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Dead by Daylight Halloween Event Guide - Withering Blight Dates & Items

With the spooky season entering its final weeks, Behavior Interactive is preparing to celebrate with a Halloween-themed event for asymmetrical multiplayer horror game Dead by Daylight. The Withering Blight event brings an extra dose of terror to a game already crawling with murderers and haunted houses. In this guide, we’ll break down the event and let you know what to expect when it eventually goes live with the upcoming 3.3.0 update.

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What is the Dead by Daylight Withering Blight Release Date?

We’re not sure yet! Behavior Interactive said  it would begin on October 22 and last through November 1, but has delayed the release to coincide with the upcoming Archives update.

What is the Withering Blight Dead by Daylight Event?

Withering Blight is tied closely to Dead by Daylight’s upcoming Archives update; completing challenge nodes on the event’s Auris Web will allow you to progress on battle pass-like Rift, rewarding you with Putrid Serum. It’s a new type of currency only available on the free track of The Rift, so don’t worry if you haven’t purchased the premium Rift pass. You can spend Putrid Serum on cosmetic items in the Hallowed Catalyst collection, the suite of new cosmetic items Behavior has curated for this event. 

What Withering Blight Items Are There?

Six characters (five Killers and one Survivor) are getting new cosmetic items in the event: The Hag, The Nurse, The Clown, The Spirit, The Plague, and Jake Park are receiving appearance-altering accessories. These make up the Hallowed Catalyst collection. In addition, the Hallowed Blight collection from last year’s Halloween event will be made available for purchase. It includes cosmetics for The Trapper, The Wraith, The Doctor, The Huntress, The Hillbilly, Claudette Morel, and Dwight Fairfield.

Also returning from past Dead by Daylight Halloween events are multiple fan-favorite items. The All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox medkit unlocks the self-healing action and increases healing speed; the Will O’ Wisp flashlight adds an orange tint to your beam; and the Pustula Petals pre-match offering item can add special hooks and generators for the Killer and Survivor’s respectively. Behavior Interactive is careful to note that any Pustula Petals leftover after the event ends will be unusable. The lunchbox and flashlight, however, will be usable year round. These items can be found in Bloodwebs and chests during the event.

What Withering Blight Lore is There?

Behavior Interactive has said the Withering Blight event will also come with new bits of lore for players to uncover. Completing specially marked nodes on the Auris Web in the first event Tome will reward you with new Memories which continue a story from last year’s event. Collect all the Memories and you’ll unlock a new animatic laying the groundwork for future stories. In the in-game fiction, these new chunks of lore are doled out by The Observer, the mysterious figure who watches over The Archives. Don’t worry about missing out on the story as it will be available even after the event ends and The Rift closes.

That’s all we know about Dead by Daylight’s Withering Blight event for now. We’ll keep you updated once the event goes live or we learn of a more precise release date! 

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