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FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove - March 2021 Irregular Tomestone Guide

Irregular Tomestones of Esoterics are both irregular and esoteric, but damn good to farm cosmetics.

The FFXIV Moogle Treasure Trove event — which awards oh-so-useful Irregular Tomestones of Esoterics — is finally back after a long hiatus. You can begin farming new cosmetics and other useful items starting on March 15, 2021. Though the end date is a bit more nebulous. That’s all the more reason to get started early to grab as many Irregular Tomestones as mathematically possible. Because we just don’t know when the Moogle Treasure Trove event will disappear again (nor when it will return).

If you missed this mission in the past, it’s simple. Just play a bunch of FFXIV! The event rewards players with unique, bonus Tomestones for partaking in duties that most players already play daily. The number of Irregular Tomestones varies by event. As does the cost of each reward. But it can be well worth the extra grind. Most Moogle Treasure Trove items are actually older, rarer cosmetic drops that are a pain to find any other way. Others are literally impossible to get in the game anymore.

It’s been a long, long time since we got an event like this. FFXIV director Naoki Yoshida previously stated that he didn’t want players worrying about a big, time-limited event like the Moogle Treasure Trove event during a pandemic. There were bigger problems in the world. And while the global spread of COVID-19 isn’t over yet, things are looking a bit brighter in some parts of the world. So now we can have a little bonus like this. As a treat.

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Now we know when the event started and why. What about when it ends? Well, the end date for this event is currently listed as “when the maintenance for Patch 5.5 begins.” The website for the March 2021 Moogle Treasure Trove doesn’t actually specify a date. Though we’ve been told that Patch 5.5 for FFXIV will be dished out in two parts. The first is supposed to land on April 13, 2021. I say “supposed to” because patches have been delayed before (particularly during the aforementioned pandemic). That’s part of why Square Enix hedges its bets on these end dates. Though the live events almost always last about four weeks — leading right up to any major patch.

Since it says “begins,” we can also assume that you won’t be able to earn new Irregular Tomestones up to May, when part two of Patch 5.5 is supposed to drop. So you better not bank on farming them right up to the release of the Endwalker expansion later this year.

That being said, you can continue to trade in your Irregular Tomestones until the expansion drops. Whenever that may be. Just go to the Itinerant Moogle NPC in Limsa Lominsa, Ul’Dah, or Gridania. All three of them are located very close to the central Aetheryte crystals (the fast travel points for each city).

The website (linked above) has a full list of every mission you can perform from this event. They’re also listed in order of most Irregular Tomestones (from The Praetorium story dungeon, which awards 10) to the least (one for each section of the first Alexander raid). You can also see which activities count by checking the Duty Finder. The menu will include a tiny moogle icon next to each valid dungeon or raid.

You’ll probably want to use the standard duty list anyway. The Undersized Party feature, which lets players enter matchmade missions without item and level scaling, won’t work. You can still complete each mission, of course. You just won’t get any Irregular Tomestones of Esoterics for your trouble. These events are very much designed to get veteran players rolling through old content to help newcomers. This also means that playing a healer or a tank will reduce your matchmaking times (since most players use DPS jobs).

As for what you should buy with your Tomestones, I recommend most of the mounts available for 50 apiece: the Blissful Kamuy Fife, Tyrannosaur Horn, Falcon Ignition Key, and Magitek Predator Identification Key to be specific. Most of these are rare or quite difficult to get otherwise. The Falcon airship mount, in particular, is not currently available in-game outside of the Moogle Treasure Trove. Just don’t confuse any mount horn with the “Ultima Horns” item. This is a cosmetic headpiece meant for glamours. It’s quite rare in its own right, but you should know what you’re getting when you purchase it!

Best of luck grabbing all that you can. Here’s hoping the next Moogle Treasure Trove swings by much sooner.

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