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Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 5 Walkthrough – Door Puzzles & Final Boss Fight

This is it, the final stretch in Little Nightmares 2. Keep in mind we will be spoiling some major moments in the story throughout the walkthrough so make sure to only read as you are progressing through the level. That being said, I will be leaving out the final ending just so you experience it for yourself.

Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Musical Door Puzzles

When you enter the tower, you’ll hear music coming from the door in front of you. Approaching the door will cause it to close in Mono’s face, which opens up one to your right.

Head through that door and then up the stairs into the next door. You will now enter a room with two doors, one of which will have music playing louder than the other. This is the door you need to walkthrough.

For the first puzzle, the door order is 1, 1, 2, 2.

Upon exiting the last door in this sequence Mono will be spat out into a long hallway with three doors in a row. Pick the one in the center which has the door itself curling up into itself. This will put Mono in a room where two of the doors are closed on the right and only the one he came from his open. Head back through the door you just exited to enter another staircase. Run up the stairs to reach the next area.

Before you start this puzzle, I recommend pushing Door 2 open so you have access to it and Door 3.

Once this is done, the correct door order is 2, 3, 4. 

Mono will once again enter another staircase which you should ascend to another musical door puzzle.

The next-door puzzle can be a little tricky since there are seven doors you’ll need to keep track of. Four of them are on the left and three are on the right. Three of which are near the back of the room and only accessible via a wooden plank. Before you start the puzzle approach the wooden plank in the middle of the room and shove it over the gap. This will let you access both sides without dying.

The correct door order is 7, 2, 3.

Oh look, more stairs. Go up your third flight of stairs and approach the door on the far left.

Final Boss

When you enter the room you’ll see a large music box on the floor, so run up to it to trigger a brief interaction with Mono and the now deformed Six. Back up a bit and call to her with Y (Xbox One) Triangle (PS4) to summon her over. Move to the foreground and call out once again. Go to the left side of the room, grab the hammer, and bash the music box. When you regain control, run from Six to the nearest door which will spit you out further down the hall. Keep going up the ramp and into the vent. When you land, slide under the table and hide.

Wait until Six leaves the room and follow her out to the hall. Grab the axe in the wall and use it to bust open the door before heading inside. When you arrive, you’ll see Six guarding the music box so grab the axe and call to her. This will cause Six to attack to quickly retreat into the door on the left with the axe. If you call by the door you’ll have enough time to warp to the other side of the room and hit the box with the hammer before she returns.

Mono will warp into another room. Keep running to the back right until you stumble across another door with an axe in it. Bust this open to enter another room with Six in it. Grab the axe and go along the front of the room to the other door. Call out to Six to make her attack before entering the door, warping you to the left side of the room. Ascending the ramp and stand by the back left door. Call to Six once more to get her to attack, enter the door to reach the other end where you should have a clean hit at the music box.

The next room is pretty tricky since you’ll need to actually grab the axe which is located in front of Six. For this room. I like to call Six by the front left door and then run through it to the right. You should have just enough time to grab the axe and get to the front right part of the room. Wait until Six is back in the middle before calling on and head into the front right room. When you exit, call to Six again and go back through the door you just exited. Now head to the back right door, call Six, go through the door and quickly hit the music box one last time.

You will enter a room with Six who is protecting the box, just call out to her to make Six pull away so you can hit the box. Do this twice to return Six to normal. Now to avoid any spoilers, all you need to know about the last portion is that you have to run for your life. There are no more puzzles or fighting, just keep running until you reach the staircase leading to the exit.

Congratulations you have beaten Little Nightmares 2!

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