The Best Survivor Builds in Dead by Daylight (November 2019 Tier List)

Jumping into Dead by Daylight as a new player can be overwhelming, especially if you’re planning on playing as a Survivor. As of this writing, there are 19 different Survivors each with three unique Perks which can be unlocked for use by every other Survivor. In addition, there’s a pool of general Perks which don’t belong to any specific character. A Survivor can head into a Trial with four Perks equipped, meaning there is an inordinate amount of potential loadouts to wade through. In an effort to make things a bit simpler, we’ve put together four Survivor builds for Dead by Daylight catering to different playstyles.

Like choosing a Killer, Survivor builds in Dead by Daylight are a personal choice. Behavior Interactive provides the tools players need to construct a loadout fitting their tastes and tendencies. The four builds featured below aren’t the only options, but they do cover a few dominant archetypes in the current meta. For each build, we’ve listed the four Perks and which Survivor unlocks them. Without further delay, here are four great Survivor builds for Dead by Daylight.

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Dead by Daylight Survivor Build – Generator Rush

Prove Thyself (Dwight Fairfield) – Increases generator repair speed by 10% for each other Survivor working on a generator nearby.

Self Care (Claudette Morel) – Heal yourself without a med-kid.

Stake Out (David Tapp) – Gain tokens for standing undetected inside a Killer’s Terror Radius. Each token turns a “good” skill check result into a “great” one. Successes consume tokens.

Spine Chill (General Survivor Perk) – Become notified when the Killer is looking directly your way, but makes it harder to complete skill checks.

This build is ideal for Survivors with tunnel vision. Prove Thyself and Stake Out make it easier to get generators back online, while Spine Chill lets you know when to abandon the effort. Self Care is commonly referred to as one of the best all-purpose Perks, but feel free to slot it out for something more generator-forward, like Technician or Poised.

Dead by Daylight Survivor Build – Stealthy Survivor

Iron Will (Jake Park) – Grunts of pain are 50% quieter.

Calm Spirit (Jake Park) – Reduces the chances of alerting crows.

Urban Evasion (Nea Karlsson) – Increases movement speed while crouching.

Quick & Quiet (Meg Thomas) – Vaulting and hiding is quieter.

This build, which boasts a pair of Perks from Jake Park, is ideal for sneaking around the map and avoiding the Killer. Iron Will and Quick & Quiet make normally-noisy Survivor actions much quieter, while Urban Evasion keeps your move speed up while crouched. Calm Spirit is more situational, as good Survivors already know how to avoid crows. A good alternative is Pharmacy, which reduces the noise from searching chests.

Dead by Daylight Survivor Build – Solo Survivor

Aftercare (Jeff Johansen) – See the aura of Survivors who you heal or who heal you and Survivors you rescue from hooks.

Stake Out (David Tapp) – Gain tokens for standing undetected inside a Killer’s Terror Radius. Each token turns a “good” skill check result into a “great” one. Successes consume tokens.

Tenacity (David Tapp) – Crawl faster and recover at the same time.

Unbreakable (Bill Overbeck) – Can recover from the dying state once per Trial.

If you’re playing Dead by Daylight by yourself, you want Perks to bolster your survivability. Aftercare makes it easier to keep track of the Survivors you’re not otherwise communicating with, and Tenacity makes you less reliant on others’ help. Unbreakable is another way to make you less dependent on other Survivors, too. Stake Out is the expendable Perk in this build, and can easily be flexed with something Kindred or Lithe.

Dead by Daylight Survivor Build – Hooked

Deliverance (Adam Francis) – Grants a 100% success rate for hook escape attempts. Triggers the broken status.

Breakdown (Jeff Johansen) – Escaping a hook breaks it and reveal the Killer’s aura.

Babysitter (Steve Harrington) – Survivors you unhook leave no scratch marks or blood trails for a short time.

Borrowed Time (Bill Overbeck) – Unhooking an ally within the Killer’s terror radius gives them immunity to the dying state for a short time.

This build is handy if you find yourself consistently hooked by the Killer. Deliverance ensures you’ll be able to escape a hook yourself, and Breakdown is essentially required for any hook-focused build. It also grants benefits allies you save from hooks thanks to Babysitter.

And that’s it! These are four of our favorite Survivor builds in Dead by Daylight. What Perks and Survivors do you like? Sound off in the comments!


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