How To Set Up Your FFXIV Adventurer Plates – Player Portrait Guide

You can’t go on a proper adventure if your plates aren’t set up!

Adventurer Plates are already the best thing in Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.1. They’re an excellent tool for player expression whether you’re chilling in Limsa Lominsa or fighting hard in Crystalline Conflict. Beyond your daily glamour, they’re a way to show off exactly who you are and who your character is at a glance.

You might not know anything about Adventurer Plates, however. The feature is currently in beta as Square Enix navigates its pitfalls and cleans it up. We’re here to help you set up your Adventurer Plate and make the most out of your FFXIV experience.

FFXIV Adventurer Plates Menu

How to Set Up Your First Adventurer Plate

You’ll find the Adventurer Plate option under the Character menu section in the lower-right corner of the default user interface. There’s currently no default keybinding to access it. If this is the first time you’ve logged in since the release of Patch 6.1, it’ll be highlighted with a green dot next to it. Click on that.

This will bring up either the default Adventurer Plate or your currently set Plate. There’s a menu on the right side of the Plate, including the options Edit Plate Design, Edit Profile, Privacy Settings, and Help. You can also access these options by right-clicking anywhere on the Plate.

The first drop-down under Edit Plate Design is Preset, which gives you a number of standard Plate designs. Below that are drop-down menus for every other aspect of your Adventurer Plate, including the base plates, borders, frames, and accents. You can also choose Normal or Mirrored layouts, which place your portrait on the right and left of the plate, respectively.

The next menu is Edit Profile, where you can change the information displayed on your Plate. You can set your favorite class or Job, favorite title, choose up to six icons reflecting your playstyle, and set your active hours of play. Your Grand Company rank and Free Company name will appear automatically.

Finally, there are Privacy Settings, which allows you to change who can see your Adventurer Plate. The Plate can be visible to Everyone, Friends Only, or No One.

FFXIV Adventurer Plates Search Comment

How to Change The Comment On Your Adventurer Plate

If you’ve looked at some other players’ Adventurer Plates already, you may have noticed a bit of text underneath the Playstyle Icons. You can’t actually edit this text from the Adventurer Plate menu. Instead, this text is pulled from a different section entirely.

Click the Social menu in the bottom-right corner and select Player Search. In the Party Members tab, right-click on your character’s name and select Edit Search Info. This will bring up the Search Info menu, and you can change the text under Search Comment to change the text on your Adventurer Plate. Be warned, you only have 60 characters to work with here, so keep your comment short!

FFXIV Adventurer Plates Portrait

How To Change Your Portrait

This is where the real magic happens. Here, you change the photo of your character that will appear on the Adventurer Plate. You can actually create up to 20 different Portraits and set them to different gear sets. The Plus button on the bottom-left of the menu allows you to create new portraits. You can either select Create New to make an entirely new plate, or Create from Primary Portrait to make a copy of whatever your main portrait is.

Note: Your character look for this section is dependent on whatever glamour you’re wearing when you enter the menu. Change to the glamour you want prior to entering the Portrait menu.

Select the portrait you want to change and then press the Edit button on the top of the window. The Design tab allows you to change the background of your portrait, changing between a preset or editing the background, frame, and accent. The Character tab is where you change the character pose, expression, ambient lighting, and directional lighting. It’s somewhat similar to the Gpose system. On another note, the system does not have all currently available emotes, so you may find that your favorite emote is not on the list.

Over on the right, you can move the camera around as your character floats in space. Left-click and hold on the character window to tilt the camera, right-click and hold to change the character position, and mouse wheel up/down to zoom in and out. The two sliders change the camera distance, independent of the zoom, and the camera rotation.

Underneath the character camera window, you’ll find two sets of three buttons. The first button starts and stops the animation of your chosen pose, if it animates at all. The second button makes your character face the camera, and the third makes your character look at the camera without changing their head position. The next set of buttons resets the camera position, facial direction, and direction of your character’s gaze.

FFXIV Adventurer Plates Assign Portrait

How To Assign Your Portraits

Once you set up a portrait or number of portraits, you can right-click on any one of them to bring up further menu options. Edit Portrait works the same as clicking the big Edit button. Under that, there’s Change Portrait Title, which allows you to have a more distinct name for each portrait. Apply to Adventurer Plate is the important option here, as it applies that Portrait picture to your Adventurer Plate design.

Use as Instant Portrait applies the chosen portrait to your PVP play in Crystalline Conflict. The caveat here is if you change your Job for PVP, then you’ll be set to a standard portrait for that Job. To set a portrait for each of your Jobs, select the option Link with Gear Set. This will bring up another window with a drop-down for all of your existing gear sets. Repeat this for each of the Job gear sets you use in PVP.

FFXIV Adventurer Plates PVP Vendor

How To Unlock More Adventurer Plate Choices

As we said before, the Adventurer Plate is currently in beta. Square Enix has built the system to be expanded in the future. One form of expansion the team wants to implement is the ability for players to earn additional plate options from other content like dungeons and raids.

For now, though, PVP is the only way to gain new poses and plate customizations. By playing the current PVP games, Frontline and Crystalline Conflict, you can gain Trophy Crystals. These come from completing the PVP series, with 1,000 Trophy Crystals coming from most series levels. These crystals can then be turned into the Crystal Quartermaster at the Wolves Den Pier (X: 4.5, Y: 6.1). Talk to him and select Trophy Crystal Exchange (Other). Here, you’ll find a number of Framer’s Kit, adding a new background, accent, frame, and emote for a specific Job.