Twitch’s Overhaul: A Review


Twitch.TV Layout Overhaul


Twitch quietly rolled out a new interface for many (if not all) users, as well as a new logo. It condenses everything into what should be a seamless experience to enjoy old channels and discover new ones.

  • Easier to find a ton of Twitch's various features and pages, including their Community Guidelines so we can cite them next time they neglect to ban someone for using "gamer words"
  • Night mode is easier to find! :)
  • You may continue to Discover. Find smaller communities. You are them. They are you. Do not question what you have found. You have Discovered.
  • Twitch is still trying to force the idea that it can be its own social media site by bringing its status indicators into the browser version
  • Autoplay front page channels are still a thing, like it's your 2012 Tumblr blog
  • You can now more easily access your Followed channels. You are expressing your will. You are not submitted to the suggestions of the Algorithm. Your lack of compliance has been noted. Amazon thanks you for your time and patronage on Twitch Television. Don't forget to Get Prime!

Victoria Rose

Victoria is a Brooklyn-based, chaotic-good former dungeon master and a Contributor-At-Large for Fanbyte. She's a self-proclaimed esports pundit, and used to do Dota 2 news and reporting as a full-time part-time gig. She's also four red pandas stacked in a hoodie. [she/her/hers or they/their/theirs]

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