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Fanbyte Plays Contradiction

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SIN TV Broadcast: A Review

Glass Joe: A Review

Dust Man: A Review

Emma (Contradiction!): A Review

The Inspirations Behind Far Cry 5's Eden's Gate: Parallels Ep 3

Far Cry 5 didn’t make many end-of-the-year lists, but the game wasn’t an abject failure. It changed aspects of the tired gameplay formula for the better. It gave players more opportunities to...

Women-Only Pinball Shows Another Side of Competitive Gaming

I’m not sure what to expect when I show up to Milo’s Yard on a brisk Tuesday evening in early January. The little neighborhood bar looks like many in the area, but tonight there’s something special ha...

Bryce: A Review

Damnd: A Review

How to Catch and Farm Shiny Pokemon - Pokemon Go Guide

In Pokemon Go, shiny Pokemon are easier to catch than ever before. Boasting alternate coloration from the usual sprites, shiny Pokemon are highly sought after by avid collectors and aesthetic...

3 Other Bad Ways to Steal a PlayStation

Earlier this week, Kotaku reported on the story of a 19 year old kid in France named Adel, who stole a PlayStation 4 by tricking the self-checkout machine into thinking it was fruit. He then fenced th...

Warframe Mastery Rank Guide: Unlocks, Tests, & More

In Warframe, Mastery Rank is how the game measures your overall progress. Rather than tracking your star chart or mission completion, Digital Extremes opted for a system that focuses on...

Calling Apex Legends "ApeLeg": A Review

Here's the Lore: Destiny 2 - Mara Sov & The Coming Darkness

Destiny lore is a deep, dark world with branching pathways and incredible stories. For the majority of the franchise, the lore has been left to books and Grimoire cards — out-of-game sni...

Kiss My Ass, Activision Blizzard

Dear Bobby, Dennis, Coddy, Brian, Chris, et al.,

Game Swap: Anthem as Space Harrier

Hey Freelancers! Anthem has arrived to fly your butt all over its lush world. While the game is a visual juggernaut, we asked ourselves what the game would be like if it had been made in...

How to Download and Play Ring of Elysium For Free

Ring of Elysium is free to play, and currently available via Steam as a free download that only takes minutes to locate and a short while to download to your computer. If you’re interested in...