Lost Ark Walkthrough – All Main Story Quests Explained

A walk in the ark.

The main story of Lost Ark will get you to visit dozens of areas across the world. Main quests play a big part in the leveling process of your characters — if you strictly stick to the main path, you’ll get to almost level 40. Our Lost Ark walkthrough covers all the quests in that main path, guiding you through everything you have to do before you embark on your sailing adventures.

If you’re in need of more help, we also have guides covering the main character mechanic, how to unlock a free pet, whether to save or run away from Gerka, leveling to 50 and what to do, how to unlock sailing, two Powerpass tickets, the hotfix schedule, best classes for PVP and PVE, Ghost Ship and Shangra locations, and 16 tips that may come handy.

Lost Ark Walkthrough – All Main Quests

Lost Ark Walkthrough 1

Crossroads of Destiny – Prologue

Obtained when you talk to Beatrice right after choosing your subclass. It’s completed automatically once you finish the dialogue.

To the Forgotten Land – Prologue

Talk to Maba at the dock in Trua. He will give you an item as well as an introductory dialogue to click through. After equipping the item and speaking to him again, a nearby priest will ask for assistance.

You need to gather water for him. Head past the campfire and you’ll see an icon on the ground. Gather the water and take it to the priest. Then, head to your left to find Gerka. The group will follow soon afterward. After a brief cutscene, head north towards the camp to fight some trolls.

There are quite a few enemies there, so just click to your heart’s content and start learning what your skills actually do. Another quest will start afterward.

Bird in the Ruins – Prologue

Talk to Gerka, who seems very mad about wasting his energy… defending a camp. Afterward, talk to the priest again. You’ll then have to check the tent on the right, interact with the adventurer south from the tent, and get back to the priest.

He will then give you a quick rundown of your skills page. Then, it’s time to destroy a barricade by manually attacking it to get to a new expedition point. Click on a boat and you’ll be off.

Upon arriving on the island, you’ll be taught the ability to climb over ledges. Another fight will ensue afterward, involving a bunch of trolls and a fairly straightforward mini-boss encounter. Turns out that the people you’ve just defended will destroy the bridge — but don’t worry, you can jump over the cliff.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 2

Talk to Gerka and interact with the sealed ruins. Of course, they’re sealed, so nothing happens. Tell Gerka that his request didn’t make much sense. Then, talk to Neil (who’s right behind Gerka) to grab a bomb from him. Plant it at the entrance and make a run to the other side before it explodes. Head over to the sealed entrance, even if there’s no button prompt, and wait for a couple of seconds. A cutscene will happen afterward.

Have a quick chat with Morpheus and the quest will end.

Old Prophecy Calls – Prologue

You’ll start by following the open road. Talk to Gerka, who’s again very angry, and then move towards the cliff on the north. Prepare for another cutscene before entering the Great Temple. Except you can’t, as interacting with the door doesn’t open it. Thankfully, Morpheus might have an idea.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 3

Move towards the southwestern part of the area to find a strange obelisk. Stand on its surrounding area for a couple of seconds to activate it. Then, move north to interact with a fallen statue. Lastly, return to the path towards the sealed entrance to interact with a glowing orb. This will allow you to open the door.

If you haven’t been using potions so far, don’t worry. A pack of demons is going to show up, so prepare for some click-mashing. It’s nothing out of the ordinary, so you won’t have much trouble.

A cutscene will take place, and curiously, you’ll have a choice to make: you can either save Gerka or run away from the supposed trap. The prologue of this Lost Ark walkthrough is more of a tutorial, so don’t need to worry about it too much.

Released Light of Destiny – Prologue

You’ll kickstart the mission by stepping through the portal on the ground. Watch the cutscene and then start following the light. There is only one main path here, so you won’t be getting lost anytime soon.

Prepare to move through the rumblings by interacting with the cliffs. After going all the way to the end of the path, the first proper boss will appear. It’s not a hard fight, and you’ll have plenty of potions to use. But if you want to save a few of them, beware of the enemy’s attacks on the area. Dodge the impact once it’s glowing in red. As long as you keep moving around the boss, you’ll be fine since most of the attacks are frontal. This marks the end of the prologue.

The Priest

You’ll be making your way to Prideholme to meet another peculiar priest. Right after your first greeting, a group of enemies will show up. Do what you do best and then talk to Armen. That is all for this quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 4

Armen Besieged

Accept the invite from Armen and hop on the wagon to Prideholme. The path will be rocky, to say the least. After the crash, pick up Armen from the side of the bridge and expect a group of enemies to come your way. Take all of them down, and assess the situation with Armen.


We’re back on track. From here, you’ll have to search for Armen in the Prideholme Cathedral. As soon as you cross the bridge with the guards, you’ll see a brief cutscene and get immediately taken to the city.

Once inside the cathedral, you’ll have to watch Armen perform a heal. You can’t get past the crowd here, so don’t fret — just watch the dialogue unfold until people let you pass. Then, speak to Varut to finish the quest.

Town Where Light Lingers

At last, the game begins to open up. You’ll still have to roam around Prideholme for now, but be patient. For now, talk to Brother Alfael. Surprise! You now have your first mount. Pick from any of the three horses on the quest screen before you accept it and you’ll be set.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 5

Varut’s Gift

It’s time to “equip” your mount. Open your inventory and right-click on the horse. Now, press Alt + V to open the Mount menu. You can summon your mount at any time from here, but I recommend assigning it to a quickslot — I went for the number 9, but it’s entirely up to you! Get on the saddle and the quest will be over.

Legends and Fairytales

Time to get serious. Head over to Neria’s Tavern on the northeastern corner of the town and talk to the keeper. Neria will give you the Adventurer’s Tome. Then, head outside and into Alayla’s Gear Shop. She will kind of laugh the matter off and tell you to ask Ruden instead, who’s in the center of the city.

For the next step, head towards the tree near the cathedral and follow the button prompt to activate the Vista. After watching the cutscene, talk to Ruden again. Then, have a chat with Nall on the southern end of the town. You will then activate your first Triport. Chat with Nall again and then go meet Siera at the small plaza.

After a brief introduction, she’ll give you the Song of Escape sheet music as well as an instrument. Open your inventory and right-click on it. Once you’re done with the last chat, the quest will be over.

Legacy of the Ancients

Time to learn more about the Ark in this Lost Ark walkthrough. Go ahead and chat to Arzhul, who is located in Loghill, outside Prideholme. Afterward, you’ll end up in the first open area in a while, so watch out for any nearby enemies. Move up north towards the first relief carving.

All you have to do here is interact with all three carvings as you learn a bit more about the lore. Once you’re done, chat with Aln towards the northern corner of the map. This will complete the quest.

In the East Oratory

Time to head over to the East Oratory. If you were getting tired of talking to power over and over, good news: This is a dungeon. Once you’re ready, go ahead and enter the instance.

