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FFXIV Soot Black Dye Guide - Where to Get It & What It's Really Worth

Ready yourself for the FFXIV Fashion Report and find comfort in the cool, dark Soot Black Dye!

In Final Fantasy XIV, Soot Black Dye is a super useful material in many weekend Fashion Report events throughout the year. Especially now during the Make It Rain 2022 event, all Gold Saucer activities reward bonus MGP until the event ends later this month. Even if you don’t need it for farming MGP, however, you probably want to know where to find any and all dyes in the game for your everyday FFXIV fashion and glamour.

Since it’s consumed every time you use it, dye tends to be in more frequent demand than simple gear. This can cause the cost of Soot Black Dye and others like it to inflate on the Market Board. Saving your precious gil is a good reason to learn where to find Soot Black Dye in FFXIV for yourself. Our FFXIV guide will show you how to get Soot Black Dye in the cheapest way possible.

If you need help finding more dyes, we also have guides for finding Cherry Pink DyeDragoon Blue Dye, and Ruby Red Dye in FFXIV as well.

FFXIV Soot Black Dye Preview

How to Preview Soot Black Dye on Your Glam

Like any dye in FFXIV, you can preview Soot Black Dye on any or all of your gear on a whim. Just pull up your Character menu in-game, right-click on the gear piece you want to preview (or press X/Square on a controller). This brings up a dropdown menu of options like “Unequip” and “Try On.” If the piece of gear in question can use dye — like the Soot Black Dye we want to see — you should select the option to “Dye” it from here. Note that not every piece of FFXIV gear is able to have dye applied, though most can.

Otherwise, you can select “Try On” and click the icon again in the new “Fitting Room” menu that appears. At which point there should be an option for “Enable Dye Preview.” Either option will bring you to the same “Item Dyeing” menu regardless.

FFXIV splits its dye options into eight categories: white, red, brown, yellow, green, blue, purple, and a miscellaneous option mostly used for metallic dyes and other odd options. Despite the fact that it’s called “Soot Black Dye,” the proper preview can be found in the “white” category. That’s the first circle from the left when opening the “Item Dyeing” menu. Soot Black Dye is then the seventh square under those white dye options. Click it to show whatever your gear piece would look like with Soot Black Dye applied.

Note that if you also have the “show all equipped gear” toggle selected on your character portrait, you can also click “preview all dyeable gear with the same color” after selecting Soot Black Dye (or any other dye for that matter). This will show what all your currently equipped gear looks like with the chosen color applies.

Where to Get Soot Black Dye in FFXIV

Soot Black Dye is of the more in-demand cosmetic colors — not because it’s particularly nice to look at (though it does fit well with some glams). The real reason is the aforementioned Fashion Report. It’s very commonly used to score a few extra points in the weekly Gold Saucer minigame thanks to its cheap price and accessibility. Some dyes can be crafted from the “Others” section of your Crafting Log or by visiting the Firmament to buy them with Skybuilders’ Scrips. Soot Black Dye, on the other hand, only comes from a few places in FFXIV.

There are four quests that give you Soot Black Dye as one of the rewards. These quests are:

  • “The Company You Keep (Immortal Flames)” – Flame Officer in The Waking Sands (X: 6.8, Y: 6.2)
  • “A Porcine Plight” – Ameexia in East Shroud (X: 21.4, Y: 25.8)
  • “Marks of the Monarch” – Watch Amaro in Il Mheg (X: 28.8, Y: 6.4)
  • “A Life of Regret” – Anxious Ea in Ultima Thule (X: 21.5, Y: 7.8)

None of these quests are repeatable, however. There is one repeatable option available, requiring you to run a dungeon repeatedly and hope your luck is good. The Level 60 dungeon The Fractal Continuum is your savior here. The additional, non-boss Treasure Coffers in this dungeon has a chance to drop Soot Black Dye. If you’re a high-level character, you can run the dungeon unsynced to complete it in just a few minutes. There are a total of four additional Treasure Coffers available, so you’ll have multiple chances to get the Soot Black Dye.

There is another option that requires you to do a little additional legwork. In fact, some veteran players may already have access. Soot Black Dye is sold by the Ixali Vendor in North Shroud (X: 24.9, Y: 22.7). This vendor is unlocked as part of the Ixal Beast Tribe quests. However, you need to reach the rank of “Respected” with the Tribe if you want to buy the dye from the vendor, and that’s several levels of Reputation into the process.

FFXIV Soot Black Dye Crafting

The final, easiest option is to simply level a crafting Job to level 30. Note, this means getting to level 30, not merely having access to level 30 crafting recipes. Once you cross the level threshold, simply open your Crafting Log, and select “Special Recipes” under “Recipe Level.” Under that section, click the “Others” drop-down and then select “Dyes.” You’ll find Soot Black Dye there. The only reagents needed are one Grey Pigment, one Fire Crystal, and one Earth Crystal.

Where to Get Grey Pigment in FFXIV

Grey Pigment is easily farmed if you happen to have a level 30 Miner or Botanist. There are two spots and two specific types of resource veins that you’ll need to tap in order to obtain it.

  • Miner: Level 30 Quarterstone – Western La Noscea (X: 31.8, Y: 27.9)
  • Botanist: Level 30 Upper Paths – South Shroud (X: 16.8, Y: 20.9)

Fire and Earth Crystals are available in many high-level resource nodes for Miners or Botanists. Leveling in the Diadem is a great way to obtain the needed crystals. If you’re level 60, you can also do an Aetheric Reduction on certain items to get the necessary crystal. Alternatively, you can kill Sprites directly and they’ll drop the needed crystals from their corpses.

  • Fire Sprite – Southern Thanalan (X: 13.0, Y: 21.0)
  • Wildfire Sprite – Southern Thanalan (X: 15.8, Y: 25.5)
  • Fire Sprite – Azys Lla (X: 6.3, Y: 36.4)
  • Fire Sprite – The Lochs (X: 11.0, Y: 6.2)
  • Earth Sprite – Eastern Thanalan (X: 10.5, Y: 19.0)
  • Earth Sprite – The Dravanian Forelands (X: 8.2, Y: 32.6)
  • Earth Sprite – The Fringes (X: 14.4, Y: 28.4/X: 21.2, Y: 13.2)

There are other methods, but they require an apartment or home in order to pull off. We’ll save space by sidestepping that option here.

What is Soot Black Dye Worth in FFXIV?

This one has a very short and easy answer. In FFXIV, Soot Black Dye is worth exactly 216 Gil. No more and no less. Anything higher on the Market Board is someone trying to scam you. And hey, that’s just part of the game sometimes. Players often try to charge more for basic items like this to take advantage of less-informed folks. It’s an easy way to turn a profit in FFXIV. Other times, people just don’t know what something is worth before trying to sell it themselves.

Generally, this means that Soot Black Dye goes for more than 216 Gil on the Market Board. For example, as I look at my server’s prices now, it’s hovering around 259 Gil. That’s not much higher than the vendor price, meaning it might be worth it to just buy it off the Market Board. If the prices on your server are much higher than that, I would not bother buying them from other players.

It’s also possible to find Soot Black Dye (and most other dyes for that matter) for cheaper than their selling price. You just need to get lucky. Maybe someone bought more than they needed and wants to offload it, while recouping some of their losses? You just know to always check if you can get a better deal before buying from an NPC. There’s usually a Market Board right next to any Dyemonger anyway.

Of course, there’s also the value Soot Black Dye has for your fashion. Nobody but you can put a price on that.

And that’s it for our look at Soot Black Dye in FFXIV. We hope it helped you find some, get some, and enjoy some with your glamour collection. Enjoy and take care!

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