ICYMI: Everything from Today’s PlayStation Showcase

Sony had a lot of strong cards in their hand for today's show.

We’re coming up close to a year since the PlayStation 5 launched and the gaming giant has held a number of cards close to their chest since the console’s reveal last summer. There have been some occasional State of Plays (States of Play?), but very few big blowouts one would assume comes with a major show have mostly been stymied by the global pandemic in various forms. Today’s PlayStation Showcase looked to finally buck that trend and we’re here to help run down the list of announcements and interesting notes from the show in case you missed it.

  • The presentation begins with about a minute and a half of some kind of weird chess before launching into a speech by PlayStation chief Jim Ryan.
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake is revealed from Aspyr, which has made a name for itself bringing older Star Wars games to modern platforms, though usually with lesser overhauls than this. Knights of the Old Republic will be a PS5 exclusive at launch.
  • The second game at the showcase is Project Eve, an action title set in a futuristic world with a female protagonist. The Korean game cited Nier Automata as an inspiration when it was announced a few years back and is coming to PS5.
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands gets the first gameplay trailer set to Babymetal music. The game looks quite a bit different from standard Borderlands faire, even putting the very different fantasy setting aside.
  • Square Enix shows Forspoken once again, this time revealing the non-fantasy portion of the game’s setting. The protagonist gets transported from what appears to be New York City to a fantasy environment. The gameplay-heavy trailer showed quite a bit of combat and traversal and ended with a Spring 2022 release date.
  • Rainbow Six Extraction makes another appearance after its recent delay. The short trailer closes on a January 2022 release reminder.
  • Alan Wake Remastered, which was recently announced by Remedy, gets a trailer spot here at the show with an October 5 date.
  • Grand Theft Auto V, which holds the title of being the most profitable piece of media of all time, gets another trailer for its coming PlayStation 5 version releasing March 2022.
  • Ghostwire Tokyo is seen for the first time since last summer’s PlayStation showcase. Looks like some real J-Horror/mix with The Evil Within.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy returns after its Square Enix E3 showcase. The new trailer sets up an antagonist, The Universal Church of Truth, that the guardians are trying to stop. The game releases on October 26.

  • The battle royale vampire game, Blood Hunt, gets a short trailer and a reminder that it’s coming to PS5.
  • Speaking of reminders, Deathloop! That completes its full tour of every single PlayStation show since its debut last year shortly before its release next week.
  • A Radiohead game/experience called Kid A Mnesia gets announced and it’s not entirely clear what the hell that is, but Epic Games is publishing it.

  • A cute little island game titled Tchia is shown, where players inhabit animals for gameplay. The music is so close to Wind Waker that it has to be intentional.

  • Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection is a remaster of Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy for PS5 and PC coming early next year.
  • A new Insomniac Games Marvel title based on Wolverine titled, well, Wolverine is surprise revealed.

  • A new trailer for Gran Turismo 7 is shown just after, with lots of camera pans around pretty-looking cars. The full design and racing gameplay is also shown, but also interspersed with nice pans of pretty-looking cars. No release date attached to the trailer.

  • Even more Marvel Insomniac games, this time with a teaser of a new Spider-Man title seemingly featuring Kraven the Hunter as the villain with a Venom stinger at the end. The game is dated for 2023.
  • Finally, God of War is shown for the first time after its announcement last year and subsequent delay this year. An older Atreus is on a quest to learn about himself, but Kratos is having none of it. The two are trying to stop Ragnarok, but Kratos seems uneasy about going to war again. The game is finally, officially, named God of War: Ragnarok.


So what did you think of Sony’s show? Were you impressed by the near- and far-future of the PlayStation 5?