You are Cordially Invited to the 90s

Welcome to music video month on You Love To See It, where four people raised on MTV in the 80s and 90s have a moment.

It’s music video month on You Love To See It (our movies/TV/any kind of screen-based media podcast!) and it has been an absolute trip so far. For September’s first video soiree, LB brought Cibo Matto’s iconic Sugar Water, a study in 90s cool (and amazing Michel Gondry filmmaking). Last week, we watched my own pick: The World is Not Enough by Garbage, the band’s 1999 James Bond theme for the eponymous (and terrible) film. It’s a fantastic song though, and an incredible video, with a whole Bond-esque fembot storyline, gorgeous cinematography, and lighting that is simply to die for.

There were a couple of runners-up for me, though I was pretty set on featuring a Garbage video (as my favorite band as a teen and 20-something, and, look, they’re still up there). Queer was a big possibility, for obvious reasons. So was Cherry Lips, a great song with a truly iconic video:

Androgeny was also up there, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t considered The Trick is to Keep Breathing, an all-time favorite song and just great 90s-ass video. But I’m pleased with my final choice. Hey, there are no rules saying we can’t have another music video month in the future, or a Shirley Manson appreciation month, for that matter!

It’s been an incredible treat to watch the videos, and a very fun exercise in learning about my co-hosts and the ways in which our musical and aesthetic tastes were very much shaped by the music video era from our respective teen-and-childhoods. I won’t spoil anything from upcoming weeks, but it’s safe to say that this trend will continue in future episodes. There may even be a surprise co-host in the wings!

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