You’ll have to take down 30 grave robbers, which isn’t hard at all. Then, talk to the NPC and the dungeon will be over. (Yeah, it’s a short one.) Interact with the terrain to slide down and debrief with Aln again. That’s all for this quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 6

Trace the Stone Tablet

There are two objectives here: you have to talk to Mizel about the tablet’s whereabouts and register the Loghill Outpost Triport, which can be done on your way to the first task.

Then, press the Locate button (which looks like a compass’ needle, located on the top right corner of your quests on the right). Head over to Prideholme by selecting the Triport. This will cost you 30 silver.

Once there, you’ll have to chat with Delren to pick up some supplies. That’s literally it. You can teleport yourself again to the Loghill Outpost Triport or just head there on foot and save those additional 30 silver.

Mizel will ask you to hunt down Lieutenant Kugo and look for clues there. This is a straightforward fight, so don’t worry about preparing yourself too much for it. Deliver the good news to Mizel and he’ll thank you by giving you another task. Head over and chat with Kahan. The mission will be done afterward.

What the Robbers Want

Kahan will ask you to investigate the Toxiclaw Hideout, so let’s head over there. This is another dungeon, which is exciting. There are many enemies nearby, but it’s up to you if you want to ignore them or take them all down.

Once you reach the northern side of the area, a brief cutscene will introduce you to Jago, a boss fight that packs quite the punch if you’re not careful. Make sure to take down the mobs surrounding him first. Then, go back and show the memo to Mizel. That’s all for this quest.

Warning: Grave Robbers!

Time to talk to Shudeal, who is located in the area towards the right side of the current encampment. Move to the ruins and take down the two Venomist Grave Robbers there. Then, move over to Traveler’s Nook to complete the mission.

Trouble in Kolsh Forest

Speak to Maydok. He will send you to the Kolsh Forest, which culminates in the Kolsh Ruins dungeon. Once inside, interact with the destroyed ancient site. A boss called Mago will appear, so go ahead and kick his ass. Fights are getting tougher, so watch out for upcoming venom projectiles from the Venomist robbers.

Tell Maydok about your discoveries, and then the quest will be over.

Demons in the Cave

As the name implies, we’re heading inside a cave located in Kolsh Valley. This is right across the map, so hop on your mount and you’ll get there in no time.

This is your first regular dungeon, which means you can activate matchmaking to invite other players (in case you haven’t been in a party until now). If that’s not your preference, just go ahead and play solo. Bear in mind that you can choose either Normal or Hard difficulty for this, with the latter increasing the rarity of rewards.

Throughout the dungeon, you’ll have different objectives. These are all marked on the map, so don’t worry about getting lost. After destroying poisonous eggs, killing dozens of bandits, and grabbing a key from one of their corpses, you’ll end up in the last section of the dungeon. A short cutscene will play out, and then it’s time for a showdown starring Ugo.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 7

Demons in Prideholme

Well, that escalated quickly. Demons have invaded Prideholme and it’s your task to take down 30 of them, while also rescuing 15 villagers and Neria from inside the tavern. It might not be Deckard Cain, but oh well.

The key here is to take it slow, as there isn’t a timer involved. Keep an eye out for destructible crates and barricades. If you hover over them with your mouse and they’re highlighted in orange, it means they can be destroyed.

To rescue the villagers, just click them once you’re close enough. You’ll have to make your way up to the cathedral by killing demons and saving people in your way. Once there, head inside to rescue Varut.

A long cutscene will ensue, so grab yourself a snack or some water before you watch. Then, chat with both characters to finish the quest.

Neria’s Story

Chat with Neria in the tavern. That’s it!

Tablet of Revelations

Time to chat with Varut at the cathedral. Watch the cutscene and interact with him. That is all for your mission — although you’ll obtain your first two cards here.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 8

Gathering Clues

In order to kick things off, talk to Armen. From here, you’ll have to return to Traveler’s Nook. Again, you can either use a Triport for 30 silver via the world map or just walk/ride there. Then, interact with Edma to gain directions.

Mountain of the Singing Wind

It’s time to head to Ankumo Mountain, which you’ll find up north on the Loghill map. As soon as you enter, you’ll see Herald on the floor. After a brief chat, he’ll direct you towards Garoa in the old cathedral ruins.

Talk to Garoa and she will offer you the Plague Carriers quest. Considering it can be done on par with Mountain of the Singing Wind, I recommend picking it up. Now, head over to all three Altars of Blessing while eliminating any Red Ghost Spiders around the place.

Sacred Spring

Let’s continue this Lost Ark walkthrough. Once you’re interacting with the altars, look for Armen at the Sacred Spring, which is close to the center of the map. He will ask you to collect water from the pool of water right next to him. Then, it’s time to burn carcasses and purify contaminated springs nearby.

This is straightforward enough — head towards the marked spots in the map and interact with the highlighted objects. Afterward, return to Armen and head towards Border Watch. Upon reuniting with him, you’ll get to watch a fairly grim cutscene.

The Plague’s Source

Chat with Armen again, who will send you to defeat a couple of infected creatures just outside Border Watch. Afterward, debrief with him again. Let’s keep moving. Onto the Closed Border Post now, which is towards the east.

A Command Post in Need

Take down all the monsters blocking the road. Once that’s settled, you’ll have to provide support to the Isolated Command Post. This is a short dungeon.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 9

After you talk to the NPC inside the dungeon, there will be many enemies coming your way. I recommend using the barrels nearby just by hitting them. Beware, as the explosion radius is quite big! But they will come in handy for controlling the mob and the boss afterward.

Belated Help

Return to Border Watch and talk to Parker. Then, it’s yet another chat with Armen. That is all.

They Will Be Remembered

You’ll have to repeat the previous steps here. Then, leave the Border Watch to witness another cutscene. Time to head to the Rethramis Border.

A Mystery Attack

Areas are beginning to get grittier. Check in with merchant Jeda to see how everything’s going. He will tell you to chat with merchant Veness next, so let’s keep on moving and meeting merchants.

Veness seems to be fairly scared of gravediggers nearby, so go ahead and lend a hand to the carriage under attack. For this, head to the shore and click on one of the buckets. Take it to the fire on the left and press Q — then, right-click on the ground on top of the fire. Your character should throw the bucket with water. Afterward, go around the carriage and you’ll find the gravediggers.

A New Disease

After checking in with Veness again, look for Alred in the monastery, which is at the center of the map. Then, you’ll have to destroy the Plague Orbs in the monastery orchards. It’s a straightforward task, so you’ll be back in no time.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 10

A Possible Solution

Is there a solution? Go ahead and ask Alred about it. Afterward, you’ll go all the way up north to chat with Dylom. Dylom will tell you there are giant corpse spiders to take down — just what everybody likes to hear. Luckily, they aren’t too far away from your current spot. Taking just one down will get the job done.

The Snake’s Gem

Moving on to Aquilos Tail in search of the Serpentine Jade. This is a dungeon found southwest of the encampment. Just as before, feel free to choose either Normal or Hard difficulty.

