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Tower of Fantasy Satiety Guide: How to Recover Satiety

How the Tower of Fantasy satiety mechanic works and how to recover it.

The Tower of Fantasy satiety feature is one you should keep an eye on, as it’s going to determine the performance of your character in various situations. If you don’t, you’ll end up dealing with some disadvantages that can be quickly overturned with the right tools. If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact it’s likely that you’ve heard about the sci-fi take of Hotta Studio and Level Infinite. With millions of players having pre-registered already, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to, and you won’t have to wait too long. This guide details how the satiety mechanic works and how to recover satiety in Tower of Fantasy so you’re always up to speed.

Tower of Fantasy Satiety Explained – How it Works

Tower of Fantasy doesn’t have a hunger system, but the satiety mechanic gets quite close without being incredibly intrusive. In summary, here’s how it works:

  • After you exit a battle encounter for 5 seconds, satiety begins to drop automatically to restore HP
  • For every 10% HP restored, 1 satiety point is reduced, and 1 satiety point will be deducted every 5 minutes afterwards
  • The higher the satiety, the faster the HP regeneration speed will be
  • 1-30 satiety: 2% HP restored every 2 seconds
  • 31-60 satiety: 3.5% HP restored every 2 seconds
  • 61-100 satiety: 5% HP restored every 2 seconds

The biggest upside or downside depending on your satiety level is in regards to health regeneration, which is super important. You can always double-check your satiety level in the Character menu, which is the bar right in between your level bar and your character’s biography (the tab can be accessed from the Backpack, Weapons, or Simulacra menus, too). At the same time, you’ll always see a notification on the bottom of the screen whenever your satiety level is reduced, serving as a reminder of your total amount, so either method works.

How to Recover Satiety in Tower of Fantasy

In order to recover satiety, you’re going to need, well, food! While cooked food is going to be more beneficial, giving you several satiety points in one go, you can also eat raw vegetables or food items to recover a few points.

Tower of Fantasy Satiety 2

Keep in mind that you’re going to have to wait for a cooldown to end after eating food, but that doesn’t include every single food item. For example, I ate Fried Chicken and got hit by the cooldown, but I also had the option to eat mushrooms or dandelions. Other items such as Poultry eggs or meat, as well as items you pick up from the ground while exploring will be more than helpful for this.

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Like I said, stuff like Dandelions won’t really satiate you with a ton of points, but they’re handy if you’re looking to hit a certain amount before a battle. Just head over to your Backpack and open the Materials tab that corresponds to cooking to see them. Try and have as many food items as you can, and whenever you’re close to a cooking robot, go ahead and craft a recipe to have some meal prep for your travels.

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