Titania (Normal): FF14 The Dancing Plague Trial Guide – Strategy & Tips

Take down the first Trial of Shadowbringers with our handy guide to Titania in FF14.

Titania was the first Trial ever shown off for FF14: Shadowbringers. And now we know they’re also the first Trial in the expansion itself, encountered during the level 73 mission The Dancing Plague. And this isn’t just your normal boss fight. Like every Trial in FF14, it’s full of unique mechanics and special attacks that will kill the whole party if you’re not careful. We’d like to help you avoid that possibility at all costs. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to The Dancing Plague Trial in FF14. Titania, here we come!

FF14 Dancing Plague Titania Guide

Bright Sabbath – Titania FF14 Trial Guide

Much like nearly every boss in FF14, Titania has a group-wide area-of-effect attack. This is one of their most basic attacks and cannot be avoided, although it will be used again and again throughout the fight. Healers must be ready to power through this with their own AoE heals as much as possible. Tanks can also take some pressure off the healers by shielding themselves through it. However, the damage is negligible compared to other, rarer attacks in The Dancing Plague. So it’s often better to save defensive skills with lengthy cooldown periods for later instead.

Phantom Rune – Titania FF14 Trial Guide

Phantom Rune is another AoE attack. Unlike Bright Sabbath, however, it can be avoided. And unlike most attacks in FF14, it doesn’t always work the same way every time. Instead Titania will either force the party to get in close or to run away as quickly as possible. You can tell by looking at the orange damage marker on the floor.

Sometimes Phantom Rune will simply be a short-range AoE around the boss. Other times it will appear in a “donut” shape where the only safe place in the room is right next to Titania. Move accordingly! And if you’re having trouble avoiding the attack, just try to stay about halfway beaten Titania and the nearest arena wall. That way you can move in either direction very quickly.

Divination Rune – Titania FF14 Trial Guide

This is a truly powerful AoE cone that can completely wipe out entire teams. However, it always fires in the direction of the tank (or whichever other player is being targeted). Tanks should face Titania away from the group at all times to avoid splashing them with Divination Rune. It’s also a good idea to blow a defensive cooldown right before it goes offs, as even beefier players will take high damage. Healers should also be ready to react.

FF14 Dancing Plague Titania Guide

Mist Rune -Titania FF14 Trial Guide

Mist Rune summons four circles of water on the floor in a cross shape around Titania. Shortly thereafter, purple orbs will begin to spawn in a ring around each puddle. These act as timers. If at least one player isn’t standing in each puddle before the purple ring fully forms, Titania will summon a Spirit of Dew: a minor, additional enemy that will harass the party. Make sure someone stands in all four water circles to avoid the extra hassle!

Flame Rune – Titania FF14 Trial Guide

Titania always follows up Mist Rune with Flame Rune. This is a “stack up” attack indicated by four arrows pointing inward at a particular player. The idea is for as many players as possible to stand close to this unfortunate target. That way the damage divides and dissipates between all affected allies. In the case of Flame Rune, however, players should make sure they stack up inside one of the four puddles. This provides a fire damage resistance buff. Without it, the damage from Flame Rune will likely still be lethal no matter how many allies gather together.

Midsummer Night’s Dream – Titania FF14 Trial Guide

This isn’t really an attack. Instead, Midsummer Night’s Dream is an ability that Titania casts when they reach about 75 percent health. The arena will change significantly and Titania will begin using new attacks throughout the rest of The Dancing Plague. Be ready for these new patterns as they emerge!

FF14 Dancing Plague Titania Guide

Growth Rune – Titania FF14 Trial Guide

The first new attack to watch is Growth Rune. This summons a star of slow-moving vines throughout the arena. You need to avoid these lines of vines so as not to take massive damage, become rooted in place, and very likely die…

Thankfully, Growth Rune is easy to see coming. The vines themselves spread very slowly and leave many patches of safe ground. You can also see where they will spread by looking at Titania. When using Growth Rune, the boss will telegraph the attack with arrows that point outwards from the center. Stand wherever these arrows are not pointing to avoid the vines altogether.

