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FFXIV Zenith Zodiac Relic Weapon Guide: Thavnairian Mists Location

Bring your Relic Weapon to its zenith with this guide.

Step one is down and now it’s time for the second phase of your journey. This guide will cover the Zenith Zodiac Weapons, the second iteration of the weapons introduced in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. The journey has several phases, each offering a new version of the weapon, ending at the Zeta form. None of these weapons are best-in-slot anymore, so you’re purely doing this for your own satisfaction.

The main guide can be found here: FFXIV Relic Weapon Guide: How to Get All Zodiac Weapons (A Realm Reborn)

How to Unlock Your Zenith Relic Weapon

The next step in your Relic Weapon upgrade path is much easier than the first. This section is actually much quicker if you took the advice we gave you earlier. Gerolt wants three Thavnairian Mists. If you purchased them earlier, you can just turn this quest in. If not, you need to head back to Revenant’s Toll, talk to Auriana in Mor Dhona (X:22.7, Y:6.6), and select the “Allagan Tomestones of Poetics (Special Arms)” menu option to buy them. Each one costs 20 Poetics.

For Paladins, you do have two weapons, the Curtana Zenith and the Holy Shield Zenith, but they both still require three Thavnairian Mists in total.

Guides for the rest of the phases can be found below:

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