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Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 4 Walkthrough – Puzzles, Glitching Remains, & Hats

Now that you’ve escaped the horrors of the hospital, it’s time to venture into the Pale City. While this one is light on stumbling around on the monsters, get ready for some clever puzzles and thrilling chase sequences.

Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Apartment Buildings

When you exit the elevator, head right through the hospital waiting room and exit onto the street.

Glitching Remains

Before you proceed, head towards the background when you first arrive on the street. You should see a manhole near the back that Mono can climb into. Do not jump, as the fall will kill him. Instead take the ladder down to find your first Glitching Remains.

Make your way through the abandoned streets until you reach a large road with a bus stop. Ignore the bodies falling from the sky in the background and make your way into the apartment building on the right. Head up the stairs until you reach a room where another person falls through the floor. Wait for it to leave before following it into the next room. You’ll discover the person is dead with their head lodged into a television set.

Climb onto the tv and jump to the windowsill on the right to escape. Now climb up the ladder and jump onto the roof of the next building before entering. You’ll hear the chittering of more people, so keep to the foreground when you walk. These people seem to be blind, so don’t worry about using your flashlight. Sneak by two of them into another room and use Six to reach the door handle. Don’t bother with the person watch television in the bathtub. Crawl through the vent to find yourself in a large elevator shaft.

Follow Six across the shaft to the other side and then into the elevator. Pull the lever and jump out onto the concrete slab with the wood paneling running up the right side. Crawl through the hole and then scale the wood planks to the floor above. You’ll need a key to unlock the elevator gate to reunite with Six, so head across the hall to the office on the left. Open the bottom right drawer to obtain the key. Open the elevator gate for Six. After she exits pull the handle in the elevator to send it down, but run out of it before it begins descending. Now, with Six’s help, pull the lever on the left to raise the elevator so you can jump on the top.

Glitching Remains

When you’re done riding the elevator to the maintenance shaft, pull the box away from the vent on the left. Follow the vent to a secret room where there’s a Glitching Remains standing on a mattress.

Go right and head outside onto the roof. Keep going left and jump over the gap to the other building. You’ll also get a great view of the ominous tower in the distance.

Glitching Remains

Before you begin climbing up the fence to the next floor, go around it and jump through the window. Inside you’ll see a Glitchign Remains along with a bunch of caged rats.

Climb up to the next rooftop and approach the raised concrete block. Have Six help you up and grab the lever. Keep rotating it until Six can grab the hanger before moving the line back towards the fire escape. After she jumps down, Six will extend a hand out meaning it’s time to take another leap of faith. Sprint jump over the gap and grab her hand. Now climb up the fire escape, have Six throw you up to the ladder, and climb into the next building. Make your way to the right and start running the moment the roof starts to give in. When you reach the door, push it open and keep sprinting. The roof will collapse around you, but you’ll barely make it.

Television Madness

When you regain control of Mono, help Six out from the rubble. Unfortunately, you lost your flashlight in all the chaos. In the next hallway you’ll find a children’s room on the right, but ignore this for now. Head down the hallway and go into the living room. Mono will once again interact with television, so tune to the right station. However, this time something will come out of the television once Six pulls him away. This is the Tall Man and he is terrifying. As soon as you regain control of Mono, run. Head back out into the hallway and duck under the bed in the children’s room. The Tall Man will turn Six into a Glitching Remains before vanishing.

Go back to the living room and interact with the television twice. The second time will see Mono pulled into the TV and transported to another area of the city. Now climb up the shelves behind you and interact with the television on the left. This will transport Six outside. Go to the lever near the television and crank it until the tv is hanging over the other roof. Now go back to the TV inside and warp yourself through it onto the roof. Climb to the next floor and dropdown. Here’s you’ll find the remote control which lets you turn televisions on and off if you’re close enough.

Turn on the TV next to you, interact with it to warp upstairs, and jump down into the garbage below. Before you go through the vent on the right, turn the TV on above you!

Hat 1

In the pile of letters you’ll see a vent hidden behind a box. Crawl throught he vent to find another hat you can grab.

Go through the right vent until you reach a new room. Push the cart in the back left towards the center of both broken sections. Now turn the TV on to the right and use it to warp the television back by the vents. Sprint jump across the gap to reach the other side. Keep going right until you reach the area where the cart and television are. Use the now moved cart as a platform to help you clear the gap.

