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Fortnite Prop Hunt Guide - How to Play & Island Code

Was that RV always on top of the barn?

If you, like us, have always dreamed of playing Fortnite as a toilet, then today is your lucky day. Thanks to Creative Mode’s new “Prop-o-Matic” gun, transforming into a toilet (or any other prop) is now possible. To showcase the kind of imaginative modes this new item enables, Epic commissioned Prop Hunt, a custom game type by Creative Mode collective StrayKite.

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What is Prop Hunt?

Prop Hunt is a hide-and-seek Creative Mode island for up to 16 players. One team of players, armed with nothing but a Prop-o-Matic and their wits, must try to survive until the timer runs out by hiding among the thousands of props littering the map. Hiders can also collect coins to increase their team’s score, but doing so requires moving out into the open. A dangerous gambit!

The other team, armed with Scoped Revolvers, Suppressed SMGs, Boom Bows, and Boogie Bombs, must locate and eliminate all of the hiding players within the time limit. Disguised players emit an audible “ping” every 15 seconds, like it or not, aiding the search team’s efforts. Both teams take turns playing both roles, and whichever team has the most points at the end is declared the victor.

How to Play Prop Hunt in Fortnite

For reasons that remain unclear, Prop Hunt isn’t a limited time mode. It’s a straight-up Creative Mode island, code and all, and this means that matchmaking is a little unorthodox. In order to play with other folk, you’ll have to load into Playground mode with matchmaking set to “Fill.” Once you’ve loaded into the portal hub, you can either use the dedicated Prop Hunt portal to the left, or enter the Island Code 6069-9263-9110 into another portal after selecting Change Destination.

How Does the Prop-O-Matic Work?

The Prop-o-Matic is pretty straight-forward: Select it from your inventory as you would any gun and aim it at the thing you want to transform into. If said thing is a prop (toilet, garbage can, toy dinosaur, etc) and not something structural like a wall or trap, it’ll highlight itself in blue. At this point, simply fire the gun to begin the transformation sequence. Transforming takes a couple of seconds, but you’re free to move around while your character scales to their new size and shape.

It’s worth noting that the Prop-o-Matic has an extremely long effective range, which means that you can transform into an object without being anywhere near it. You can also morph from one disguise directly into another, without having to first return to your original form. Once disguised, players can “lock” themselves in place, which allows free camera movement while remaining perfectly still.

I Can Use This in My Own Games, Right?

Totes! Prop Hunt is just a proof of concept; the Prop-o-Matic is available to everyone in Creative Mode. That said, you will need to be an approved creator in Epic’s Support a Creator program to generate an island code and share your game with people outside of your friends list.

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