No Man’s Sky Void Egg Guide: Starbirth Tips & How to Get a Living Ship

It's a long and lonely road. A space road.

The No Man’s Sky Void Egg is one of the better items you can purchase for Quicksilver, the game’s most elusive currency, as it allows you to hatch a Living Ship. And you definitely want a Living Ship in No Man’s Sky. Even if you don’t know it yet. This is because every Living Ship is an S class design with the ability to travel to any star system. No warp drive upgrades required! They also look damn cool. You just need some Quicksilver, a single Void Egg, and a whole lot of patience to hatch your own. Let’s how to get at least two of those things in our Void Egg guide to No Man’s Sky!

Not to be confused with the other type of eggs, the process of acquiring a Void Egg begins where so many other things do in No Man’s Sky: on the Space Anomaly. This acts as both a multiplayer lobby and a great place to get important blueprints. What we care about, however, is The Nexus. This is another multiplayer feature in No Man’s Sky. Though you can use it and purchase a Void Egg entirely solo. Some human help might just make things slightly quicker. Since you can’t proceed with the Living Ship questline without Quicksilver — and Quicksilver is acquired from The Nexus — let’s start here.

How to Get Quicksilver No Man’s Sky – Void Egg Guide

Once you enter the Space Anomaly for the first time (which happens quite early in the story of No Man’s Sky after you repair your first ship), The Nexus is actually one of the first things you see. It’s the huge, holographic cube with a spherical droid inside. Speak to the robot with the “interact” button to access The Nexus.

This will provide you with a list of four randomly generated missions. Each of which has a different objective and set of rewards. One of these missions will always appear special, however, as it sits at the top of the list with a copper-colored icon. It should be fairly obvious at this point, but these are the missions that award Quicksilver: one of three chief currencies in No Man’s Sky. You need 3,200 Quicksilver to purchase your first Void Egg. Most of the specially marked Nexus missions provide 250 Quicksilver: meaning you need to run 13 multiplayer missions to purchase a Void Egg.

That’s not actually too bad. The objectives are typically very simple — like “Collect 751 Activated Copper,” or “Eliminate Hazardous Flora.” You just need to accept the quest and hop on your ship. This will automatically transport you and anyone else who accepts the mission to the appropriate system. Follow the quest markers, do what the objective tells you, and return for your reward. Easy!

NMS How to Get Quicksilver

The problem is that these are daily missions. You can only complete one every 24 real-world hours. This can be confusing, at first, since these dailies actually “stack” up to three times. For example, if you miss a day’s mission, you can do two the next day. One for that day’s allotment and one to make up for the day you missed. This can then add up a third time for a total of three daily Quicksilver missions back-to-back. On your fourth missed opportunity and onwards, you simply lose out on Quicksilver. Either way, 13 missions will require 13 days to pass.

However, there’s yet another wrinkle in all this. The Nexus also spawns a “Weekend Mission” once per week, which you can play on either Saturday or Sunday. This is a slightly harder quest than the dailies, but still very doable. Objectives include things like digging up components, fighting Sentinels, and building very basic bases. These obviously take a bit longer. The upside? You get 1,200 Quicksilver from just one mission. Combine that with your daily missions and you only need eight real-world days to save up for a Void Egg.

You can also receive small amounts of Quicksilver from Nada or as random rewards from the Condensed Stellar Ice encounter. The former happens throughout the main story of No Man’s Sky, so just keep playing normally to receive it. Condensed Stellar Ice, meanwhile, is a totally random event, or “Space Encounter,” that can occur when using your pulse engine. Don’t count on getting Quicksilver this way, though. There are many possible encounters and only one has a small chance of awarding Quicksilver. Your weekly and daily Nexus missions, as well as progressing the story, are your best bets.

