Lost Ark Pets Guide – How to Get a Free Pet & How They Work

Follow the white rabbit.

The world of Lost Ark is massive and full of wonders, and there’s no shortage of people trekking around and doing quests. Of course, you can play most of the game on your own if you’d like, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be all alone in your travels. The company of Lost Ark pets is invaluable, as they have abilities that complement your MMO grind. This guide explains how they work, and how you can get a free pet early in the game.

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How to Get a Free Pet – Lost Ark

If you’re interested in Lost Ark pets, you can get a pet for free by completing the Learning About Pets quest. This is a Roster Quest that gets unlocked after completing the Demons in Prideholme mission in the main story.

Immediately after you wake up at the tavern and speak to the innkeeper to kickstart Neria’s Story, Learning About Pets becomes available. For this, you have to chat with Blueberry at either Prideholme, Luterra Castle or Vern Castle.

Lost Ark Pets 1

Over at Prideholme, Blueberry is located towards the Triport location. Talk to her and offer your help when the dialogue prompt appears. She will ask you to open the jar filled with rice and grains — you can find it to her left. Once you do, an absurd amount of both items will come out. Pick everything up (I’d mash the G button on your keyboard if I were you, as it’s faster than clicking!) and chat to Blueberry again.

You will then have two choices: “it was a piece of cake” and “I had some help from a pet”. I chose the second option, and then continue the conversation. Then, Blueberry will task you with talking to her sister, Redberry. No, I didn’t make that up. She’s downstairs and to the right from your current location.

After a brief introduction, you’ll get three different dialogue options — I went for “I don’t know much about them.” It’s time to talk to Working Achatemeow and learn more about Lost Ark pets.

Lost Ark Pets 2

Chat with Achatemeow and then ask where do I get a pet. Continue the conversation and it will soon end. Your reward for the quest is the White Bunny, one of the Lost Ark pets.

Now, all that is left to do is right click on your new pet in the inventory. After you’ve registered it, you can press Alt + P to open the Pet Menu. The White Bunny granted me max HP +5% as well as crit +10%, which is neat, but bear in mind these bonuses are randomized.

How Pets Work in Lost Ark

There are many things you can do with your pet. First, if you want easier access, open the Pet Menu and drag the icon from the list on the left to your quickslots at the bottom (I put mine next to the mount, and they occupy numbers 8 and 9, respectively).  But there are other functions as well. Sadly, these are locked behind Crystalline Aura, which is a premium service that must be purchased.

Lost Ark Pets 3

But you know, it’s not a big deal. The main function of Lost Ark pets is still present, which is the ability to auto-loot items. You can tweak this by clicking on the gear icon next to “Basic Stats” in the Pet Menu. Options include where or not you want for the pet to pick up currency, island materials, gears and items, and so on. You can also customize the tier, rank, and level of the items to your liking. It basically works as a loot filter, which will come in handy.

If you want, you can do the Better Together Roster Quest. It’s super straightforward — just chat to Achatemeow and exhaust all the options. Then, pay Blueberry another visit, who will ask you to open the jar again. Now you’ll be able to see the pet in action as they’ll automatically loot everything. Afterwards, do another check-in with Achatemeow and you’ll be all set. The reward for this quest is 50 gold.

This quest also teaches you about the rerolling — at any time you can talk to Achatemeow and randomly shuffle the bonuses of your pet. This has a cost of seven Crystals each time, so it’s quite a gamble. But for now, that is all! Enjoy your new pet.

[Disclaimer: All the screenshots were taken from an early build of the game that was available pre-release for coverage purposes.]