Grab onto the hanger and ride it down to the next set of apartments.

Glitching Remains

When you land in the apartment, turn around and climb out the window. Run along the awning to the window in the background. Climb through to find a Glitching Remain standing next to the staue of someone who may seem very familiar to fans of the original.

You can also trash the figurine on the floor to unlock a trophy/achievement!

When you arrive, ignore the person standing by the television for now. Don’t worry, when they are looking at a television like that they won’t see you. Instead, go to the kitchen and climb up onto the sink. Use the remote to turn the tv on outside before going back to the living room. Hide by the chair and turn the tv off that the person is mesmerized by. This will cause them to run to the one in the kitchen. Now turn that tv back on and use it to warp outside.

Climb up to the next roof and turn the tv on across the gap. Just like the previous person, switch their tv off so they go chasing after this one and fall to their death. It’s fine. I mean we already murdered the doctor, what’s one more? Make your way across the gap via the television and take the coat hanger to the next area. Ignore the people falling to their death and drop through the hole in the roof. Before turning on the TV, climb onto the fire escape via the window and show the monitor off. Now turn the TV on inside the room and use it to warp over.

In the next room, you’ll see a pool of water with a lever next to it. Make your way right and tug both of the bottom boards off. The second this is finished, turn and run for the lever. You should have just enough time to electrocute the water, killing the person chasing you.

In the next room, turn the television on next to the elevator and then jump through the hole in the wall to reach the lower floor. Exiting the room full of garbage, grab the package with the red logo on it and position it under the elevator. Pull the handle to open up the elevator doors, enter the elevator, turn the television on, and then pull the lever in the elevator. This will bring you back to the top floor.

Pull the handle in the elevator a second time to make it descend. Quickly use the TV in the elevator to warp to the top floor and jump onto the top of the elevator. Jump out via the opening into the hallway between the two areas the elevator stops at. Head outside and work your way down. Ignore the crowd of people, climb into the toy story and grab the grocery cart in the back right corner.

Hat 2

You’ll find the second hat on the shelf by the window you climbed through. Use the shopping cart to reach the shelf so you can grab the hat.

In the toy store, move to the right and grab the shopping cart. Roll it down the ramp into the electrified water and climb up onto the shelf. Take a moment to position yourself before leaping across onto the cart and then onto the next shelf. Drop down (don’t worry it’s safe) and head into the next room. Climb up the table and shelves so you can reach the vent and pull the lever to turn the power off. Go back to the shopping cart and position it between the middle shelf and the one by the television. Since the power’s off I recommend practicing your jump across. Once you’re confident you can make it, go back to the lever, turn the power on, and make your way to the TV.

When you warp through you’ll arrive next to a large group of hypnotized people. Turn the television on in the store to your right and then turn the other one-off. This will distract the closest two, letting you warp into the store. The moment you warp into the store the TV will break, so run for your life through the department store. Eventually, you’ll come across a TV that Mono can warp through, saving you from the swarm of angry people.

From the room you warped into, go right and examine the television when Six appears. Unfortunately, she will be grabbed by the Thin Man before she can escape. When this happens, the axe lodged in the wall will fall down. Immediately grab the axe and go to work on the rotting planks to the right. Once you’ve broken through go into the bathroom and climb up the wall into the crawlspace. Make your way along the beam, stopping whenever the Thin Man is looking through the holes. Upon exiting into the hallway, quickly grab the stool and push it against the windowsill. Climb up, remove the board, and escape before he can grab you.

Continue through the train cars to trigger another chase scene. This one is pretty easy, just make sure to not get caught on any of the luggage or seats while running. Once you crash the train car, follow Six’s projection to the top of the street. The Thin Man will attempt to kill Mono, but you can counterattack this time! Whenever he reaches out, mimick his movements with Mono to disrupt his attack. Think of it as tuning a television, only this time you’re following the Thin Man’s pattern, not the TVs. After 3-4 attacks like this, Mono will defeat this man and transport himself to the Tower.

The final chapter awaits you, so don’t think you’re safe yet! Here’s our walkthrough for Chapter 5.

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