Trials of Mana Classes Tips Guide – All Possible Class Changes

Each main character in Trials of Mana starts off with a specific class, but that’s just the start of the character’s progression. At three different levels, you’ll be able to further refine and evolve their roles. Class changes affect tons of elements of character progression, so sorting through the options can feel overwhelming. We’ve got a full breakdown on how class choices work and the particulars of each class.

In general, there are two class change options available at each breakpoint: Dark and Light. Generally, the Dark option does more damage and the Light option offers more utility.

Try not to pick classes that duplicate abilities other characters already have. If a class isn’t working out, you can spend a rare item to pick a different class.

First Class Change Options – Level 18

The first class change (Class 2) is available once you reach a certain point about eight hours into the game and have reached level 18. Doing so raises training point limits and powers you up a good amount, so do it as soon as possible.

Each of these classes has four major distinctive elements:

  • New moves
  • Stat boosts
  • A unique passive ability
  • A second level Class Strike that’s either single-target or area of effect (AOE)

Of these four, the new moves and stat boosts have the biggest impact on playstyle.

trials of mana knight


Knight (Light)

Duran’s Knight class is a tank build that offers more defense and healing, but tanking isn’t really that viable since there’s no move that pulls enemy attention.

  • Moves – A single-target healing spell and ability to equip shields
  • Stats – Defense boost
  • Passive – Defense up at battle start
  • Class Strike – Single-target

trials of mana gladiator

Gladiator (Dark)

Duran’s Gladiator class is all about damage at the cost of defense. The elemental sabers are also useful for everyone in your party who relies on physical attacks.

  • Moves – Elemental buffs for physical attacks
  • Stats – Attack boost, defense slightly down
  • Passive – Attack up at battle start
  • Class Strike – AOE

trials of mana sorceress


Sorceress (Light)

Angela’s Sorceress class is more powerful overall and allows you access to a wider range of powerful elemental spells.

  • Moves – Multi-target first level elemental spells and second level elemental spells (no dark)
  • Stats – Magic damage boost
  • Passive – Magic damage up at full health
  • Class Strike – AOE

trials of mana mysticist

Mysticist (Dark)

With Angela’s Mysticist class you only get a second level spell for the dark element, which means this class isn’t as useful as the Sorceress.

  • Moves – Multi-target first level elemental spells and a second level dark elemental spell
  • Stats – HP and MP boost
  • Passive – Magic damage and defense up when someone dies
  • Class Strike – Single-target

trials of mana monk


Monk (Light)

Kevin’s Monk class is useful if you feel like you absolutely need a healing spell, but healing items exist and Kevin should really be attacking as much as possible.

  • Moves – Healing spell and attack buff for self
  • Stats – Balanced boost of all stats
  • Passive – Attack up if ally faints
  • Class Strike – AOE

trials of mana brawler

Brawler (Dark)

Kevin’s Brawler class is a pure attack upgrade, which supports what Kevin is best at. We recommend you choose this one.

  • Moves – None
  • Stats – Big attack boost
  • Passive – Attack up if hp below half
  • Class Strike – Single-target

trials of mana priestess


Priestess (Light)

Charlotte’s Priestess class is a strong choice as it powers up her healing while giving her magic attack and buff options.

  • Moves – Group heal, light spell, and elemental buffs to physical attack
  • Stats – Big healing boost
  • Passive – Class Strike gauge up when healing
  • Class Strike – Single-target

trials of mana enchantress

Enchantress (Dark)

Charlotte’s Enchantress class leans away from her main purpose, healing, to allow her more damage options. If you feel like your party isn’t dealing enough damage, this is a decent option.

  • Moves – Group heal and summons
  • Stats – Equal healing and magic damage boost with more mp
  • Passive – Status effect triggers attack and magic attack up
  • Class Strike – AOE

trials of mana ranger


Ranger (Light)

Hawkeye’s Ranger class allows him to put enemies to sleep, transform them, and attack at a range. The status effect moves are fun, but they aren’t as broadly useful as the Ninja’s debuffs.

  • Moves – Ranged non-elemental attacks and status effects
  • Stats – Attack boost
  • Passive – Chance of keeping used item
  • Class Strike – AOE

trials of mana ninja

Ninja (Dark)

Hawkeye’s Ninja class leans away from physical damage, but the debuffs you get in return are very powerful.

  • Moves – Elemental magic and stat debuffs
  • Stats – Magic damage boost
  • Passive – Magic attack stronger at full health
  • Class Strike – Single-target

trials of mana valkyrie


Valkyrie (Light)

Reisz’s Valkyrie class buffs members of your party and focuses on defense. Reisz is the only character capable of learning buffs that target other members of the party. This class pairs very well with Hawkeye’s debuffing Ninja class.

  • Moves – Single-target buffs
  • Stats – Defense boost
  • Passive – Class Strike gauge builds faster
  • Class Strike – Single-target

trials of mana rune maiden

Rune Maiden (Dark)

Reisz’s Rune Maiden class uses single-target debuffs while focusing on attack. Choose this class if you rely on Reisz for damage.

  • Moves – Single-target debuffs
  • Stats – Attack boost
  • Passive – Debuffs on her are shorter
  • Class Strike – AOE

Second Class Change Options – Level 38

The second class change (Class 3) is available once you reach level 38 and obtain a class change item by planting a seed. Each potential class needs a specific item, though you will only get the items relevant to the classes available to you. So, for example, if your Reisz is a Valkyrie, you’ll only get items to turn her into a Vanadis or a Starlancer.

