MHW Best Dual Blades – Iceborne Guide & Build Tips (June 2020)

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Deciding on the best MHW Dual Blades is a surprisingly easy process. One choice of weapon really shines above the rest right now! Meanwhile the speed, reliability, and maneuverability of the gear itself opens up an entirely new world of Monster Hunter armor sets. The downside is that it’s all tied to an Event Quest — like the Safi’Jiva weapons before it.

Surprised to hear Safi’Jiva referred to in the past tense? We were, too, at first. But the red dragon gear has seriously been pushed out of the meta thanks a returning contender. Let’s take a look at why with our guide to the best MHW Dual Blades you can (and should) farm!

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Master Rank Kjarr Dual Blades (Kulve Taroth)

There really is no getting around it right now: Kjarr weapons are the way to play with Dual Blades in MHW. These weapons saw a massive boost in power relative to other all other equipment from the revamped siege monster. The downside is that, even more than Bows, Dual Blades are heavily dependent on elemental damage. That means you need to farm one of each type (water, ice, fire, thunder, and dragon) to get the most bang from your buck. Meanwhile, the raw damage builds for Dual Blades aren’t really worth investing in.

The upside is that this is a relatively simple process compared to farming Safi’Jiva and Awakened Weapons. The only element of randomness when fighting Kulve Taroth is the number and quality of drops you get. And since you get more drops than a Zamtrios could swallow from each and every run, that’s not too bad. You can also get an an extra four carves from the beast (for a total of nine if you win) by chopping off its horns. That’s not too hard, given Master Rank Kulve Taroth has well over 40,000 hit points in single-player alone. Odds are you’ll take those horns off before the fight is done.

The process for farming Kulve Taroth is also simple. Battle the High Rank version in sieges to get Kjarr weapons. Then level up those weapons using materials dropped from the Master Rank version of the monster. That’s it! You can even turn in Kulve Taroth parts to the Elder Melder for additional loot drops (and a chance at getting those all-important Kjarr variants).

Another benefit to Kjarr Dual Blades is innate Critical Element. This frees up a lot of room to play with your armor builds. Master’s Touch from Kaiser gear (e.g. Teostra armor) is always nice. And a full set of Safi’Jiva armor pairs well with the incredible reliability and speed of the Dual Blades. You can very easily proc the regenerating health Safi’Jiva armor provides, in order to avoid the damage it does to you in return. But you honestly won’t lose much by focusing on more quality-of-life, defensive, or support skills; the damage is just that good already. We love to see that kind of versatility.

Speaking of versatility, Kjarr weapons have access to custom augments. This requires a little bit more work to juice up — not to mention farming in the Guiding Lands — but it’s incredibly powerful. Even before Master Rank Kulve Taroth, elemental augments on customizable weapons were the best way to increase elemental damage. Put it all together and you get absolutely absurd damage potential. Or you can throw on things like a health augment for more comfort. The choice is really up to you, unlike the way it was when Safi’Jiva first entered the fray.

While you’re at it, consider making a Challenger Charm V. It’s one of the best Charms in the game right now, thanks to how often monsters are enraged due to wall slams. It pairs perfectly with these elemental Dual Blades, too. Critical Element and Agitator play off each other like peanut butter and jelly.

If you’re a Dual Blades player at all, and only want to farm one set of Master Rank Kjarr weapons, make it these ones. Nothing else compares in MHW right now for this weapon type.

We hope this look at the best Dual Blades in MHW and Iceborne will give you a better idea of how the game works. You can use this knowledge as a baseline to better find the build that works for you. In the meantime, happy hunting!


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