As well as taking dozens of enemies down, you’ll need to destroy a total of seven Gravedigger’s Egg Pouches, which look like cocoons on the side of the map. A path will open up later, and a legion of enemies will get just in the way between you and the plague legionnaire Vazuela.

This is a rather tough fight, so take your time and attack whenever Vazuela isn’t charging an attack with the red radius around it. Then, make sure to prepare yourself as there will be another boss in the next area.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 11

It’s a rough one. Try to make the most and attack from behind using your skills. As soon as you see the big red radius, try to get away from at least one or two of its inner waves and continue moving outside it.

Once you’re done, head to the platform at the center of the map and grab the Serpentine Jade. Use the Song of Escape to exit the dungeon and take the item to Armen.

On the Border

Armen and Alred want to chat yet again. Tell Alred about how you got away from the dungeon, and then it’s time to travel to Yudia. You can do this from the exit in the Border Post up north.

Looking for the Nomads

Chat with Armen in the new continent. Then, head towards the marked spot on the map, which is slightly up north.

Burnt Encampment

Armen is here… again! He will tell you about Baogin, who’s on the north side of the Temporary Encampment. Then, it’s time to move to the Burnt Encampment. After defeating a total of ten bandits around the area, the quest will be over.

Bandit Road

All you have to do here is go ahead and talk to Baldi. (No, they are not bald.)

Salt Works

Time to once again speak to Armen, our current Lost Ark Walkthrough acquaintance. Afterward, ask Baldi about the Morai Ruins. Talk to Armen… again… and the quest will be over.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 12

Finding the Monument

Time to find out what the Occupie Saltern deal is all about by heading there to talk to Fobet. He will task you to find the monument, which is somewhere in the Occupied Saltern. The answer is all the way to the east in the area.

Subjugate the Bandits

Time to subjugate the bandits. Talk to Baldi once more in the outpost. You will then have to, and I quote, “rescue the abducted village women” (two in total) and defeat the bandit leader Achera, who I assume is the person behind this.

Finding the boss is a bit tricky here, as you need to gain elevation and get to the other side of the area by jumping through obstacles. Here is where starting point so you don’t spend 10 minutes searching for it:

Lost Ark Walkthrough 13

From there, just go ahead and follow the arrows heading towards the north. Avoid all the ones that are long, as they will rappel you to the ground again.

Afterward, talk to Zarka to finish the quest.

Another Monument

I wonder what we’ll be searching for in this. Guess who has more information about this? Chat to Armen close to the northern corner of the map. Interact with the monument right next to him and then it’s time to move to Aregal Salt Plains. The mission will end as soon as you cross to the next area.

Aregal Salt Plains

Once here, you’ll have to talk to (and I quote again) an escape nomad, a terrified nomad, and a guarding nomad. The last chat is with the Revil, who is also a nomad. Another talk will ensue, this time with the bandit deserter called Lokon.

Raid and Rescue

It’s time to same Thunder — let’s move to the Thorngrip Bandits Den. You’ll have to fight against Dadan first, but he’s a fairly tame encounter. After you beat him, talk to Thunder and finish the quest in the Nomad Camp.

The Last Monument

Talk to Reoff about this supposed monument. Then, reunite with Thunder. You will then have to head west and interact with the monument such as before.

First Things First

Speak to Armen, who has just arrived, and then continue the conversation with Thunder. Time to head to the Nomad’s Meeting Place. Yes, that’s the name.

Check the condition of the Drum of Harmony. Once you do, Thunder will appear out of nowhere and start drumming it. That is all.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 14
Dune eternal.

A Meeting of the Nomads

You then need to chat with Thunder to start the meeting ritual. Dozens of enemies will appear, so it’s time to fight back. Then, the Giant Worm will emerge from the earth. You will then get the decision to either save or ignore the bandit — honestly, just choose either, as the decision won’t change the outcome. That will be all.

Preparing the Rain

Talk to Thunder to prepare the rain (for fuck’s sake, Lost Ark). We’re missing Solar Alt, so go ahead and look for it in the worm tunnel. All you have to do is interact with one of many dig sites and then take it back to the meeting place. Talk to the characters and then place the offering on the altar.

To Morai

Check in with Armen. Afterward, it’s time to look for the entrance to the Morai Ruins. All you have to do is move towards the southeastern corner of the map and a cutscene will take place.

This will open the gate to another dungeon.

Morai Ruins

You will now have to complete the dungeon in order to find the Sword Seal. Our friend Armen is waiting for us at the entrance for a quick chat. He will tag along inside the ruins for a brief moment until he’s quickly surrounded by a group of enemies.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 15

The same will happen to you frequently, so try to keep a move on to avoid dealing with respawns. After you get to the sunken city, you’ll have to activate a level. Beware of the enemies that spit acid at you — I recommend focusing on them first.

Keep on moving through the area and open the other two water-blocking gates. A quick tip: As you make your way towards the third and last lever, you can make a run for it and escape from the enemy mobs by jumping across. Just ignore them and head towards the jump spot.

There are two tough areas ahead. The first will have you fighting against a massive group of enemies, and there is no way around it. The other is filled with traps. There isn’t a specific layout to find here; just avoid the tiles that begin to shake and stay on the safer ones in the meantime. For reference, I took the middle path and then moved to the right. The exit gap is towards the left, however, but it’s easy to get to either side.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 16

You’ll have the first boss fight afterward. Don’t worry about the golems on each side, as they’re there mostly as scenery. If you do happen to be hit and sent to either side, that’s when they’ll attack you. The problem is that they will close the area, so it will be hard to move in. Focus on the boss, though, and you’ll get out of there in no time.

There is yet another trap afterward. It’s a simple one: you will see the same shaking movement as before, so move backward if that happens. You’ll have to repeat the same a few times until you get to the other side, but it’s a short trek.

Afterward, you’ll find yourself fighting against five shamans and destroying a blocked door. A boat will take you towards the last side of the level. After a few fights, including one against a special shaman, you’ll find the Golden Temple. That’s where the final boss resides.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 17

Thanatos has three stages. The fight is largely the same throughout all three. But on the second and third stages, you’ll have to pick up a mirror from the ground, head to where Armen previously shined a light on the creature, and do the same. For this, just press Q and aim the light at Thanatos with your mouse.

An epic cutscene will follow. Afterward, get the Sword Seal and make sure to open the chest before you leave.

Armen’s Whereabouts

Time to report back to Thunder. Afterward, head towards Ozhorn Hill, which can be found on the western corner of the map.


There is another nomad very close to the entrance to talk to here. After chatting with Morina, she will tell you where to find Foxfire, who is close to the center of the map. Remember to use your mount to travel faster!

Armen and the Demon

Armen is somewhere around the underground in the Nevatia Ruins, so let’s go and search for him. He isn’t exactly hidden, so just head towards the marked spot to stumble upon him. Afterward, it’s time to visit the Nomad’s Assembly Area in the heart of the map.

Demon Raid

Time to meet Negev in the Outpost. Demons are in the vicinity, so go ahead and take them down. Afterward, it’s time to catch up with Armen towards the north. Then, speak to Stengel to finish the quest.