Quicksilver Synthesis NMS

Where to Find the Void Egg in No Man’s Sky – Void Egg Guide

This is the easy part of this guide. Once again, head back to the Space Anomaly. You just need to speak with the aptly named “Quicksilver Synthesis Companion” NPC. After exiting your ship and facing towards The Nexus, the companion can be found to your right — next to the rightmost ramp leading to the upper levels of the Space Anomaly. Simply speak to the strange character and select their first dialogue option: “Create exotic items from Quicksilver.” The No Man’s Sky Void Egg is about halfway down their list of wares. It’s easy to miss, so scroll down slowly and make sure to stop when you see the right item.

How to Begin the Starbirth Quest No Man’s Sky – Void Egg Guide

Step three. It’s time to hatch this thing! This is actually a multistep questline called “Starbirth” that begins once you have the Void Egg in your inventory. Once the mission is added to your Log, the steps become pretty obvious, but it’s worth noting how to actually begin. Namely: you need to use the pulse drive. Where and where to don’t matter; just pick a direction and fly. You’ll quickly get a message saying that your ship has detected something strange. At that point, turn off your pulse engine. You’ll drop to normal speed right behind a Living Ship. Activate your Starship Communicator from the Quick Menu (X on your keyboard and/or down on the D-pad by default). This starts a quick conversation with the NPC ship and begins the quest “Starbirth.”

At this point, your Void Egg will have transformed into an “Active Void Egg.” The item will change multiple times over the course of this quest, but just keep it in your inventory as you follow the steps. All of which are basically follow the same pattern:

  1. Follow the objective marker to a specific location
  2. Interact with the Korvax Plaque or Boundary Failure at the location to receive a blueprint
  3. Gather the necessary crafting materials to finish the blueprint
  4. Craft the item from the blueprint
  5. Insert the constructed item into the Korvax Plaque or Boundary Failure
  6. Receive an item (e.g. Fragile Neural Stem)
  7. Let the item “mature” by keeping it in your inventory for roughly one real-world day
  8. Fly using the pulse engine until you are contacted by the Living Ship NPC again
  9. Contact them with your Starship Communicator to receive a new marker
  10. Repeat…

The one major wrinkle in this pattern occurs after you receive the “Mature Neural Stem.” The crafted item for this step requires a unique substance called “Liquid Sun.” You can only acquire this by building a Solar Ray module for your multi-tool (which the quest will provide you a blueprint for). The Solar Ray works pretty much exactly the same as your standard Terrain Manipulator. That means you can use it on metal deposits. This refers to those huge piles of Copper, Indium, etc. found on all planets via your Analysis Visor.

The difference is that, when using the Solar Ray, these metal deposits will atomically transform into Liquid Sun, instead of whatever material you would normally receive. This is how you retrieve the Liquid Sun needed to build the Pulsating Core for this step. You may also already remember all of this from the Leviathan Expedition — where the Solar Ray also appears.

How to Find a Portal in No Man’s Sky – Void Egg Guide

The exact time each item takes to mature is semi-random, but it rarely requires more than 24 hours. The last such item is a “Growing Singularity” that eventually matures into a “Singularity Core.” At this point, the Living Ship won’t give you a new quest marker directly. Instead, the Void Egg will mutate into a “Cracking Void Egg,” which includes a set of Portal glyphs in its item description. The glyphs are always the same for all players — leading to the same planet every time.

Portals are found semi-randomly throughout No Man’s Sky. However, by using their glyphs, you can always return to the same gateway whenever you want. You just need another Portal and the proper combination. Thankfully the glyphs are the same for everyone in this quest. If you know how to decipher the text in the egg description. For the sake of convenience, here’s what the Void Egg Portal combination looks like in-game, courtesy of Reddit user BlostarTen.

living ship portal no man's sky

By far the easiest way to find a Portal in No Man’s Sky is simply… letting someone else do it for you! Tons of existing No Man’s Sky players build bases near Portals and name them to match. Sometimes that’s to be helpful: providing an easy way for fellow players to reach their first stellar gateway. Sometimes it’s just for their own convenience: a way to access all future Portals anytime they need it. Either way, it’s a huge help for everyone else, since other players’ bases are easily accessible in No Man’s Sky.

