Lost Ark Powerpass Guide – How To Get Two Powerpasses, How It Works

Multi pass?

In Lost Ark, getting to level 50 should be your top priority. Not only will you unlock myriad features in your path, but you’ll also gain access to the endgame, which is where everything comes together. That being said, it can be quite demanding to do so with one character, let alone more than one. For this, the Lost Ark Powerpass is of huge help, and this guide explains how to get the item as well as how it works.

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How to Get a Lost Ark Powerpass

Using a Lost Ark Powerpass automatically levels up any of your characters to level 50. This will save you a lot of time, and get a character up to speed and ready for the endgame.

In order to get a Powerpass Ticket in Lost Ark, the steps are as follows:

  • Complete all Main Quests up to Finding the Arks
  • Complete all World Quests up to Ealyn’s Gift
  • Check your mail (the envelope icon) on the top left corner of the screen to find a Vern Breakthrough Powerpass Ticket
  • Click and accept it
  • Head to your inventory and right-click the Vern Powerpass to redeem it

Lost Ark Powerpass 1

That’s the gist of it. While it’s a rather straightforward process, the hurdle comes from the time demand. At the moment, there isn’t a way to get a Lost Ark Powerpass early. You’ll have to complete all the aforementioned steps at least once. Thankfully, you’ll get an additional Powerpass by doing this. After you’ve redeemed the first ticket and completed the Adventurer’s Path (more on this in the following section), check your mail for a second Powerpass.

At the moment, you can’t purchase a Powerpass Ticket from the in-game store — or anywhere else, for that matter. This may or may not change in the future, but as of now, you can only get a Powerpass for your characters by playing.

How To Use a Lost Ark Powerpass and How It Works

Once you’ve gotten your hands on a Powerpass Ticket, this how to use it with a character:

  • Head to the Character Select screen
  • Choose any level 10 character or create a brand new one
  • Then, press the Powerpass button at the bottom of the screen
  • Once you confirm, you’ll enter the Adventurer’s Path, which is an optional prologue
  • After you’ve either completed or skipped the Adventure’s Path, you’ll have your character at level 50 with a gear set in their inventory — make sure to equip it right away!

Lost Ark Powerpass 2

There are rewards involved for completing the Adventurer’s Path without skipping any steps (which include bunny ears, a pet, and a few more items), so it’s up to you. If you happen to skip the Adventurer’s Path but you are having second thoughts, you can still get them with the second Powerpass — just don’t skip it again and see it through.

Bear in mind that the Powerpass isn’t transferable between servers, even if they’re in the same region. If all of a sudden you decide to switch to another server, you’ll have to repeat the process from scratch. But at the very least, you won’t have to level up two additional characters manually.