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FFXIV Qiqirn Brown Dye Guide - Where to Get It & What It's Really Worth

Ready yourself for the FFXIV Fashion Report and find comfort in the muted tones of Qiqirin Brown dye!

In Final Fantasy XIV, Qiqirn Brown Dye is a super useful ingredient in many weekend Fashion Report events throughout the year. If you’re trying to ace the Fashion Report, you probably want to know where to find any and all dyes in the game for your everyday Final Fantasy fashion and glamour.

Because it’s consumed every time you used it, dye tends to be in more frequent demand than simple gear. This can cause the cost of Qiqirn Brown Dye and others like it to inflate on the Market Board. Saving your precious gil is a good reason to learn where to find the dye in FFXIV for yourself. Our FFXIV guide will show you how to get Qiqirn Dye in the cheapest way possible!

If you need help finding more dyes, we’ve also got guides to finding Cherry Pink Dye, Dragoon Blue Dye, and Ruby Red Dye in FFXIV as well!

FFXIV Qiqirn Brown Preview

How to Preview Qiqirn Dye on Your Glam

Like any dye in FFXIV, you can preview Qiqirn Brown Dye on any or all of your gear on a whim. Just pull up your Character menu in-game, right-click on the armor piece you want to preview (or press X/Square on a controller). This brings up a dropdown menu of options like “Unequip” and “Try On.” If the armor piece in question can use dye — like the Qiqirn Brown Dye we want to see — you should select the option to “Dye” it from here. Note that not every piece of FFXIV equipment is able to apply dye. Though most can.

Otherwise, you can select “Try On” and click the icon again in the new “Fitting Room” menu that appears. At which point there should be an option for “Enable Dye Preview.” Either option will bring you to the same “Item Dyeing” menu regardless.

FFXIV splits its dye options into eight categories: white, red, brown, yellow, green, blue, purple, and a miscellaneous option mostly used for metallic dyes and other odd options. Despite the fact that it’s called “Qiqirn Brown Dye,” the proper preview can be found in the “white” category. That’s the first circle from the left when opening the “Item Dyeing” menu. Qiqirn Brown Dye is then the seventh square under those white dye options. Click it to show whatever your gear piece would look like with Qiqirn Brown Dye applied.

Note that if you also have the “show all equipped gear” toggle selected on your character portrait, you can also click “preview all dyeable gear with the same color” after selecting Qiqirn Brown Dye (or any other dye for that matter). This will show what all your currently equipped gear looks like with the chosen color applies.

Where to Get Qiqirn Brown Dye in FFXIV

Qiqirn Brown Dye is normally not in demand. It is the kind of boring shade of brown that well-represents the extra Scions of the Seventh Dawn. You know the ones I’m talking about. The folks like the Boulder brothers, who you only remember exist when you stop by headquarters.

The real reason you might need this dye is the aforementioned Fashion Report. It’s very commonly used to score a few extra points in the weekly Gold Saucer minigame thanks to its cheap price and accessibility. Some dyes can be crafted from the “Others” section of your Crafting Log or by visiting the Firmament to buy them with Skybuilders’ Scrips. Qiqirn Brown Dye, on the other hand, only comes from one place in FFXIV: the Sylph Tribe.

The Sylphic Vendor in East Shroud (X: 22.3, Y: 26.3) has the dye you’re looking for. You can purchase a single Qiqirn Brown Dye for 334 gil or one Sylphic Goldleaf. The latter is the currency for completing daily quests for the Tribe. The big issue in front of you is that you need to reach “Friendly” Reputation in order to purchase the dye from the vendor. That’s the second Reputation rank after “Neutral,” so you’re not getting that done in a week.

What is Qiqirn Brown Dye Worth in FFXIV?

In FFXIV, Qiqirn Brown Dye is worth exactly 334 Gil. In reality, however, a player has to have their reputation up in order to buy it. This means it has additional value, as folks with access can turn around and sell the dye on the Market Board. That’s just part of the game sometimes. It’s an easy way to turn a profit in FFXIV. Generally, this means that Qiqirn Brown Dye goes for more than 216 Gil on the Market Board. For example, as I look at my server’s prices now, it’s hovering around 1,500 Gil per pot of dye.

It’s also possible to find Qiqirn Brown Dye (and most other dyes for that matter) for cheaper than their selling price. You just need to get lucky. Maybe someone bought more than they needed and wants to offload it, while recouping some of their losses? You just know to always check if you can get a better deal before buying from an NPC. There’s usually a Market Board right next to any Dyemonger anyway.

Of course, there’s also the value Qiqirn Brown Dye has for your fashion. Nobody can but you can put a price on that.

And that’s it for our look at Qiqirn Brown Dye in FFXIV. We hope it helped you find some, get some, and enjoy some with your glamour collection. Enjoy and take care!

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