Kirby and the Forgotten Land Present Codes — All Delivery Presents

In Kirby and the Forgotten Land, the pink puffball must rescue Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack, a crew of rowdy animals. As he rescues more and more of these little guys, they’ll start to build up Waddle Dee Town, opening different services and locations. One of these is Waddle Dee-liveries, a post office that will appear once you’ve returned 50 Waddle Dees to town. There, the clerk will prompt you to enter codes in order to receive delivery presents, a format Nintendo has been enamored with for as long as they’ve been doing online features in games.

Some of these codes require you to connect to the internet to input them, while others are found in the game itself. Now, you could go hunting around for the latter in Waddle Dee town, but crucially you don’t actually need to have found them to make them work. So, here’s a list of all of the Present Codes we currently know of in Kirby and the Forgotten Land. First though, a few notes.

These codes are case-sensitive — you have to enter them in all-caps. To make this less of a pain, press the left stick in twice on the virtual keyboard. That will put you in CAPS LOCK mode, which in addition to being cruise control for cool will make inputting these much easier. Also, whenever you input a code, a present will appear outside Kirby’s house. You have to go and open that present before entering another code.

None of the Present Codes thus far seem crucial, mostly granting you Star Coins and Rare Stones you can find elsewhere in the game, so don’t feel like you have to use any or all of them — they’re mostly just a nice bonus for players looking for some extra help here and there. For instance, they can be useful in a pinch if you need a few more Star Coins or Rare Stones to evolve one of Kirby’s powers at the shop. Note that some of the online Present Codes are tied to promotions, and may not be functional in the future.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Online Present Codes

    • Rewards 1 Rare Stone
    • Obtained by finished the demo stages
    • Rewards 300 Star Coins
    • Rewards 1 Rare Stone
    • Rewards 300 Star Coins and 4 Food Items
    • Rewards 150 Star Coins and 1 Maxim Tomato
    • Rewards 150 Star Coins and and 1 Attack Boost
    • Rewards 150 Star Coins and 1 Energy Drink
    • Rewards 100 Star Coins and 1 Car-Mouth Cake
    • Obtained by completing all demo mission
    • Rewards 300 Star Coins and 1 Rare Stone
    • Rewards 1000 Star Coins and 1 Rare Stone

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Offline Present Codes

These codes are found throughout Waddle Dee Town, but you don’t need to have actually discovered them in-game to input them.

    • Found on a wall across from Waddle Dee-liveries
    • Rewards 100 Star Coins
    • Found atop the Colosseum tent
    • Rewards 500 Star Coins and 1 Attack Boost
    • Found inside the Cinema
    • Rewards 300 Star Coins
    • Found in the flower pots atop the Waddle Dee Cafe
    • Rewards 1 Rare Stone and 1 Car-Mouth Cake
    • Found in the Colosseum after having seen the credits
    • Rewards 3 Rare Stones

That’s all the Present Codes we’re aware of in Kirby and the Forgotten Land for now. Nintendo may add more Online Codes in the future, so we’ll try to keep this guide updated with any future releases. For now, enjoy the Star Coins and Rare Stones, and keep saving those Waddle Dees.