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MHW Elder Melder Guide - First Wyverian Ritual & Streamstones

Make useful items and bypass the grind with our Elder Melder guide!

Are you tired of grinding for rare items in MHW? Are you not getting the gems and decorations you need to max out your Monster Hunter: World gear? The Elder Melder and the Melding Pot can help you out! However, it’s a bit difficult to understand the Elder Melder and their useful skills. Our guide will help you use this Wyverian’s abilities effectively in your quest for the best gear sets!

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Unlocking the Elder Melder in Monster Hunter: World

Thankfully, gaining access to the Elder Melder and the Melding Pot is pretty easy. You gain access to the Melding Pot by the time you’re finished exploring the Coral Highlands. Just play through your main assignments!

However, it still takes a bit of time to unlock everything the Elder Melder has to offer. You unlock new items as you advance the main story and fight more monsters. The features eventually fill out once you defeat most of the new monsters that came out post-release as free updates (e.g. Deviljho). Finally, finishing some tempered investigations and obtaining you first Streamstone will unlock the First Wyverian Ritual.

What the Elder Melder Offers in Monster Hunter: World

With the Melding Pot underfoot, the Elder Melder offers a variety of skills to help you in your quest to make monster hunting more efficient. Most of them involve melting down excess items you don’t need to create new items you do. Melding down items gets you points to get create new materials, decorations, and gear.

First and foremost, you can melt items down to make other consumable gear. This includes things like potions and drinks. However, we don’t really recommend using the Elder Melder for most normal items (there are exceptions). Most can be made easily with common materials, or just bought from the in-game store, so it’s not really worth sacrificing what you have when you can gather what you need. Otherwise there’s always the Tailraider Safari and the Botanical Research Center to bulk up on the basics!

The only consumables we recommend using the Elder Melder for are Dash Juice, Mega Demondrug, Mega Armorskin, and maybe Ancient Potions. These are… really just too much of a pain to farm normally and consistently.

Next, you can meld extra decorations into new decorations, low-level ones. This is more useful overall. Decorations help tweak your gear sets for maximum efficiency. High-level decorations are mostly obtained from Investigations, with the highest quality decorations having a better chance of dropping in Tempered Investigations. Tempered and Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons are your best bet.

Of course, the decorations you get this way are completely up to chance. So if you keep getting decorations you don’t want, you can melt them down for something more useful. Now, not every single decoration is available directly from the Elder Melder. But for low-level decorations that offer elemental resistance, you can use the Melding Pot to give you an edge. Otherwise you need to lean on the First Wyverian Ritual… More on that further down in the guide.

Creating Monster Gems with the Elder Melder

Finally, you can meld monster materials. This is almost certainly the most useful of the melding options, as you can typically create the rarest material that each monster drops individually — including gems. However, this option requires a special type of item to use: the Wyverian Print.

There are multiple categories of print. They are the First, Steel, Silver, and Gold Wyverian Prints. The higher tier the material you want to create, the higher rarity print you need to use. Gold Wyverian Prints are what you’ll need to obtain monster gems, and, currently, the only way to get those are by completing the weekly limited bounties. It’s worth grinding out those quests for the ability to make the gem of your choice, though.

monster hunter elder melder

The First Wyverian Ritual – Monster Hunter: World Guide

The First Wyverian Ritual in Monster Hunter: World allows you to convert Streamstones and old decorations to effectively “re-roll” up to three new decorations. The Streamstones themselves determine which level of ritual you want to complete. So the bigger the ritual, the rarer the quality Streamstone you need. You also need “Melding Points.” This special currency is easy to come by. You just need to trade in random decorations to the Elder Melder to use as fuel in the process!

There are three Wyverian Ritual options available: Spire Sorcery, Coral Concoction, and Strange Stream.

Spire Sorcery is the lowest tier of the three rituals. As such it only requires a lowly Streamstone Shard, 150 Research Points, and 12 Melding Points (per decoration you want to create) to roll up to three new decorations. For reference, one Rarity 5 decoration — the most common level of skill gem — is worth four Melding Points. Although rarer decorations are worth more Melding Points. So you need melt down, at most, three decorations to create one random new one, or nine of them to create all three in one go — still only requiring one Streamstone Shard.

It’s… honestly unnecessarily complicated. That goes double for when you get into the different tiers of decorations you can randomly create. But here’s a fairly straightforward breakdown.

  • Spire Sorcery: Costs one Streamstone Shard to create 1/2/3 Mysterious Feystones for 12/24/36 Melding Points.
  • Coral Concoction: Costs one Streamstone to create 1/2/3 Glowing Feystones for 24/48/72 Melding Points.
  • Strange Stream: Costs one Gleaming Streamstone to create 1/2/3 Worn Feystones for 36/72/108 Melding Points.

Elder Melder Monster Hunter World

And here’s a look at what each class of Feystone represents. They’re basically just tiers of “unidentified” decorations that the game will randomly roll into… something. These are the stats:

  • Mysterious Feystone: 85 percent chance of being a C-tier decoration, 15 percent chance of being a B-tier decoration.
  • Glowing Feystone: 65 percent chance of being a C-tier decoration, 34 percent chance of being a B-tier decoration, 1 percent chance of being an A-tier decoration.
  • Worn Feystone: 10 percent chance of being a C-tier decoration, 82 percent chance of being a B-tier decoration, 6 percent chance of being an A-tier decoration, 2 percent chance of being an S-tier decoration.

As you can see, the Strange Stream ritual (and the Worn Feystones it produces) are the best bang for your buck. They’re the only way to get the highest quality decorations from the Elder Melder. Although the process also costs a Gleaming Streamstone — used to augment top quality armor and weapons. Whether or not the resources are worth the chance of better items — and the risk of getting junk — is up to you. But there are a few rules to live by.

First, you always want to make all three Feystones every time you use the First Wyverian Ritual. Streamstones are much rarer than decorations. Don’t throw them away lightly! You also ought to burn Rarity 5 decorations (e.g. elemental resistance skills) first. They’re as common as dirt; you’ll always get more. But you might as well keep around a full set of every decoration type. Which, finally, means you can throw out those duplicate Mind’s Eye, Sharp, Airborne jewels, and the like. These are only associated with one level of a skill — making duplicates useless except as Elder Melder fodder. And those are just some examples!

If you’ve been grinding a while, and just have a lot of extra decorations sitting around, there’s no harm in giving the First Wyverian Ritual a spin. Thanks for taking the time to read our Elder Melder guide for Monster Hunter: World! Check back soon for more information about the game and be sure to swing by for our coverage of the Iceborne expansion.

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