Lost Ark Awakening Quest 1 & 2 Walkthrough – Location Not Showing Up

Want to get your extra-epic class skills?

There’s nothing wrong with normal abilities, but have you seen your Lost Ark Awakening skills yet? It’s basically the same as any front-, back- and stun attack you’ve used before, only way better. Every Lost Ark class comes with two class-specific Awakening skills, but you have to make an effort to unlock them. Though you wouldn’t be the first player to miss your Awakening Quests, here’s how to find them, how to complete them, and (also not unimportant) how to use them.

How to Use Awakening Skills

So, what’s an Awakening skill? As mentioned, they’re quite similar to normal abilities, but stronger. They don’t require skill points, but they do have a very long cooldown time and they consume Chaos Shards upon use. You can buy these Shards from General Merchants (250 silver each) or at the Auction House. To equip an Awakening ability, open the combat skill menu and simply drag the Awakening skill to the skill slot.

As a side note: while most players rely on their Awakening skills in combat, it’s not absolutely mandatory.. Just make sure to adjust your character build accordingly if you don’t want to use them (no Awakening-based Engravings). If you want, you can try using an Awakening skill in the Training Room before unlocking it.

How to Unlock the First Awakening Quest

It’s easy to overlook Lost Ark’s first Awakening Quest, but the process is quite simple once you know where to start. First, you need to follow the storyline until you reach North Vern where your character should be level 50 by this point. Keep following the main story a bit longer until you unlock the Chaos Dungeon. A notification from Beatrice will then pop up after that, asking you to join her in Trixion.

Trixion is some kind of ethereal sphere, but no worries: simply play the Song of Trixion from the songbook to fast travel there directly. Talk to Beatrice to trigger the Awakening Quest.

First Lost Ark Awakening Quest

For the first Awakening Quest, every Lost Ark class has its own questline. Here’s an overview of the quest locations:

  • Assassin: North Vern.
  • Gunner: Arthetine.
  • Martial Artist: Anikka.
  • Warrior and Mage: East Luterra.

No matter which class is yours, the Awakening Quest consists of five sub-quests that will award you with 30 Chaos Shards. It doesn’t take long to complete these quests.

How to Unlock the Second Lost Ark Awakening Quest – Location Not Showing Up

To unlock Lost Ark’s second Awakening skill, you need to get the first Awakening, reach item level 460, and do the full Rohendel questline. After that, the second Awakening Quest Journey: Strange Mail can be picked up at the Mail Carrier in Rothun Capitol.

Unfortunately, it seems that many players have trouble finding the quest. Here are a few things that can help you fix this:

  • For everyone about to start their Awakening quests: it’s best to complete them with your main character. Don’t switch to an alt. Avoid abandoning the quests.
  • Are you sure you aren’t on the right track? The majority of the sub-quests in the second Awakening quest line are labeled as Journey Quests rather than Awakening Quests. See the list below for a full overview of the names.
  • Still no second Awakening? Then you may have to finish other Journey quests first. Try doing the ones marked as “in progress” in your Journal.
  • Check whether you’ve completed Flitting Wings That Call the Storm in particular, as this seems to do the trick for other players. The starting NPC, Sasha, is inside the Town Hall in Origins of Stern, Arthetine.

Second Lost Ark Awakening Quest Walkthrough

Here’s an overview of every sub-quest in the second Awakening questline. Fair warning: it will probably take you between three and five hours to complete the full questline.

  • In Rothun Capitol, Rohendel, get the journey quest Strange Mail from Mail Carrier Sentos.
  • A New Power, Awakened Destiny.
  • Lost Footsteps: Go to Shushire.
  • Until the Darkness Is Banished.
  • Black Market Products: Use the disguise, go inside the Maze of Mirrors, and kill the Maze Gatekeeper.
  • Trust or Interrogation.
  • Vrad’s Secret Ledger: Interact with the Secret Ledger, and play the Song of Reminiscence.
  • Scent Hound.
  • Dark Truth: Sail to Kalthertz Island.
  • Treatment Formulation: Go to the crafting district in Vern Castle.
  • Searching for the Antidote.
  • Faceless Savior: Inside the Guardian Raid Vertus, but you don’t have to kill the Guardian.
  • Trust, and a Request.
  • Missing Researchers: Takes place in Stern.
  • Investigate the Underground Market.
  • Traces of Darkness: Search Riza Falls.
  • Trust and Signals.
  • Encrypted Memory Chip.
  • Body Augmentation Parts.
  • Illegal Parts Distribution Routes.
  • The Other Side of Evolution.
  • The Factory in the Secret Base: Search Facility X-301.
  • The End of the Chase.
  • Memories and Records: Return to Stern.
  • Flitting Wings that Call the Storm.
  • Waveport Trade Agreement: Go to Wavestrand Port in Luterra.
  • The Agent of Carpus.
  • A Memory Engraved on the Wind.
  • Faith Left on the Water.
  • Capable Negotiator.
  • What the Thunder Saw: Visit the Shadow Island.
  • Forlorn Heart: Shadespire dungeon.
  • Glaring Chaos: Enter Karmine’s hideout.
  • Dark and Pale: Takes place around the Sea of Procyon.
  • Following the Melody: Go to Promise Island.
  • About a Friend: Back to Prideholme in Rethramis.
  • Good and Evil.
  • His Childhood: Sail to Sunflower Island.
  • Armen and People: Back to Wavestrand Port in Luterra.
  • Story of the Wind Left Behind.
  • Friend’s Determination: Meet with Thirain in Luterra Castle.
  • The Wounded Pilgrim: Investigate Twilight Isle.
  • The Sunset: Go to Promise Isle to get your second Awakening skill..

Second Awakening Skill on Alt Characters

Finally, you’ve completed your Awakening quest! Do you need to do it all over again for your alternate characters? Don’t worry, we’ve got some good news: once your first character has obtained the second Awakening, your alts can take a shortcut by talking to Beatrice in Trixion, effectively skipping the full questline. You still have to be level 50, of course.

How do you feel about Lost Ark’s infamous second Awakening quest? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below!