To Luterra!

That was quick! Head to the Luterran Gate, which is right at the top of the area. Here, you’ll get the chance to say goodbye to the people you met in Yudia. Move towards the gate and you’ll be all set.

Fortress Under Attack

Already tangled up in problems. Chat to Kiel on Mount Zagoras to assess the situation. Then, our best friend Armen is expecting us.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 18

Guard Post in Ruins

Seems like Danev needs help at the Western Outpost. All you have to do is interact with the three soldiers.

To Zagoras Fortress

Talk to Hayne at the fortress. You’ll enter a dungeon, but it’s a fairly short one. Take down all eight assassins and watch the following cutscene. Do a quick catch-up with Thirain and you’ll be all set.

Armen’s Request

See what Armen wants. He will ask you to open the supply chests nearby, but only one of them will suffice. Check in with Meehan afterward.

The Declaration

Time to chat with Thirain again. He will task you to travel north to find Herod, who is the messenger pigeon wrangler — probably the best job title I’ve ever seen.

Herod will ask for crystal water. You can find some to the south of his location, so do some quick foraging and give Herod the water. Open the cage door and watch the pigeons fly away.

To the Eastern Ruins

Chat with Armen at the fortress. He will task you with collecting 15 old weapons, as well as defeating the Spirit Knights. Sounds easy enough. Turns out the knights are the ones holding the weapons, so just take a few of them down.

Take the weaponry back to Thirain to complete the quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 19

Song of Valor

Let’s meet the training captain called Mak. Then, ask Maller to… play music. He doesn’t seem to take requests, though.

Grab some silver bush leaves from the entrance and give them to him. He will then teach you the Song of Valor.

To Lakebar

Reunite with Thirain towards the western side of the map. Once you’re done, it’s time to leave to Lakebar, where Armen will be waiting.

The Village with a Lake

I wonder if there’s a lake in that village. Ask Lloyd, who seems to be in need of assistance. Afterward, take a short trip through the map to encounter Thirain.

Head inside Lakebar Village, which is another short dungeon. After your chat with Anton, head to the lake behind the village.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 20

This is a funny sequence. You have to get inside the glowing circle and encourage Thirain. For this, type “/encourage” in the chat by pressing Enter and sending it. This is all the encouragement he needs.

Enemies will attack the village, but you only need to defeat Norsewet. Watch the cutscene and the quest will be over afterward.

Still Hesitant

Get ready to fight a raid group and take down captain Jacquarat. Bear in mind that the boss is on that small road towards the west side of the camp. I recommend just heading there first as there will be mobs around him. Then, take down the missing ones on your way back and you’ll be set.

Report back to Thirain to finish the quest.

The Weight of Death

Chat with Hordern, and then back to Thirain again. Simple enough!

The Iron Crown

Armen will ask you to hear what the people in the village have to say, so go ahead and chat with three of them. That is all.

The Spirit of Luterra

Let’s chat with Hordern again. Then, head to meet the peddlers by the Lynnis Memorial, which isn’t too far away from the village.

Chat with Minos, Kyr, and Phillan. Another quest done.

Crown of Lakebar

After chatting with Hordern, it’s time to meet Artisan Urr, who has an incredible beard. This will unlock Trade Skills.

Press F5 to learn the secret technique. You will then need to kill ten boars and three Krans — both are just outside and around the village on the marked spots.

Afterward, take the ingredients to Mirren and then to Urr.

To the Brilliant Ridge

Chat with Thirain and Armen about the coronation. Tell Thirain the news to finish the quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 21

Brilliant Ridge

Time to head all the way to the west of the map. You can go to the Lakebar Encampment triport for a shortcut.

This will take you to a short dungeon where you’ll witness the crowning of Thirain. Prepare for an imminent attack from quite the enemy. Make your way around the area in search of the characters. A miniboss will appear shortly afterward, but it’s an easy fight — make sure to attack from the back.

In case you were craving more fights after the last encounter, I have good news: You’ll need to kill 54 demons to open the next path. Then, you’ll have to fight Ricus. It’s not as complicated as it seems, although I do recommend just ignoring the second enemy that appears mid-fight. Keep the punches focused on Rictus until he’s defeated.

Time for the crowning ceremony. Grab the crown and take it to Armen. After one last chat with Thirain, the coronation will be over.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 22

To Medrick Monastery

Say goodbye to both Hordern and Artisan Urr before you take your leave all the way up north.

Monastery on the Brink

After chatting with Thenon, go ahead and meet Efferin. He will ask you to enter the Metrick Catacombs, so there’s where we’re heading next. This is yet another dungeon, but it’s quite short.

All you have to do is chat with the characters inside. Then, head inside the glowing radius and play Song of Valor from the Sheet Music window. After another chat outside the dungeon, the quest will be over.

The Warrior Priests of Medrick

Pass along the request to Armen. Then, quickly debrief with Efferin. You’ll have to defeat six Hellhounds of Darkness and three Dark Summoners. They both sound terrifying, but it won’t take long.

Afterwards, have a quick chat with Zenon. That is all for this quest.

The Wrath of Thirain

Thirain seems mad — go and talk to him. You actually need to take the path that has moving platforms, but don’t worry; you can’t miss them. They’re marked with two blue arrows on the map.

After the catchup, talk to Barchan. Retell the story, and you’ll be tasked with reassuring villagers and defeating brigands at the Freyad Village. Report back to Thirain to finish the quest.

The Militia of Bilbrin

Time to head to Bilbrin Forest. That’s the whole quest.

Respect the Hunter

Friske is awaiting your arrival. He will ask you to take down both wolves and bears. Speak to Toibonen to complete the quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 23

Contacting the Militia

It seems there are signs left by Toibonen in the lake. It’s as easy as interacting with the rock on the marked spot. From here, go ahead and talk to Johanan at the Spring Refugee Outpost.

Militia Leader Cassleford

Tell Thirain about the situation and meet Cassleford afterward. It seems the leader isn’t too convinced, but perhaps taking down those 12 Redhand Mercenaries might help. Completing the objective will automatically end the quest.

Thirain’s Disappearance

Check with Armen back at the outpost. Ask Enang about it, too, who’s at the Helmon Castle Ruins. Time to move to the Redhand Garrison, which leads to the Redhand Mercenary Residence dungeon.

Ask Thirain what happened. Then, press F5 to light up a flare and set fire to the encampment entrance. Destroy the Bomb Drums and get ready for a pack of enemies. You’ll then have to rescue three residents who are locked in cages.

You will then have to kill Canan and prevent Thirain from dying, so get there fast and protect him. Thankfully, it’s a super straightforward fight.

An Unshakable Resolve

Ask Thirain about the situation. Enang is worried about something, so ask him what’s up. Armen may have some advice, so go for the third conversation at the last minute. Finally, report to Thirain.

To the Battlebound Plains

You’ll have to talk to all five characters nearby to order them to advance. Normal behavior. Report back to Thirain and move to the Battlebound Plains.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 24

Through the Demon Beast Legion

Oh look, it’s raining. And Armen is here, too. There are 12 Chaotic Demon Beast Legions for you to destroy right away, so make haste. Afterward, report to Thirain at the center of the map.

