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Dead by Daylight The Blight Guide - Killer Powers, Perks, Best Add-Ons

Usually when you hear the phrase “the Blight,” on Fanbyte it’s one of us talking about Dragon Age, but not this time. Dead by Daylight’s Descend Beyond DLC introduces The Blight, a killer alchemist whose speed rivals Sonic the Hedgehog. While that alone should interest you, this new killer has some cool mechanics that’ll shake up how you play Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight The Blight Power: Rush

The Blight’s biggest strength is his speed. Starting with five Rush tokens, The Blight will speed ahead for three seconds, using up a token and going into a cooldown state of two seconds. During this fatigued state, The Blight will look down at the ground, obscuring his field of view.

  • The Blight cannot attack when he is in the Rush state.
  • The Blight needs to bump into something – a wall, a tree, even a hook – in order to initiate a Rush Chain.
  • A Rush Chain is where, after hitting something, The Blight can use his Rush token again to bounce off the collision and speed around the map.

Dead by Daylight The Blight Special Attack: Lethal Rush

Unlike his ability, Rush, The Blight is able to attack survivors with his special ability, Lethal Rush. To activate this, The Blight needs to hit off something while using Rush. After that he automatically goes into his special attack, Lethal Rush, during the Rush Chain.

  • The difference between Rush and Lethal Rush can be seen while playing. Rush has The Blight pushing his hands and weapon forward as though he is crawling. With Lethal Rush, The Blight’s weapon is angled upwards, so he’s ready to swing.
  • When you’re in Lethal Rush, you’re able to turn slightly and lunge, but you need to be very precise in order to score a hit.
  • You are stunned out of your attack if hit with a pallet during Lethal Rush – even if you are using it for your bounce.

Dead by Daylight The Blight Perks

Like every killer, The Blight has three special perks which are unlockable through the Bloodweb. After reaching levels 30, 35 and 40, The Blight’s perks will become teachable, and will be available on the Bloodweb of other Killers. Here are what The Blight’s perks do:

Dragon’s Grip

Want to punish the gen-rushers? After you kick a gen with this perk activated, for the next 30 seconds, the first survivor who interacts with it will scream and reveal their location for four seconds. They also become Exposed – requiring only one hit to be knocked down – for a full minute. The cooldown for this perk is 120/100/80 seconds.

Hex: Blood Favour

When you hit a survivor with a basic attack, pallets within a 16 meter radius of your location will be blocked by The Entity for 15 seconds. These pallets cannot be pulled down by survivors and the Hex has a cooldown of 60/50/40 seconds.

Hex: Undying

With Hex: Undying, survivors who are within two meters of any Totems (no matter if it is a dull or lit one) will have their location revealed for 4/5/6 seconds. This perk also has a secondary ability, as when another Hex Totem is cleansed, instead of being destroyed, that Hex travels to a dull Totem instead. If the Hex had tokens (such as Hex: Devour Hope), it will still lose its tokens.

The Blight is a very mobile, but hard to control killer. His speed is second to none, but shouldn’t be used all the time during chases. Because of this, we’ve picked perks that we feel will be able to give The Blight an advantage while keeping his abilities and add-ons in mind.

Corrupt Intervention

Corrupt Intervention blocks a select number of generators from being worked on at the start of the game. We feel this is a good perk for The Blight as it gives you the time to move quickly between generators and catch survivors out.

Hex: Blood Favour

The Blight struggles most when he has to be in small spaces like pallet loops and jungle gyms. This is where Hex: Blood Favour comes in. With a blocked off pallet – and if you want to get real spicy, using Bamboozle to block vaults too – survivors will have little to no choice but to leave safety, giving you the chance to use your ability and catch them off guard.

Infectious Fright

One of the best things about The Blight being so mobile is that he has the ability to catch up to survivors quickly and down them. With Infectious Fright, once you down a survivor and other survivors are near, you’re able to catch up to them and down them too, putting a lot of map pressure on the other survivors.

Barbecue and Chilli 

Much like Infectious Fright, BBQ and Chilli allows The Blight to find and punish survivors by revealing their aura. The difference with BBQ is that you’ll need to hook someone to see their aura, but with The Blight’s mobility, it makes it an incredible asset.

Dead by Daylight The Blight Best Add-Ons

The Dead by Daylight Descend Beyond DLC included add-ons that are specific to The Blight. Here we recommend the best add-ons for you to use, below:

  • Vigo’s Journal – Gain the Undetectable status effect when you use your Rush and Lethal Rush ability.
  • Compound Twenty-One – When hitting an object during Rush, survivors within 16 metres of the collision will have their location revealed for six seconds.
  • Compound Thirty-Three – Survivors who are within 16 metres when you hit off an object will get the Hindered status effect for three seconds. It also allows The Blight to slam into pallets and breakable walls and destroy them, but will stun you for two seconds.
  • Soul Chemical – Reveals the Auras of Survivors within eight metres while using your Rush ability.
  • Blighted Rat – Moderately increases Rush speed for each consecutive Rush you do.

And with that, that’s everything you need to know about The Blight from the Dead by Daylight Descend Beyond DLC. How are you feeling about the newest addition to the Killer roster? Let us know in the comments below!

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