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Little Nightmares 2 Chapter 1 Walkthrough – Puzzles, Glitching Remains, & Hats

Little Nightmares 2 is officially live, so it’s time to dawn your paper bag, slip on your tiny boots, and dive into this macabre world. Similar to the original, this is a puzzle/platforming game that has some very light combat mechanics. However, most of the time you’ll be running or hiding from the various terrors stalking the Pale City. If you want to survive or are just stuck in a certain section, below is a complete guide for the first chapter of Little Nightmares 2. We also have a walkthrough for the rest of the game, including the location of every hidden hat and Glitching Remains.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

The Forest of Traps

The opening of Chapter 1 is essentially a tutorial on the different controls of Little Nightmares 2. When you awaken, head right and jump across the gap. Keep going until you reach the vent and use the Right Trigger to open it up. Crawl through the small cave and then run by the net of hanging bodies. They’re fine. I’m sure they’re fine. Just keep going until you reach an area with a hanging cage and tripwire. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what happens if you touch the wire, so just jump over it.

The next area just requires you to shove a box over the edge and push it to the other side. This will et you reach the cliff, where you can sneak under a series of rocks. When you emerge immediately hold X (Xbox One) Square (PS4) to sprint down the hill. If you stop running for a second you’ll be crushed by the rolling log. Once you’re safe, go forward a little bit and then crawl up the hollowed-out log. You will be able to reach the cliff and use the hanging rope to swing across. Approach the crank and lower the box so you can hop onto it. Wait for the crate to raise back up before jumping onto the broken end of the bridge.

Upon reaching the next gap do not try to jump to the other end of the bridge. Look at me. Hey, look at me. You can’t make it. Instead, go towards the rope on the left, jump down, and then climb up the planks of the bridge on the right.

Glitching Remains

When you jump down at the broken bridge, do not climb up right away. Instead, hug the screen and run right. You’ll stumble into a small tunnel that leads to the first Glitching Remains.

Hop down the cliff, grab the shoe, and throw it at the pile of leaves on the raised area on your right. This will trigger a rope trap that’s meant for Mono. Keep going right, avoiding the bear traps laying on the ground. Eventually, you will reach one blocking your way, so grab the stick lodged in one with the Right Trigger and then whack the trap blocking your path with A (Xbox One)/X (PS4). This will cause the trap to snap shut, letting you slide down the hollowed-out log.

Glitching Remains

Once you emerge from the log slide, crouch down and head left into the cave. You’ll find the Glitching Remains standing by a dead rat caught in a beartrap.

Grab the stick lying against the rock and drag it over towards some of the leaves. Smash it down to clear a path and set off any traps. If there are no traps that go off, keep inching forward and slamming it down. Eventually, you’ll whack one, triggering a chain reaction that closes them all. Move forwarded and repeat this process, but by chucking pinecones into the leaves. There are several clumps of traps, so you may not get them all with a single toss. Once it’s safe, cross the knocked over log, jump across to the makeshift ladder, and then make a final leap across the gap.

The House

Run up the field filled with cages to reach a large house. Go up the porch, climb the box, and enter the kitchen through the open window. You’ll land on the counter, so just hop down and head for the door on the right. You can also earn the What’s in the Box? achievement by opening up the fridge in the back right corner. Just jump up and have Mono hang on the handle until it swings open.

Hat 1

When you enter the hallway, run towards the camera and take a left. You’ll see the first collectible hat in the game lying in the middle of the room on the rug.

Head into the hallway and enter the door that’s cracked open. Go down the stairs and enter the room on your right. You’ll see an axe lodged into some wood, so jump up and grab it. Mono will dislodge the axe, letting you carry it around. Drag this weapon into the room with the stairs and break open the door to your left where the little girl is playing with the music box. This is Six, the protagonist of the original game and your new best friend. Six will quickly take off once she realizes she’s free, so head upstairs, down the hall, and go through the right door.

Just ignore the terrifying table of dead people and climb the cabinet up to the vent. When you hop down, Six will realize that two small people are better than one and agree to help you. Work together to tug down the attic stairs and head up. In the attic, push the suitcase to the left against the dresser so you can climb over it. This will bring you to a room with a key dangling on a hook next to a strung-up body tied to a winch. However, the handle for the winch is missing, so have Six help you over the dresser on the left. You’ll find a dead “body” holding the handle, so grab it and tug it free.

Bring the lever into the room where the key is and let Six put it into the proper hole. Go to the body and hold onto it while Six lifts you up. Once you’re high enough, jump across to the key, grab it and start swinging till it falls off. After picking up the key, go to the dresser on the right and open the shelf up.

