Super Mario 64 Fall Onto a Caged Island Guide – How to Get the Star

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is a collection of three of the Nintendo mascot’s best games. Spread across several console generations, players will be able to enjoy Super Mario 64Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy. Each of these titles is considered by many to be some of the best Mario games in the plumber’s entire catalog, with Super Mario Sunshine getting its first re-release since it launched in 2002.

Given the sheer age of these games, some of the Stars will be tricky for players to earn due to the sheer lack of information given in-game. One of these Stars is tied to the Fall onto the Caged Island mission in Whomp’s Fortress. At first glance, this Star can appear to be insanely frustrating as you’ll see this floating Star while you complete other tasks. While it may seem unobtainable at first, there’s actually a rather simple method of reaching it.

Here’s how to beat the Fall Onto the Caged Island mission:

How to Complete Fall Onto the Caged Island

When you spawn in the level, go to the tree immediately to Mario’s left and climb up to the top. This will spawn an owl who offers to help Mario reach new heights. Wait for the owl to start flying around the garden and grab onto it by press and holding B. Doing so, causes the owl to soar up to the very top of the level and begin flying around. Once you reach the apex of the owl’s ascent, you can actually direct the owl where to go with the movement stick. Guide it to the right until you see it flying over the caged island with the Star in it.

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Let go of the owl by pressing B to fall onto the island and claim your Star. Keep in mind the owl is on a timer before it forcibly drops Mario’s heavy ass to the ground. Always make sure you have solid land below you to ensure that you don’t instantly die if it lets go. Additionally, you can dive when falling by pressing Y to give yourself some extra distance if you miss the cage. This may take a few tries, as the owl’s movements aren’t precise so there will be a little bit of guesswork involved. Just keep an eye out for the owl’s shadow to determine where you’ll fall. There’s a short delay from the time you release B to when the owl let’s go, so try to compensate for this when jumping onto the island.

If you do miss and survive, head back down to where you first met the owl. It may take a few seconds, but the owl will eventually appear again letting you fly back up to the top of the level. Just remember to hold B, otherwise, Mario will just grab and let go of this noble creature.


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