The quest is far from over. Now, head to the Blackblood Field dungeon. After the introductory cutscene, get ready to defeat dozens of soldiers. Once you’re done, make your way towards the top of the map.

A large battle will take place. Go ahead and defend Thirain against the regent’s forces. Take them all down and prepare for the second part of the dungeon. You’ll come across a lot of enemies, but feel free to ignore them. Once you get to the marked spot, an unexpected visitor will show up.

Watch the rather long cutscene and the quest will soon be over. All that’s left is to report to Thirain.

To the Glorious Wall

Things are getting serious. Collect both combat rations and supplies from the crates nearby and take them to where Thirain is standing. Remember to just drop them using R once you’re inside the glowing radius. Afterward, ask after the soldiers. Where you’re standing, write “/encourage” on the chat and press Enter.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 25

Light the signal fire and then report to Thirain. Time to win at the Glorious Wall. Speak to Camelun to kick things off.

Climb on top of the siege tower and beat the drums to move it. Your framerate may dip heavily here, but don’t fret; it’s only a couple of seconds long. You’ll have to stop the troops, but head to the marked spot; don’t waste time on the ones before it.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 26

After many fights, shoot the flares to send the signal. Mages are preventing the troops from breaching the gate, so go ahead and defeat them by jumping down.

An absurd amount of enemies will appear — fight them all back until you’re tasked to proceed into Luterra Castle. Then, get the hell out of there and towards the quest marker. Prepare for a boss fight against Alifer. As long as you dodge the big area attacks, you’ll be fine.

Into the throne room. You will be given the choice to either resist or swear fealty. Honestly, go ahead and resist as the fight ensues either way. It’s a super easy boss because the true boss is arriving after the cutscene.

Not a complicated fight but any means, and one that will be interrupted. Afterward, head over to the plaza to finish the mission. Pick up the banner and hand it over to Thirain. Welcome to Luterra Castle.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 27

A Kingdom Reclaimed

Speak with Thirain about this new beginning. Chat with Armen and then reunite with Cassleford. Check the map and the quest will soon be over.

Rebuilding Luterra

Head outside to chat with Ranche. Then, it’s time to get to the Proving Rounds. Chat with Lorence to end the quest.

Song of Return

Head to the center of the city to meet bard Shannon. Interact with the statue, which will set Luterra Castle as your return point. You will then learn the Song of Return.

The People of Luterra Castle

Have a chat with Jereint in the Auction House. Afterward, chat with Steg at the southeastern corner of the map.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 28

Two Families

Onto the exterior again to find farmer Luban. He will task you to exterminate four weevils located near the manor. Afterward, let Evald know that the deed is done. Monterque Nahun will be happy to hear about the news, too.

After chatting with Norin, the quest will be over.

In the Name of the Eldest

The farm manager Pico has an order form for you. You’ll have to collect abandoned weapons and armor from two spots nearby. Once you’re done, deliver the goods to blacksmith Prot.

Brother Against Brother

You’re in need of directions, and it seems Melvil has them. Afterward, take the present to Bishu. Elia would like to have a chat, too.

Nicholas wants to hear the news before you proceed. Then, you’ll have to deliver the royal decree to the farmers — just two of them will be enough. Afterward, have a chat with Tristan to finish the quest.

In the Name of the Youngest

A few tasks from the get-go. You’ll have to collect 10 stolen Dyorika crops, take down 9 Pigeretts, and the King Pigerett itself. Luckily, everything is pretty much piled up on each other around the same spot.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 29

It’s a straightforward fight. After you’ve grabbed everything, head over to the mill to find Swain waiting for you. Give the horse feed to Monterque and Norin to finish the quest.

The Beginning of Reconciliation

After chatting with Veronica, deliver the Monterque horses to Bron. That is all!

United Once More

Begin by chatting with Bishu. You’ll then have to search Nahun’s birthplace, which happens to be a dungeon.

Prepare yourself to battle against quite a few troops, as well as the Berhart miniboss. You won’t be able to deal the final blow, but don’t worry as it’s just part of the quest. Investigate the safe to gain another objective.

Now, you’ll have to pick up four stone fragments, which are marked on the map. Restore the clay soldier at the center of the dungeon and that will be all.

In Search of the Lost Phrase

For this quest, you’ll have to decipher the clues with Armen at the Termia Library. Exit the dungeon and get a move on back to Luterra Castle.

Armen doesn’t seem to have the answer, but Thirain might. He’s inside the throne room. Then, ask Milla for directions at the Dyorika Plain to finish the quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 30

Heroes and Constellations

We’re heading to Sunbright Hill for this one. Upon your arrival, talk to Odin, the court musician. Then, take down four Valor Ludus in the vicinity. Then, head north to operate Nineveh Observatory.

After the cutscene, reunite with Odin to finish the quest.

Gloomy Pumpkin Farm

Time to talk to the bard’s student. You will then have to defeat four pumpkin men for this Lost Ark walkthrough, for some reason.

Pumpkin Cleanup

It doesn’t seem to be enough. Prepare yourself to fight against both Scherrit’s army and the World Harvest Deputy Leader Drowin.

This isn’t a hard quest by any means, but I do recommend checking the minimap periodically. Once you’ve completed a task, move towards the next marked spot as to not waste time fighting unnecessary enemies.

Chat with both Noel and Aiden to finish the quest.

The Deaf Bard

Interact with the desk to the right of Aiden, and then hand it to the bard.

The Blind Bard

Take the memo to Lento. Then, show Thirain’s declaration to the announcer. Reunite with Lento, who will task you to find the bard in the Sunflower Fields. That will be all.

From Dusk ’til Dawn

You’ll find yourself in a dungeon. Catch up with Allegro and then prepare yourself to hold off clay soldiers until dawn. The encounter isn’t as long as it seems, but there will be quite a few enemies.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 31

After you take down the Clay Defender Captain, the sequence will be over. Talk to Allegro to finish the quest.

Royal Eagle Seal

Collect the Eagle Seal in Luterra Castle. For this, all you have to do is chat with Thirain. Then, it’s time to head to Lastra Forest. You can get there from Sunbright Hill.

It’s not a new area — just a corner in the map. Speak to Jerome to finish the quest.

Dangerous Lastra Forest

Begin by checking on Joff. Then, have a chat with Jerome. He will task you with defeating clay soldiers until you’ve collected three relic fragments. I only had to defeat two of them to complete the objective. Once done, press F5 to restore the relic. Take it to Joff to end the quest.

King’s Tomb

Time to investigate the tomb. This is a long dungeon, so feel free to set it to normal difficulty if you’re on your own.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 32

Your first objective will be to open the Moon Door, so make your way through the tomb. If you ignore the first batch of enemies, the gate will be closed. Take down a few of them until it opens itself.  Then, interact with the door. Knights will emerge, so take them all down to proceed.

