FFXIV’s Potions are Just Alcohol and Fruit Juice

The startling revelations in the new FFXIV cookbook have wide-reaching implications to Final Fantasy lore.

Yesterday, my copy of The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook was delivered. I expected a romp of the delectable delights of Hydaelyn, from the savory feasts of Limsa Lominsa to the spicy dishes of Ul’dah. The book purports to offer the best recipes tasted by the Namazu Culinarian Gyohan, as helpfully recorded by author Victoria Rosenthal. 

I did not expect to learn key information about the very foundations of Final Fantasy. I was not prepared to have my love for the franchise shaken to its core. As Urianger would say, “Prithee, these words burn even my staunchest convictions to mere ash; my mind weeps, for the truth holdeth it hostage. What other calamities doth this tome portend?”

The offending recipes are toward the end of the book in the drinks section. Both libations — the Hi-Elixir and the X-Potion — are of Thanalan origin and variations on Final Fantasy staples: the Potion and Elixir, respectively. One heals all wounds while the other the body and soul, restoring even the aetheric essence that allows one to cast magic.

The ingredients for the Hi-Elixir recipe are as follows:

  • ½ rosemary sprig
  • 1 ounce blue curacao
  • 1 ounce gin
  • 1 ounce triple sec
  • 2 ounces lime juice
  • ½ ounce maple syrup

And the ingredients for the X-Potion are:

  • 1 ounce gin
  • 2 ounces Moscato
  • 4 ounces of Lavender Citrus Juice (recipe for the juice is there, as well)

The question is: What is providing the restorative powers to these drinks? Is it the juice, or the alcohol? If it’s the juice, do the healing properties come from different fruits and herbs in Eorzea? Under this concept, while an X-Potion is based heavily on lavender and citrus, perhaps a Potion is a weaker herb, like rosemary combined with a simple lime juice. A bit of rosemary, gin, sugar, and lime juice might be the exact recipe for a standard Potion. But that’s almost the Hi-Elixir! What is causing the gap there?

FFXIV Cookbook
Some call it a cookbook. I call it an exposé.

If it’s the alcohol, does the type of alcohol change the effect? I look at the triple sec and blue curacao in the Hi-Elixir and ponder if those are the alcohols that strengthen your magic-casting prowess. Perhaps any liqueur offers the same capabilities to your drink. Truly, this horizon is endless, and it would require a legendary mixologist to explore all of its corners, even as we explore Eorzea itself. 

The implications continue to spiral out. Is my Paladin chugging the equivalent of a bottled Gin and Tonic in the middle of his fight with an ancient Primal? I can imagine putting up my Sheltron shield as I scream “Down the hatch,” and consume a tasty drink in the face of elemental fury. As we face the gods of Eorzea themselves, are we getting sloshed? 

What about beyond the boundaries of Final Fantasy XIV? When I stockpile potions in Final Fantasy VII, are Cloud and company walking around with cases of their universe’s version of White Claw or Mike’s Hard Lemonade in their inventory? The party in Final Fantasy VIII are teenagers! Squall, Rinoa, and the rest are absolutely below the minimum drinking age at only 17 years old. Are we contributing to underage drinking simply by trying to keep your party alive?

If the healing is inherent to the alcohol or fruit juice, what is Cure? Do these classic Final Fantasy spells merely create a haze of alcohol around you, giving you the strength to power through a fight? Or perhaps alcohol in the realms of Final Fantasy also heals wounds, automatically making it much, much better than our alcohol.

This is an aspect of the Final Fantasy universe that leaves me reeling, and I’ve only scratched the surface of this fantastic cookbook. There’s not even any Garlean cuisine in the book! What do those folks eat? Sadness and gruel? If you want to get into Final Fantasy-inspired cuisine, The Ultimate Final Fantasy XIV Cookbook is an excellent purchase that’s available at bookstores everywhere




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