The Man-Sized Cage in Our Office: A Review


Man-Sized Cage


As seen in the latest episode of our hit video podcast Office Hours, our office has a man-sized cage in it.

  • Big enough to hold a person (comfortably)
  • Big enough to hold several people (uncomfortably)
  • Big enough to hold three large dogs stacked on top of each other
  • Failed to properly contain one (1) Fran Drescher
  • Supposed to house camera equipment, doesn't
  • None of the ghosts we put in here stayed put
  • Weird unused top shelf reduces viable headroom for taller Fran Dreschers

Jordan Mallory

Jordan Mallory has spent more than a decade in the games industry and is now severely ill-equipped to work in other fields as a result. Right now he's eating generic Frosted Flakes out of a red party cup and wondering why he chose to rewrite his bio at 5:31 a.m.

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