Climb the vines and continue going down the path to find Nahun. You’ll have to find the White Mage, but it’s a straightforward encounter. Then, interact with Nahun’s work journal and pick up the lantern.

Head over to the first beacon — Nahun will light the path for you. Talk to him and then keep on moving. You can choose between two doors here — I went with the one on the right. In order to open the door, you must drop the lantern to the ground and pick it up again afterward.

Now you’ll have to use the lantern to destroy the seal tone that attracts ghosts. If any enemies come at you, press Q to summon an incredibly powerful light beam. Use it to destroy the crystal and head over to the next area.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 33

Destroy four ghost knights using the lantern and move to the second beacon. Interact with it without the lantern, and then choose between the three paths ahead. I went with the one on the left.

Then, defeat five ghost knights and move to the next area. You’ll have to get Chain War relics now. Kill enemies until the sword in the middle of the area can be interacted with. Do so and head to the third beacon.

Interact with it, grab the lantern again, and follow the path of light. Move to the king’s resting place. You’ll be interrupted by two Solar Guardians on your way, but don’t worry since they aren’t as tough as they seem. Promise.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 34

Once you’ve made your way into the resting place, you’ll come across the final boss. It makes an early appearance by spitting fire on your path, all while a group of small creatures on fire chase you. Normal behavior. You’ll have to destroy the pillars on the right to squeeze through, but don’t worry if you can’t make it right away. I backtracked, waited for Jagan to go away, and then kept on moving.

It’s a rather straightforward path from here. Try to ignore enemies as long as you can keep on moving and jumping to other places. Then, once you have to face Jagan again, position yourself under its head where you’ll be safe from danger. Attack a few times and Jagan will leave.

Once you can’t continue going above on foot, use the elevator. It’s time for the final fight.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 35

The following sequences will be fairly similar. You’ll go against Jagan for a while, and then it will become stunned for a couple of seconds. That’s when you’ll have to move to the left and activate the lever. Make a run for it, jump on the incoming platform, and get to the other side. Jagan’s attack patterns will remain fairly similar, but on the third encounter, when you see it position itself on the right, go ahead and get under it.

Once it’s done, go to the king’s resting place. The actual one this time. Here, you’ll get the first Ark. Watch the cutscene, and then make sure to open the chest before you leave.

Legend Reborn

Speak with Armen at Termia Library back at Luterra. Thirain will be happy to hear the news, too. Let him know and the quest will be over.

The Wingless

Have another chat with Thirain, and then head over to talk to Fudor at Termia Library. From here, you’ll have to meet Efferin at Medrick Monastery back at West Luterra. And back into the Medrick Catacombs to find Lazenith Record. After interacting with it, talk to Frantz at Luterra Castle.

You’ll then have to find Lazenith Record inside the Kadan Cathedral Catacombs. In order to get there, head to the stairs on the western part Luterra Castle. Here’s a screenshot:

Lost Ark Walkthrough 36

Interact with the record and, once done, chat with Nomed near the entrance. You will then have to ask Mikeel to decipher the text; he can be found close to your current spot. After your chat, the quest will be over.

To the Edge of the World

Back to Sunbright Hill, this time in search of sun-kissed rain. Take the Triport to the Pumpkin Farm to save some time.

Turns out it’s just a monument. Interact with it and speak with bard Allegro. He will teach you the Song of Trixon. After you’ve right-clicked it in your inventory, the quest will be over.

Destiny Led by Light

Press F2 to open the Sheet Music menu and play the Song of Trixion. Remember this place from the tutorial? We’re back. Talk to Beatrice about it.

First Ark is in — six more to go.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 37

With Gratitude

Let’s head back to Luterra Castle to talk to Thirain. We’re moving to the Flowering Orchard next. In order to get there, head over to Sunbright Hill and take the waypoint. As soon as you arrive, a rather ominous cutscene will play out. Then, go ahead and ask the orchard keeper about Armen.

Filch will ask you to collect two ripe pears. Yeah… at least they aren’t hard to find. From here, meet the guests at Sien Inn, which happens to be a dungeon. Ask Armen what is going on. Then, chat with three NPCs around you and speak with Seria.

On your way towards the next character, you’ll be interrupted by Zinnervale. He will ask if you want to test your skills. If you accept, you’ll be interrupted by Shandi, so either response is the same.

At last, talk to Shandi to complete the quest.

Contaminated Orchard

Time for a chat with Morpheo. Tell her about the ingredients, and then speak with her again. You’ll have to gather a few supplies for the antidote from the enemies in the area. A couple of Lumisects and Twisted Dalians will suffice.

Throw everything inside the cauldron and deliver the antidote to Morpheo. That will be all.

Sweet Temptation of Mayhem

That sweet, sweet temptation of mayhem. Talk to Zinnervale and give him the antidote. Then, use the telescope to see the situation across the river. It’s… quite the sight.

Chat with Zinnervale again and then report to Shandi outside the inn.

King Thirain’s Rapid Response

Have a chat with Armen in the forest keeper’s cottage. Then, ask Auric about the village. You better investigate the so-called heretics. Take down a few of them (I only needed four) and then look for the soldier who went to Deier Village.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 38

Rampant Madness

Villagers are in need of your help. Evacuate three of them for the quest. You can do this without leaving your mount — just talk to them and then chat with Armen.

Have a chat with Reina, who will tell you about the Music Box of Mayhem. Sounds evil, so it will be best if you destroy it. This is an actual demon, but it’s super easy to kill. Afterward, head to the next quest marker to kill a few more enemies, and the quest will be over.

The Distant Ringing of a Bell

It seems a group of villagers ran away, so go ahead and find them. Have a chat with Billy about this. Armen is also here, so speak with him before heading over to Blackrose Chapel.

Once there, report to Seria. Have another chat with Armen to finish the quest.

Over the Black Rose Vines

Start by speaking with Maya. Then, have a chat with Marco, who will ask you to move hidden wine pots. You can find them to the other side of the watchtower in the middle. Drop one around Marco and talk to him. You can now take Ritual Wine with you at the church entrance.

Chat with Brian to complete the quest.

The Secret of the Chapel Graveyard

Have a conversation with grave keeper Charon. He will ask you to collect Bone Jasmine Pollen, which is just down the road to the left.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 39

Grab it from the flower at the center of the graveyard and deliver it to Charon. That will be all for this mission.

Preparing Disguise

Time to infiltrate the chapel. For this, head to the secret entrance. Go ahead and speak with Armen. Check the portrait and then grab the bandana, chausses, and cloak from the rooms nearby. After grabbing all three items, the quest will be over.

The Summoning of Madness

Chat with Armen again. You will then enter the Blackrose Chapel Hall dungeon. Talk to the gatekeeper and then head to the main hall. As part of the ritual, you’ll have to press Q, W, Q, and W again. There isn’t exactly a particular timing, so just press the button until the action takes place.

The Wrong Demon will appear afterward. No, literally. Take this fairly simple miniboss and all the nearby heretics down to continue.