Hat 2 (Only available with the Nome’s Attic DLC)

When you pull the dresser out a nome will skitter by you. Turn and follow the gnome back into the room where you got the winch. Follow it up the cabinets and boxes into the crawlspace above. You will now need to find the nome four times before it skitters off into the next room.

Here is the order of places the gnome will hide in:

  • Suitcase – grab the suitcase and push up on the control stick to open it up.
  • Box on the shelf – Throw a shoe at the box to knopck it loose.
  • Nightstand – Tug the drawer open.
  • Chair – Jump on the cushion until is escapes

Once the gnome leaves the chair it will enter a vent under a painting to the right. Follow it into a dark room where the only source of light is from the nome. You goal here is to guide the gnome through the room by running under it. Move  under the nome and then walk to the back of the room. Then head right until your little friend stops on a shelf. Pull the cart on the right over so it can hop on before moving it to the right.

After making it to the other side, run to the far right side of the room. This will cause the nome to open the gate for you. Approach the lever on the wall and grab it to turn the power on. Go back into the room where you guided the nome and make your way to where it was hanging out. You’ll be able to grab the nome hat here.

Go back down the attic ladder and use the key to unlock the door on the right. This will lead you outside where you’ll begin to hear strange noises coming from the shed. Since this is a horror game, go investigate the shed with Six.

Glitching Remains

Before investigating the shed, approach the outhouse in between the house and shed. Use Six to hoist you up so you can grab the latch, unlocking the door. The third Glitching Remains is standing on the toilet.

The Hunter

Inside the shed, you’ll find a ton of cages stacked on top of one another. Work with Six to shove the giant one to the right so you can reach the next room. When you enter the new room, move close to the camera and crouch walk across the room. You’ll meet the owner of the house and all those traps, the Hunter. When you reach the right side, push the piece of wood forward until you fall out. Doing this will trigger a chase scene where the Hunter bursts from the shack. Quickly run down the hill, taking cover behind the boxes whenever he finishes reloading his shotgun. If you’re not behind a box when he fires his gun, Mono will be struck and killed. Keep running until you reach a small overhang that you can hide in.

Wait for the Hunter to pass, grab Six’s hand, and make your way into the field. Hide in the tall grass and slowly crouch walk alongside the Hunter. When you disturb the crows, stop moving and wait for the Hunter to keep going. So long as you’re crouched and still, he won’t see you in the grass even if his light is on you. Make your way to the cave entrance and head inside. Swiftly run to the right to avoid the follow-up shotgun blast into the hole before progressing.

When you emerge, approach the broken bridge and grab the rope. Begin pulling it backwards to raise some of the broken pieces up so Six can cross. Once she’s across, let go of the rope and go near the edge of your side of the bridge. Press Y (Xbox One) Triangle (PS4) to call Six. She will run to her edge, offering a hand out to you. Sprint jump across the gap and grab Six’s hand with Right Trigger. She will hoist you up onto the bridge.

Hat 3

Before you go right, climb up the wall of cages on the right until you’re parallel with the one hanging. Jump onto it and begin hopping up and down on the top of the cage. After a few jumps, the cage will fall to the ground, allowing you to grab the last hat inside.

Approach the next cliff and get ready to run. While it’s possible to sneak by the Hunter here, it’s extremely difficult to time. Instead, sprint for the first box and let it absorb his shotgun blast. When he begins to reload, move to the box by the ladder and wait for it to block the rounds. Now begin climbing up as fast as you can. The Hunter will fire a third blast, so use the hanging television as cover before you make it to the rafters. Run across the rafters and jump out the back into the water. Hide under the deck until the Hunter decides to move on.

Swim right until you reach a dock with a board blocking your path. Hold the Left Trigger to make Mono and Six dive, allowing you to slip underneath it. Keep going right, making sure to avoid the Hunter’s light. If you think you’ll be caught, dive under the water to ensure he doesn’t see you. When you arrive at the small island, climb up, and shove the tree into the water. This will alert the Hunter, but you can hide from his gunfire behind the trunk. Once he stops firing, dive underwater and proceed right. Keep heading in this direction until you crawl out of the swamp.

Now run right towards the shed, using the boxes once again for cover. When you enter the shack, Six will slam the door shut allowing you to grab the shotgun off the shelf. Work with your new companion to blast your pursuer in the gut, killing him. Go outside and push the door into the water. This will trigger a sequence where you calmly ride towards the Pale City. Once on the beach, disembark your makeshift raft and head for the door to the right, ending the level.

Glitching Remains

You’ll find the last Glitching Remains standing by the television on the beach. This one is pretty easy to find since there’s only one TV in the middle of the sand.

It’s off to the school next. You can find our walkthrough for that chapter here.

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