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Tower of Fantasy Crossplay Guide: Cross Progression Platforms

How the Tower of Fantasy crossplay and cross progression features work.

The Tower of Fantasy crossplay feature is a much requested feature, considering the focus that many recent multiplayer and F2P titles have been putting on ensuring that neither you nor your friends will be left out regardless of your platform of choice. If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact it’s likely that you’ve heard about the sci-fi take of Hotta Studio and Level Infinite. With millions of players having pre-registered already, there’s definitely a lot to look forward to, and you won’t have to wait too long. This guide details all the details about crossplay and cross progression in Tower of Fantasy.

Is There Crossplay in Tower of Fantasy?

Yes! Players across PC, as well as Android and iOS devices, can play together without issues. The people you encounter in-game can be from any of the platforms, while in order to connect with someone specific, you’re going to be using your in-game account to add them.

This is especially useful as both PC and mobile can be wildly different experiences, so you’re probably bound to stumble upon friends who just want to give the game a quick go on their phones, for example. Thanks to crossplay, you will still be able to aid them and join their party regardless of it. In addition, Tower of Fantasy seems to have a big focus on large groups of players needed for special activities, quests, and enemy encounters. Being able to connect with people from all eligible platforms does nothing but widen the available pool, which is beneficial for everybody.

Tower of Fantasy Crossplay 3

Is There Cross Progression in Tower of Fantasy?

Yes! In practice, it works pretty much the same as crossplay. As long as you’re using the same in-game account across platforms, you can switch back between mobile and PC as you please without restrictions. So again, as long as you’ve used the same account to sign into your smartphone, you’ll be all set.

One of the upsides of opting for the mobile version is that the download size is significantly lower than on PC, comparatively looking at 12 GB as opposed to 30 GB, respectively. Of course, you’re free to just switch on the go at any time between the two, but it’s good to know out of pure convenience’s sake.

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That is everything you need to know about Tower of Fantasy crossplay and how it works. And believe me, it’s going to be super important to keep these two features in mind, especially crossplay, as you’re going to be needing people to tag along. There is a big focus on the social aspect of the game, making it seem more akin to MMOs than your regular online RPG. Of course, it comes with the caveats of the F2P model, but hey, that means that anyone can at least jump into the game and give it a go. If you happen to have a couple friends who are on the fence, they can give the game a try and you’ll be able to join them and vice versa regardless of the platform from the get-go, which is neat.

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