Time to make an escape with Armen.

The Long and Dark Knight

Prepare for another dungeon inside the Blackrose Basement. The first objective here is to interfere with the summoning ritual. Take down all Heretic Instigators and then rescue the villagers nearby.

You will then be tasked with defeating three elders to retrieve the basement key. Once you’re done, go ahead and unlock the door. Defeat everyone inside the hall and then find the place of instigation nearby.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 40

From here, it’ll get a bit repetitive. Interrupt rituals, take down elders… the usual. After you face the inquisitor, it’s time to head deeper into the basement. You’ll then have to take down an absurd amount of enemies. Now, it’s time to interfere with the final ritual.

Make your way through dozens of enemies and face the Heretic High Priest. After you take him down, a long cutscene will ensue and the quest will be over.

Tracking Down Kakul-Saydon

The boss got away by a scratch, so let’s track him down. Exit the dungeon by going to any Triport in Blackrose Chapel.

Chat with Ferna about this, and head north. Investigate the bloodstain on the floor, and then move to Leyar Terrace.

Puruus and the Land of Purification

Have a chat with Zinnervale about how to proceed. He will tell you to ask Muren at the Mistfog Shelter for the next steps. Then, get near Puruu and write “/talk”. Press Enter to do the emote.

After a fairly brief conversation, now do “/sad”. The quest will be over.

The Leaders of Puruus

Start by having a chat with Seria. Then, chat with Puruu Leader Jahia. Introduce yourself to commander Ligheas next, and follow by convincing Borosh, Ranesh, and three Puruu Elders by talking to them. Report back to Ligheas and the quest will be over.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 41
What a thrill.

Seria’s Present

You’ll have to gather water from the waterfall, illusive light herbs, and splendid stones. Thankfully, these are all close to each other. Take everything to Seria — she will give you an item to use with the afflicted Puruus.

All you have to do is get near them, press F5, and use the item on them. They will try to attack you but don’t fret; the item acts almost immediately. That is all for this quest.

Advice From Ligheas

Report to Ligheas, and then go ahead to meet Tovish. He will send you to the Spring of Beginning, which is another dungeon.

It’s time to kill some clowns. Once done, investigate the bloodstains. Chat with both Jahia and Seria to finish the quest.

Kakul-Saydon’s Scheme

Head back to Mistfog Shelter in Leyar Terrace. Once there, have a chat with Armen. You’ll have to return to Luterra Castle and report to Thirain afterward.

After the conversation, head outside and go east to find Brite. Accept the gift and the quest will be over.

Sad Premonition

Begin by pressing F5 to read Thirain’s letter. Then, have a chat with Seria back in Leyar Terrace. It seems that Armen is gone — ask all three witnesses marked on the map about it.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 42

Then, culminate the search by talking to Dominic. Time to head to Farewell Isle, which is another dungeon.

Armen himself will lose his temper and attack you. Defend yourself and prepare for another cutscene. Chat with him to end the quest.

Drums of Resistance

Time to head over to Borea’s Domain, which can be accessed from a waypoint in Leyar Terrace. The scenery isn’t too welcoming, but Harlock needs to hear the news.

Then, go ahead and talk to Kazan. It’s time to jump down and lend support to Hunior. He doesn’t seem to be in great condition. Investigate the bloodstain nearby and follow the trail. The quest will soon be over.

Bracing for Battle

Talk to Erick, who seems to be the only surviving soldier. He will tell you about Gabrian, who seems to be in need of your help. You can lend a hand by defeating seven imps and cheering up two tired vanguards. Just look for NPCs with a dialogue box on their heads.

From here, head over to have a chat with Azaran. You’ll have to gather 100 missed arrows for her, which is done by interacting with two points of interest on the ground. Then, deliver them to archer Rosa.

For the next step, you’ll have to lend Dimur your support. Report back to Halrock to finish the quest.

On the Brink of War

Check in with Armen and interact with two injured villagers to treat them. Then, consult with both Seria and Marilyn about what to do next. Listen to Dimur’s plan to finish the quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 43

Forward to Victory

The quest begins by destroying Bomb Chests of Mayhem. Taking one of them down will be enough. Then, go through the Rift of Mayhem. You’ll have to take down two ballistas (they’re found on the right side!) and a couple of enemies nearby.

Once done, go to Galatur’s Forge all the way up north. Chat with Borotur to assess the situation and end the quest.

Rekindled Fire

Check the temperature of the forge, and then talk with three of the blacksmiths in the area. Then, check in with both Hassan and Baro. They’ll ask you to collect embers, which are close to the current location. Take them to Borotur.

After your chat, head south and kill eight Gerod to take their armguards. Deliver the metal to Borotur to finish the quest.

Wise Guy

Report back to Halrock. He will ask you to go back to Dyorika Plain and ask for help from Monterque Nahun. Then, ask Morphoe for her help over at Flowering Orchard. Lastly, do the same with Jahia at Leyar Terrace.

Talk to Halrock again to finish the quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 44

All Ready

Receive Borotur’s equipment to continue. After picking it up, deliver the tools to Lund. He will ask you to find the supply wagon — the first step is just up the road, but you’ll end up in a dungeon to the south called Festival of Madness.

The carriage is inside, and it turns out it’s broken. Check with the convoy soldier about how you can help. After giving them the wheels, an obstacle will appear. Time to do what you do best, and watch the following cutscene before dealing with dozens of enemies coming your way.

Take down the incoming groups until a new cutscene plays out. A soldier will help you escape, but the siege is far from over. You’ll have to defend two spots around the wall, while the third one has an actual health bar. Get there fast and use the cannons.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 45

During the second encounter, use the E button as soon as possible to target the big enemies. It will take a while to reload, so use that time to start killing the demons on the ground and using the W ability to deal damage. Usually using the E attack twice will take down the large creatures.

Afterward, you’ll have to rescue a number of villagers. They’re all scattered around the same area, and don’t have an HP bar, so take your time defeating each enemy group around them. Done? Time to set up the formation to prepare for the attack.

Hold the fort until help arrives. Only one last push left. Make your way through the demon army until reach the next cutscene.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 46

Time for the final showdown. Use your horse to make your way through the demons. All three abilities from the horse will allow you to squeeze through without issue. Once you reach the magic barrier, make sure to take the detour to the right, where you’ll find the mage behind the spell. Then, make your way to where Armen is.

Your encounter with Kakul-Saydon isn’t tough. Make sure to destroy his mimic whenever it appears so you’re not taking additional damage. Then, once the boss disappears momentarily, destroy the crests until you find him again. Repeat this once more and the fight will soon be over, as well as the quest.

Battlefield Wounds

Report to Halrock after the events. You’ll then have to check the swaying village atmosphere by interacting with two NPCs. Then, go see how Armen is doing.

Afterward, you’ll have to thank Morpheo, Jahia, and Monterque Nahun. Then, prepare for more conversations with Gabrian and Azaran to finish the quest.

