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Trials of Mana Tips Guide - 6 Things the Game Doesn't Tell You

Whether you’re familiar with the 1995 Trials of Mana original or those playing through the game for the first time, there will undoubtedly be some ramping up time as you familiarize yourself....

Trials of Mana Classes Tips Guide - All Possible Class Changes

Each main character in Trials of Mana starts off with a specific class, but that’s just the start of the character’s progression. At three different levels, you’ll be able to further refine a...

Trials of Mana Characters Guide - Which Party Members Should You Choose?

The toughest decision in Trials of Mana is one of the first you will make — choosing your characters. There are six potential characters in the game, but you can only use three in any gi...

7 Reasons Every JRPG Fan Should Try Trails of Cold Steel (& More)

When I was nine, my friend Bobby invited me over to see this new game: Grandia. In it, there was a guy who piloted a flying ship and called someone “bastard.” I’ve...