Keep in mind that your Class 3 options will be limited by your Class 2 choice, so you’ll only see two of the four total options depending on whether you chose Dark or Light the first time.

Some of our information on Class 3 is based on material from Square Enix and the way they behaved in the original Trials of Mana, so it’s subject to differ in the actual game.

Note: Class images are displayed above the character name and are in order from left to right.

trials of mana duran class 3


Paladin (Light/Light)

Item Needed: Knight Tag

The Paladin is a more defensive class and learns a light element buff for attacks.

Liege (Light/Dark)

Item Needed: Prince Tag

The Liege is a class that balances attack and defense. Duran will learn a group heal spell and a spell that removes status effects.

Edelfrei (Dark/Light)

Item Needed: Battler Tag

The Edelfrei is an attack-focused class that learns moon and wood elemental buffs for physical attacks. In addition, the elemental buffs from the Gladiator class can upgrade to target your whole party.

Duelist (Dark/Dark)

Item Needed: Duelist Tag

The Duelist has the highest attack of Duran’s Class 3 options. He will learn a dark element buff for attacks.


Grand Diviner (Light/Light)

Item Needed: Arcana Book

The Grand Diviner learns multiple target versions of second level elemental spells and the powerful spell “Doppelganger”.

Archmage (Light/Dark)

Item Needed: Estora Book

The Archmage learns multiple target versions of second level elemental spells and the powerful spell “Glitter Dust.”

Rune Seer (Dark/Light)

Item Needed: Rune Book

The Rune Seer learns powerful status effect spells and an instant death spell.

Magus (Dark/Dark)

Item Needed: Omen Book

The Magus has the highest magic attack of Angela’s Class 3 options. Angela will learn all of the second level elemental spells that the Sorceress can learn. She can also upgrade her second level dark elemental spell to hit multiple targets.

trials of mana kevin


Divine Fist (Light/Light)

Item Needed: Gold Aura

The Divine Fist learns a move that allows Kevin to quickly replenish the Class Strike gauge.

Warrior Monk (Light/Dark)

Item Needed: Silver Aura

The Warrior Monk is a balanced class that can absorb MP from attacks. Kevin learns a multi-target healing spell and a wood elemental buff for attacks.

Fatal Fist (Dark/Dark)

Item Needed: Death Aura

The Fatal Fist has the highest attack of Kevin’s Class 3 options. He also learns a move to increase his chance of critical hits.

Enlightened (Dark/Light)

Item Needed: Mage Aura

The Enlightened can steal HP with attacks and learns a moon elemental buff for attacks.

trials of mana charlotte


High Cleric (Light/Light)

Item Needed: Holy Bottle

The High Cleric has the highest healing potential of all of Charlotte’s Class 3 options. She also learns spells for magic protection, fighting undead monsters, and a light elemental buff.

Sage (Light/Dark)

Item Needed: Salt Bottle

The Sage can upgrade all of the Priestess spells (elemental buffs, light attack, status clear) to target the whole party.

Necromancer (Dark/Light)

Item Needed: Ash Bottle

The Necromancer is a class that balances attack and healing. Charlotte learns more summons, a dark elemental buff for attacks, and a single-target debuff that lowers every stat.

Warlock (Dark/Dark)

Item Needed: Curse Bottle

The Warlock is another class that balances attack and healing. Charlotte learns more summons, a spell to silence enemies, and a multi-target breath attack.

trials of mana hawkeye


Nomad (Light/Light)

Item Needed: Lucky Dice

The Nomad learns a really wide variety of status-altering spells that affect enemy and party HP, improve critical hit chance, refill the Class Strike gauge, reflect magic, poison enemies, and hide party members.

Rogue (Light/Dark)

Item Needed: Destiny Dice

The Rogue learns a large variety of trap and ranged attacks that include mines, rockets, darts, and spikes.

Ninja Master (Dark/Light)

Item Needed: Precise Dice

The Ninja Master upgrades all of the Ninja’s debuffs to hit groups of enemies.

Nightblade (Dark/Dark)

Item Needed: Dusk Dice

The Nightblade learns powerful, single-target attacks that do elemental or status damage like silencing or lowering max HP.

trials of mana reisz class 3


Vanadis (Light/Light)

Item Needed: Brisingamen

Vanadis learns the more powerful summon of the Light Class 3 options but her buffs remain single target.

Starlancer (Light/Dark)

Item Needed: Evening Star

Starlancer learns a less powerful summon but can target the whole party with buffs.

Dragon Master (Dark/Light)

Item Needed: Dragoon Band

Dragon Master learns the more powerful summon of the Dark Class 3 options but her debuffs remain single target.

Fenrir Knight (Dark/Dark)

Item Needed: Gleipnir

Fenrir Knight learns a less powerful summon but her debuffs can target multiple enemies.

Final Class Change Options – Post-Game

Based on material Square Enix released before the launch of Trials of Mana, there appears to be a new final Dark and Light class for each character that’s obtained during a post-game adventure. We only know the names of these classes right now.


Divine Hero (Light)

Berserker (Dark)


Mystic Queen (Light)

Spellbinder (Dark)


Beast King (Light)

Annihilator (Dark)


High Priestess (Light)

Chaosbringer (Dark)


Wardenkeep (Light)

Vigilante (Dark)


Meteorite (Light)

Brynhildr (Dark)