Holy Inquisitors

An unexpected army will show up — chat with Gabrian about it. Then, have a chat with Solas (or Solace, it appeared as both during my playthrough). Type down “/disappointed” inside the circle and press enter. If that doesn’t work for you, try “/deny” instead. I’m not sure if this is a typo or any related problem, but this solved it for me.

Once done, have a chat with Armen. Then, you’ll have to stop the priests interrogating the residents. Just talk to five of them and you’ll be set. Reunite with Marilyn, and then get ready to talk to three more residents.

Ask Azaran about anything suspicious. This will wrap up the quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 47

The Trails of Saints

Check both the passageway and the encampment. Then, investigate the path the priests took. There seems to be a burned corpse, as well as an eyewitness nearby. Head back to Borea Fortress with this new information.

Get an update from Marilyn to finish the quest.

The Wind Stays while Dreams Fade

Head to Lostwind Cliff, which is on the eastern corner of Borea’s Domain. You’ll begin the mission by using Armen — use Q once you get close to the first three groups. Then, use E to summon the shield. Make an escape to your right for a cutscene.

Armen will then transform to its demon self. The following cutscene is rather easy as Armen can’t take damage. The problem is that he can only walk very slowly. Take down any enemies on your way and then follow with Solace at the end.

Prepare for another cutscene, and then chat with Thirain to complete the dungeon. Have another talk with Thirain at Luterra Castle to finish the quest.

A Quality Vessel

Speak with Tiburon at Wavestrand Port. You can access the location from Borea’s Domain.

Have a quick chat with Cals, who’s inside the Guard Office, afterward. Interact with him again and then speak with Balmos at the Shipyard. After you meet Cals again, he will give you a gift.

Have a chat with Pepen, Corsac, and Barsir around the ship. It seems it’s far from finished. Have another chat with Cals to finish the quest.

Find the Sneaky Pirates

Inath may know where those sneaky pirates are. Once inside the tavern, eavesdrop on the sailors. Chat with Inath again to finish the quest.

Three Sheets to the Wind

Have a chat with Eudi inside the tavern. Purchase the drink from Puego and give it to Eudi. Say Join me and then ask about the pirates. Report to Deniro about the situation.

Afterward, head outside and post the wanted poster on three bulletin boards. Talk to Miltz at the Trader’s Guild right after to finish the quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 48

In Search of Pirates

Investigate the harbor warehouse for more information. This is a short dungeon. Defeat all pirates nearby, and then interact with the materials on the left side of the room.

Report back to Cals and then chat with Pisharo on the other side of the room. Head inside the interrogation room and type down “/talk”. Press enter to continue. Continue the pressure with “/angry” now. Then, chat with the pirate, and talk to Cals once more.

Examine Cals’ desk, and press F5 to check the poster. Have a chat with Deekop at Croconys Seashore, which can be accessed from Wavestrand Port.

Talk to Deekop to finish the quest.


Start by speaking with Cynthia. You’ll then have to repair the stockades — although fixing just one of them will be enough. Chat with Beane next, who will ask you to kill 24 crabs.

She will then cook steamed crabs. Take them to the three villagers marked on the map. Have another chat with Deekop, and then go to meet Axel. He will ask you to defeat pirates and find four soldiers who are under attack from the very same pirates.

Once done, unite with Jinock to complete the quest.

Lightshade Inn

Speak with Mereg and show him the Smuggler Token. Continue the conversation with Tobai at the Wild Market. He won’t budge, so you’ll have to destroy the market stalls on both sides. Talk to him again and retrieve the belongings for Mereg.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 49

You’ll have to talk to several characters one after the other. At one point, you’ll end bringing a rum barrel to Phorba; it’s the usual pick-up and drop-off process. This will end the quest.

Blackfang’s Whereabouts

Chat with Phorba to kick off the quest. Then, Jinock will have more information. He will tell you about Anchor’s Rest, where Blackfang is supposed to be hiding.

Well, not so much hiding but expecting you in plain sight. Get ready for a brief fight, and then have a chat with Blackfang. Afterward, talk with Thiran a total of three times to finish the dungeon.

Have a chat with Cals to end the quest.

Find Blackfang’s Crew

Speak with soldier Ken at the Guard Encampment. He will ask you to defeat five pirates in the vicinity. Then, have a chat with Marx (no, not that one) about how to proceed. Grab the smokescreen bomb and use it against five other pirates.

From here, head over to the rock cave up north. Show Blackfang’s Mark to Lesti so they can let you pass. Then, do the same with Reti to finish the quest.

Whistle While You Work

Search for Blackfang’s Mark towards the south. Once you do, press F5 to blow Reti’s Whistle. Chat with Reti again to finish the quest.

Big Flare Up

Time for some fireworks. Prepare to defeat eight pirates and detonate the gunpowder kegs. Once you’re done, move to the upper level up north to speak with Rosa.

Meet Benya to finish the quest.

Lost Ark Walkthrough 50

Signal Your Intention

After a conversation with Haronin, head downstairs to pick up a flare powder keg and take it to him. Once on the floor, prepare the keg and watch the signal go up to the air. Speak with Haronin and move swiftly to battle.

Rescuing Blackfang’s Crew

Another mission will start as soon as you get to the rendezvous point. Have a chat with the group and head over to Redfin Den to rescue the hostages. This will take you to another short dungeon.

Prepare to battle a ton of pirates. Continue by destroying two watchtowers nearby. Then, it’s time to face Volki, who isn’t that hard once you’ve taken down all the surrounding pirates.

Chat with Blackfang after the fight to finish the quest.

Clear Stormcry Grotto

Time to defeat the pirates inside the dungeon. Have a quick chat with Cals to kick things off. Tag along him to defeat the pirates near the telescope.

Time to stop the pirate ship before it sets sail. On your way to the docks, you’ll have to defeat a group of violent pirates attacking civilians. Then, stop the bombardiers from boarding the pirate ship.

Prepare for a couple of similar sequences where you’ll be fighting off pirates left and right until you get to the dock. After you defeat the miniboss, use the ballista to break the mast. Then, you’ll have to cut a path through 36 henchmen.

Time to fight against Hiebike on the ship. Once done, watch the following cutscene and the quest will be over.

Have to Half It

Chat with Blackfang at Wavestrand Port to get started. That will be all — congrats on obtaining your own ship!

Set Sail!

This mission unlocks sailing, which is exciting. Start by chatting with Eshu. Then, open your inventory and right-click on Eshu. Speak with her again and then head to the gathering point.

Say goodbye to Meehan, Cassleford, Cals, and Thirain to finish the quest.

Finding the Arks

From here on, your only main mission will be to find the remaining Arks. For this, you’ll have to complete World Quests, which are signalized in blue.

Thanks to sailing, you can now travel to other continents, all of which have their own questlines that expand on the story and will get you closer to finding the six remaining Arks. It’s a long process, but you’ll likely hit level 50 in no time, so this is what you should be doing for the rest of your leveling process.

Best of luck out on the seas!

[Disclaimer: All the screenshots were taken from an early build of the game that was available pre-release for coverage purposes.]