Just head back to the Space Anomaly and approach its community teleporter. A.k.a. the Interstellar Terminus. It’s up the leftmost ramp from the entrance (the one where the Quicksilver Synthesis Companion isn’t standing). From here, you can access an almost limitless number of player bases — many of which will have custom names that players have selected to show what purpose each base serves. Names like “Indium Mines,” or “Gravitino Ball City.” It may take a bit of searching, but you should be able to find someone with an available base located next to a Portal and labeled as such. Just look for someplace with a custom name that says “portal” somewhere in the name.

Technically, this process works at any old space station with a teleporter. The reason we use the Space Anomaly is so that we’re exposed to the highest number of players (and their bases) possible here. Of course, you might still load in and not see a single base labeled with “portal.” That doesn’t necessarily mean none of the bases are built next to one. It might just mean nobody named their base with the word right in the title. It’s still not very efficient to check every haphazardly labeled base in the universe in hopes of finding one. Luckily, we don’t need to. All we need to do is quit the game and restart.

Since No Man’s Sky saves every time you exit your ship — including inside the Space Anomaly — you’ll reload your save inside the community hub entrance. Just a few dozen feet away from the teleporter. Yet you’ll likely enter a new instance with a different set of players and their available bases. Then you just check the list of bases for the word “portal” again. If you don’t see anything, quit back to the main menu, and repeat. It shouldn’t take too many tries to find somebody with a Portal base. At the very least, it should be faster than doing it the old-fashioned ways…

“The old-fashioned ways” include two main methods of finding a Portal in No Man’s Sky. The first is using an Exocraft equipped with an “Exocraft Signal Booster Upgrade Tau.” You can purchase a blueprint for said upgrade at the Space Anomaly as well. This allows you to scan for Alien Monoliths on any planet — which have a chance of being a Portal. However, if you solve a tiny riddle (i.e. a multiple choice question) the Monolith will also allow you to trade a specific item for a Portal location. The same rules apply if you try to find these locations with a “Planetary Chart (Alien Artifact Site).” You can purchase these from the Cartographer on any standard space station. Coincidentally, this type of NPC is always found standing right next to the station’s teleporter.

We actually have a full guide to these methods of finding your own Portal (including the multiplayer base trick above) which goes into further detail.  Check it out if you want more tips and info! For this quest, though, the teleporter method is probably your quickest and easiest bet.

starbirth traveller graves

Finishing the Starbirth Quest in No Man’s Sky – Void Egg Guide

The final step of the Starbirth quest is, unfortunately, just as tedious as the previous stages. You can first activate the Portal (found in the last section) by charging its glyphs with basic materials — things like Carbon, Oxygen, etc. Just like any other Portal in the game. Afterwards, click on the glyphs in the order shown in BlostarTen’s image above. This will finally send you to the correct planet to finish the mission.

Once you touch down on the other world, you will receive a marker for an Abandoned Building, providing yet another item. The “Soul Chamber” this time. This device needs you to interact with three Traveller Graves: a rare and special type of location found across different planets. The game will give you rough coordinates for each location, but you need to manually search for them yourself. That means flying across the planet and following the coordinate numbers shown in your cockpit (when using first-person view) and/or your Analysis Visor. We highly recommend at least starting from the ship, however, as moving on foot is going to take a while until you’re very close.

The first set of coordinates is always -56.88, -159.20 for every player. Yet the second and third set are random. Nevertheless, the process for walking or flying across the planet remains the same, so you simply need to watch your in-game gauges and move accordingly. It’s tedious, but not exactly difficult. It’s also the last part of the quest that should give anyone any trouble. Once you find the three graves, it’s time to pat yourself on the back, because you’re basically home free!

With the vessel full of souls, it’s time to return to the Portal (which is mercifully marked with an objective icon this time). Just walk back through the portal and reenter your ship. You’ll get a new message telling you where to find your Living Ship — which can be fully repaired by inserting the various items you crafted and collected throughout the Starbirth quest.At this point, the Living Ship in No man’s Sky is yours at last, and your Void Egg journey is over.

Congratulations and well done surviving the slog!