission. To do this easily, fight from inside doorways that allow you to stay inside Ghost’s objective ring. Clear out any visible Fallen, and stay put. With the exception of Shanks, most enemies won’t even react to your presence. To safely dispatch exploding Shanks, use a fusion rifle to disintegrate them before they explode.
  • Find five Dormant SIVA clusters, if you haven’t already. There’s one by the destroyed Fallen walker in The Divide; one at the top of the control tower at Bunker Triglav (behind a computer monitor); one above the center of the rocket building at Bunker Triglav (use the pipes on the wall to platform you way up); one at the edge of the cliff in front of you when spawning into The Plaguelands; and one at the prow of the beached tanker on the floor of Giant’s Husk.
  • Complete the “Beauty in Delivery” mission. To make this easier, stand inside the repair room just to the right of the door. The Fallen enemies will completely lose track of you. After four minutes of which, you’ll receive your Gjallarhorn.
  • Clear out the rest of the enemies. There’s unlimited heavy ammo for your new Gjallarhorn, and no penalty for death. So go ahead and have fun with it as you complete the quest chain.