Lost Ark Gerka Guide – Should You Save Gerka or Run Away?

Nothing personal.

While Lost Ark isn’t remotely close to an experience from Telltale Games in terms of story decisions, there are still some choices to make. As you progress through the main quests, you come across a few key moments where you must pick between two actions. The first comes early in the game, and may throw you off a bit if you weren’t expecting it. This guide is focused on Lost Ark Gerka, and whether or not you should run away from him.

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Should you Save Gerka or Run Away? – Lost Ark

In case you’re wondering if you should save or run away from Gerka, the answer is that it doesn’t matter what you choose.

Despite your best intentions, if you try to save Gerka, he will be petrified either way. Your character is prevented from lending aid so they’re not affected by the same trap that’s overtaking Gerka. If you choose to “run away” instead, he meets the same fate. Feel free to trust your gut on this one — neither option will impact anything.

Lost Ark Gerka 2
This sequence really took me by surprise.

The decision regarding Lost Ark Gerka is one of many in the game, but none of them result in a twist, change the narrative, or affect the general gameplay. Sometimes you have to choose between sparring or fighting a certain character, as well as other examples that I won’t spoil. But other than that, it’s all fairly straightforward. If you ask me, it’s a bit of a shame that you don’t get to be more involved in shaping possible outcomes. But Lost Ark is an MMO first and foremost, which means all players are largely experiencing the same story, so it’s understandable.

Curiously enough, Star Wars: The Old Republic is a popular MMO that got away with having some decisions affect parts of the game for different players. This was made possible thanks to a clear division: whether you pursued a Jedi or Sith storyline. Some examples were a Sith warrior companion called Jaesa Willsaam, who can be on either side depending on your choices, and a particular character whom, if freed from prison, would then send you emails with background information on the player’s superiors and companion.

That’s far from the case for Lost Ark Gerka, but it’s okay. The main story, while occasionally interesting, feels mostly like an introduction to the world. You visit different continents and explore, as well as learn about the many present mechanics, all the way from a cards system to sailing. The goal is to reach the endgame as soon as possible, maxing out your character up to level 50 and continuing from there. It’s here where you gain access to daily quests, raids, and all sorts of activities thanks to the calendar finally opening up. By this point, it’s likely you won’t even remember who Gerka was. And I think you’re better off, ’cause he was a bit of an asshole.

[Disclaimer: All the screenshots were taken from an early build of the game that was available pre-release for coverage purposes.]