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FFXIV Voice Actor is on Cameo, Tells Milord to Hit That Bong

Jeremy Ang Jones captured the mischief of Fandaniel and raw emotion of Hermes in FFXIV: Endwalker in his incredible voice performance. But things are only getting better with Cameo.

Final Fantasy XIV has no shortage of great voice actors who put on memorable performances to bring our favorite characters to life. After all, FFXIV wouldn’t hit the same if not for its spirited cast. But damn, wouldn’t it be neat to see those character spill into our real world? Well, actor Jeremy Ang Jones (voice of Fandaniel, Hermes, and others in Endwalker) is now on Cameo, the video platform where stars record personalized messages through user requests, sometimes in-character.

If you ever wanted to hear Fandaniel reach a new level of unhinged, prepare yourselves. In one of his first Cameos, Jeremy Ang Jones read a sinister rendition of the old nursery rhyme The Itsy Bitsy Spider, offering an inspired performance worthy of a cutscene in FFXIV itself.

But what we’re really here to talk about his very first Cameo. In what’s quite a thematic fit, Twitter user Peach (aka @zenosenjoyer) submitted the first request he took. It’s truly some incredible work by both parties, which you can watch below:

The request reads as follows:

“Hit that bong, milord! Yes! Hit that shit. Ah, was that dank puff not pleasing to milord? The kitchen has prepared another sample for you. Please, indulge.”

Beautiful and poetic. It’s quite remarkable considering at a certain point in Endwalker, Zenos may have just done that had Fandaniel been so convincing of such and had Gysahl Greens on deck.

Yes, this is absolutely hilarious, and there’s more where this came from on Ang Jones’ Cameo profile. But don’t forget that he also gave a remarkable performance as Hermes, giving the character the emotional punch and sincerity necessary for a significant part of Endwalker’s story.

Cameo has made waves in the game world with several voice actors, a revolution that can be traced back to David Hayter of Metal Gear Solid fame. With his various embodiments of Snake, the character is now notorious for being dummy thicc and warning the Colonel that the clap of his ass cheeks keeps alerting the guards thanks to Hayter and Cameo. After this, nothing was the same.

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