You Love To See It 22: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

We watch the inexplicably expensive 2001 Final Fantasy movie.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is not a great movie. It’s probably not even a good movie. But it’s a fairly interesting film, at least for its historic significance: it was supposed to launch a “digital actress” in Ming-Na Wen’s character, Dr. Aki Ross. It was absurdly expensive. It flopped so hard that the movie was both the first — and the last — Square Pictures picture.

Join John Warren, Steven Strom, Danielle Riendeau, and Fanbyte Weekend Writer Natalie Flores on an adventure unlike any other (for better or worse).

One note: Danielle’s audio was eaten by some particularly nasty spirits in this episode. We apologize for that, the offending software has been fired.

You can download this episode directly right here. Otherwise, check out the player above, or head to iTunes and Spotify. While you’re there, consider rating us or leaving a review. It helps. Seriously!


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