FFXIV Increases Glamour Dresser to 800 Slots in Patch 6.2

There’s more room for your glamour in the upcoming patch.

As the Final Fantasy XIV community always says, “Glamour is the true endgame.” That means you have to keep expanding it, right? The truth is, for those who are deep in the glamour mines, no amount of Glamour Dresser slots and plates is enough.

The team behind FFXIV got your back, regardless. During today’s Live Letter from the Producer, FFXIV Creative Director and Lead Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that the Glamour Dresser will be expanding in the near future. In fact, it’ll be expanding in Patch 6.2, which is coming in late August.

The Glamour Dresser will be expanding from 400 slots to a massive 800 slots! That’s right — players will now have double the space they previously did. I’m sure there are those down bad enough to fill all those new slots immediately, but it’s a great expansion. It’s time to go into that inventory and figure out what needs to be moved over.

This was already announced, but it’s great to get final confirmation of the addition coming in Patch 6.2. The expansion follows the addition of more Glamour Plates in Patch 6.1. That patch also added Dreamfitting, a system that lets players try on Online Store gear in-game by checking into an inn room. If you’re new to the Glamour system, you can check out our extensive guide on the topic!

Patch 6.18 is coming on July 5 after a 24-hour maintenance period. Patch 6.2 is coming after that sometime in late August. If you want to know more about the new Live Letter From the Producer, we have plenty of coverage for you. We learned about the next Tribal Quests with the Omicron on Ultima Thule, which will focus on gathering. We also got a look at Variant and Criterion Dungeons, the new relic weapons through the Hildibrand quests, the next MSQ dungeon called The Fell Court of Troia, and much more. Be sure to stay tuned to our FFXIV-dedicated coverage in general here on The Linkshell.