FFXIV Leveling Guide 60-70: How To Level Alt Jobs Fast (Stormblood)

Find the fire within your own blood and level from 60 to 70 quickly.

You’ve already blown through the earlier leveling content for Final Fantasy XIV, blasting through A Realm Reborn and Heavensward in record time. But there’s still more work ahead! Levels 60 to 70 were added in the Stormblood expansion (alongside some new Jobs). This guide will help you speed through these levels, so you can round the bend into Shadowbringers. We also have a guide for the entire leveling process in one place, if that helps. But here, this FFXIV leveling guide 60-70 will focus on the finer details.

You should be aware that the Jobs introduced in Shadowbringers, Dancer and Gunbreaker, begin at level 60. While that lets you skip all of the level 1 through 60 grind, here is where you want to start if you pick up those Jobs.

Level 60-70 General Details

There are a number of items that offer experience bonuses within certain level ranges. However, at this point, all of the relevant ones are sadly pre-order bonuses for various expansions. If you do not have these items, you’re out of luck. While one is an item gained when you bring a new subscriber into FFXIV, it does not cover levels 60 to 70. The following is a list of the relevant earrings to help leveling, so use them if you have them.

  • Aetheryte Earring (from pre-ordering Shadowbringers): 30% bonus until 71
  • Menphina’s Earring (from pre-ordering Endwalker): 30% bonus until level 81

A general rule of thumb for these is to simply equip the latest one you have until it stops granting the bonus EXP. As is always the case, Menphina’s Earring from pre-ordering Endwalker not only lasts the longest through the leveling process, it also has better additional stats compared to its counterparts.

You should probably have a stack of any basic consumable food item. All food gives you a 3% bonus to EXP gains from killing enemies. These effects last for 30 minutes per food item consumed and caps at 60 minutes at a time. It’s not a ton, but it will add up over time and shave a bit off your overall leveling grind.

Finally, there’s the Armoury Bonus. This feature gives players a 100% experience bonus for any Job that is lower than their max level Job. So if your primary Job is Samurai, at level 80, then every Job below 80 will benefit from the armoury bonus. This bonus applies to main story quests, dungeon bosses and completion, FATEs, Leves, and Deep Dungeon. Note, the Armoury Bonus is only an additional 50% for the current expansion. This means from level 80-90, the Endwalker levels. For subsequent expansions, you can expect the same.

FFXIV Stormblood Heaven on High

Levels 60-70

As we said in the guide for the last level range, do your daily Duty Roulettes. At this level range, you’ll still want to queue for the Leveling Roulette at least since it yields the most EXP for the time investment. Don’t overlook the 50/60/70/80 Dungeons, Main Scenario, Trials, and Alliance Raid options either, they’re worthwhile depending on the queue times. If you’re a tank or healer, you can also queue directly into the highest dungeon available to you and not have to wait long.

Deep Dungeon: Heaven-on-High

At level 61, you can unlock Heaven-on-High. This is the second iteration of the Deep Dungeon system, offering instanced dungeons of multiple floors to clear. Like the first one (Palace of the Dead, mentioned in previous leveling guides), all players will be synced in terms of level and item level with a separate leveling system existing only within the Deep Dungeon itself.

To unlock Heaven-on-High, you first need to have completed floor 50 of Palace of the Dead. You’ll also need to have completed the Stormblood main scenario quest “Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out.” Once that’s done, you’ll want to grab the quest “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” from the NPC named Hamakaze in The Ruby Sea (X: 6.2, Y: 11.7). This will unlock the Heaven-on-High, letting you dive into this Deep Dungeon.

You’ll gain Job EXP while playing Heaven-on-High and make progress on getting the special Empyrean Aetherpool Weapons at the same time. Many players tend to simply repeat floors 21-30 since it offers the best risk-reward ratio with solid EXP gains. You can level purely in Heaven-on-High, but to be honest, it’s a mind-numbing process. This is why I say players should incorporate Duty Roulettes and Hunts into their routine.

The iteration of Hunts in Stormblood is the Veteran Clan Hunts. You can unlock it by getting the quest “One-star Veteran Clan Hunt” from the NPC named Estrild in Kugane (X: 10.3, Y: 10.2). This allows you to break up the monotony if you’re doing a lot of Job leveling back-to-back and give you something to do if you’re waiting on queue times. There’s no reason to level up all these Jobs if you simply burn out.

Hopefully, this gives you a solid foundation to work with in regards to leveling. The Stormblood levels are actually a little more focused than levels 50 – 60 in Heavensward, with more options available to you. We also have a guide for the entire leveling process in one place, taking you all the way to level 90 as fast as possible.