How to Solve the Vault of the Ancients Puzzle in Sea of Thieves

The new Vaults of the Ancient content update has hit the shores of Sea of Thieves. Revolving around the Gold Hoarders, players can venture on a new quest that will lead them to a vault full of treasure. However, getting to this vault is easier said than done, as this is a multi-step quest. You’ll need to piece together map pieces and obtain a key before you’re even allowed to enter this vault. This is before you even attempt the vault’s puzzle, which is on a timer since the door behind you will eventually close. However, there’s a lot of gold that can be obtained if you know what you’re doing.

(Author’s Note: We will not be going over the compass and map portion of this quest since those are all incredibly simple – especially for any experienced pirate.)

How to Solve the Vault of the Ancients Puzzle

Once you’ve discovered the vault, head towards the door and place the key on the pedestal. This will open up the stone wall and let you access the vault below. Once you’re at the vault’s door, wait until it opens and then rush inside with your crew. I strongly recommend doing this with either a crew of three or four since there’s a lot of chests to grab. You will typically want to divide your crew so one person is working on the puzzle, while everyone else is grabbing the treasure chests and looting the gold coin piles.

To solve the puzzle you will need to first find three medallions that are scattered throughout the vault. These can be anywhere such as inside boxes, tucked away in corners, or the rafters above you. They will have a white glint to them, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble spotting them. Once you grab a medallion, put it into the puzzle table in the center of the room. Do not press the button until all three of the medallions are in the puzzle table.

Now hit the button to display three symbols on the table above each of the medallions. These symbols are tied to the four pillars in front of you, so approach them and input the symbols you saw on the table. Go from left to right, matching the symbols you saw on the table, with the ones on each of the pillars. Make sure to symbols on the pillars are facing the middle of the room, otherwise, they won’t count. You will be able to solve the first three pillars with this method, but the fourth one will take a bit of detective work.

The far-right pillar will display a collection of symbols, so look for the one that shows the previous three symbols on the other pillars. So if your previous pillars had a Skull, Chains, and Sword, the fourth pillar you want will have a Skull, Chains, Sword, and a fourth unknown symbol all on one side. After you figure out the final pillar, so back to the puzzle table and press the button to open up a secret door where the Chests of Ancient Tributes resides. If you’re fast this should only take about 90 seconds, so use the rest of your time to gather treasure. Make sure to put the treasure outside of the vault door otherwise it will be trapped inside forever.


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