Later in the fight, Growth Rune will begin to double up — causing the vines to crisscross from two different sources. This is also easy to avoid if you know what you’re doing. While there will be less safe ground, the vines themselves spawn in opposite corners of the square arena. This leaves the remaining two corners relatively safe from the spreading growth. Try to move into these areas as the stars form on the ground to save yourself from dodging incoming brambles.

Frost Rune – Titania FF14 Trial Guide

Frost Rune will summon a series of circle AoE markers that cover the entire battlefield. These leave no area completely safe. However, the circles always explode in the same order that they appear on the ground, and the first circle always appears in the center. To avoid Frost Rune, try to stand in one of the last circles to spawn. Then move into the center of the arena after it explodes. This area — and any other place where a circle has already exploded — is now safe to stand in.

Uplift – Titania FF14 Trial Guide

Unfortunately, Titania doesn’t give you much breathing room with Frost Rune. The boss will always follow up by marking four players with Uplift: creating four more circular AoE markers. These deal damage to anyone standing inside the circles just as Frost Rune ends. To avoid killing your friends, assuming you get marked, move away from the center and into another “safe” area as soon as the Frost Rune pattern makes it possible.

You won’t have much time and will likely die if you get hit with both Uplift and Frost Rune at the same time. However, that’s still better than stacking up and hitting the whole team in the center after Frost Rune.

Add Phase & Being Mortal – Titania FF14 Trial Guide

This is a three-part combo that should be familiar to players who have played various Raids and Trials throughout FF14. That doesn’t make it easy, however. High incoming damage and hard-to-kill additional enemies make this the trickiest part of The Dancing Plague by far.

The phase begins when Titania floats up into the air, becoming invulnerable. The boss will then summon three smaller foes: Puck, Peaseblossom, and Mustardseed. Each add has its own special attacks that you must dodge or otherwise deal with until they are destroyed. Tanks should also grab these newcomers as quickly as possible. In particular, one tank should take Puck while the other grabs Peaseblossom, making sure to point them in roughly opposite directions. Puck deals “invisible” AoE damage, so keeping its target away from Peaseblossom will save them from suffering double the usual hits.

The trick here is to focus on killing each add one at a time. Start with Puck, since they do the most damage. Then focus on Peaseblossom. Mustardseed only does a fanning line AoE attack that is fairly easy to avoid. So despite seeming a lot flashier, they should be your final target. When all three monsters are dead, however, Titania will summon larger versions of them on three sides of the arena. Once again, focus on killing one at a time: first Puck, then Peaseblossom, and finally Mustardseed. And make sure one tank still takes Puck while the other takes Peaseblossom.

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You will also need to avoid, as well as heal and shield through various AoE attacks throughout this fight. This makes for an altogether very hectic phase as you try to kill every enemy on a timer while avoiding overlapping attacks. As such, I will reiterate that you really want to kill the enemies one at a time. That way you have fewer attacks to deal with at any given moment.

When all this is done, Titania will perform an unavoidable “ultimate attack,” Being Mortal, on the entire party. The damage is dictated by the Titania’s Power bar that appears on-screen throughout the add phase. The more full the bar, the higher the damage. This also functions as your timer. The entire team will instantly die if Titania’s Power reaches 100. If it doesn’t reach 100, just shield and heal through the explosive attack.

From here on out, Titania will continue using all of their normal attacks with various levels of overlap. Although you won’t have to deal with the adds or Being Mortal again. This is also where Growth Rune begins to spawn in two corners at once. Refer back to that section for tips on how to avoid the greater spread of vines.

If you manage to avoid all this, congratulations! You’ve beaten Titania and The Dancing Plague in FF14. Thanks for taking the time to read our latest guide. There are still two more normal Trials in Shadowbringers, however, so make sure you stick it out till the end. Finally, be sure to check out our full list of FF14: Shadowbringers coverage in our mega guide. Until next time, thanks for reading and take care!