FFXIV Healer Tier List – Best Healer Classes for July 2021

Save friends and fools alike with the best healer in Final Fantasy XIV.

This FFXIV healer tier list is meant to guide you on which member of this savior style job is right for you! Group content just isn’t possible without proper healers, after all. And while players in some communities shy away from the responsibility, Final Fantasy XIV offers incentives like bonus Tomestones to get players healing.

Thankfully, in the build-up to Endwalker, healers are in a great spot right now. They’re all entirely viable while offering something unique. They better be, too, since we haven’t had a new FFXIV healer to grace this tier list since the original Heavensward expansion. That’s finally changing in Endwalker — alongside the basics of healing in general by the sound of it. But for the time being you can’t go wrong with the Scholar, White Mage, or Astrologian. Hopefully this tier list will instead give you a sense of which job is best for you. Whether you’re a first-time group leader, or looking to change things up, it’s time to give these benefic beauties a look.

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S Tier: Astrologian – FFXIV Healer Tier List

In terms of potential power, the Astrologian can’t be beat. At least not until the Sage and Endwalker balance changes mix up the meta. This is the most flexible healer of the bunch — capable of swapping between both raw and barrier-style healing available to Scholar and White Mage. It’s generally best to have both whenever possible (i.e. when in group with a second healer).

Amidst it all, the Astrologian also provides lovely damage buffs for the entire party. Veteran FFXIV players often put a premium on quick completion of early to midgame content: Duty Roulettes and such. That makes Astro a very flexible and potent job for high-level content and useful when you’re mindlessly grinding. It’s also very fun, active, and uniquely flavored, meaning it’s almost never boring to play.

Though there are some downsides… The Astrologian is cursed with being a class introduced via the Heavensward expansion; meaning it doesn’t unlock until dozens of hours into the game and forces you to grind 20 extra levels. You can’t even use the Main Scenario roulette or the more productive Beast Tribe quests to ride that road back to Level 50. It’s a punishing slog for new players, but not really a problem with the job, so much as the design of the game. Older FFXIV content has gotten better (and more condensed), but it’s still not perfect.

One actual issue with the itself is complexity. The job has been significantly simplified since its introduction (as have most FFXIV classes). Yet it still requires more rote memorization than the other healers on this tier list. The Astrologian draws magic cards to apply its damage buffs and you need to know, at a glance, which cards provide the most benefit to which players. It’s not as complex as, say, remembering the various Ninja mudra. It just takes some practice. And that’s stressful when you are literally the lifeline of your team in group content. At the same time, the potential power of the Astrologian puts it in the top slot.

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A+ Tier: Scholar – FFXIV Healer Tier List

The margin between FFXIV healers is pretty slim. That’s why the Scholar gets a little plus sign next to its A rank on this tier list. There’s barely a difference in efficacy between any of these jobs. The Scholar gets a special nod in the middle of the pack for being fun and unique — as well as providing more beloved utility for group content.

Chain Strategem is a great support ability that increases critical hit rates against a target for a short time. That benefits the entire team without forcing you to take your eye off healing. In fact, there’s a bit of an awkward push and pull in the FFXIV community regarding just how much damage healers are expected to dish out. Some teams prefer a player who speeds up content (particularly midrange dungeons) by being a powerhouse. Others just want the support player to keep everyone alive. The mark of a truly good healer is knowing when the team really needs which, and when someone in party chat doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Scholars are technically a “pet class” in MMO parlance. That means they have a tiny fairy friend who does stuff for them. Though the pet management has been heavily simplified compared to the base game, turning your fairy mostly into a source of passive healing. That provides a small safety net. If you get distracted dealing damage — or just get overwhelmed — then your fairy will have your back. There’s a subtle sort of comfort that comes from never feeling alone, too, that’s unique to jobs of this type.

There’s a bit of added complexity to the Scholar which balances out the passive pet healing. This is a “barrier healer,” which relies more on laying down defensive spells that absorb damage. As opposed to just casting Benediction over and over again. This keeps the job from feeling completely mindless. You need to learn and memorize boss patterns to be completely effective. Otherwise you’ll be too late to use half your skills effectively. This makes for a fun balance of challenge and comfort.

A Tier: White Mage – FFXIV Healer Tier List

White Mage throws out all that stuff about balancing damage and healing. This is currently the one “pure” healer of FFXIV — freeing it up to deal lots of damage for its role. It also has the skill Holy: an area-of-effect damage spell that comes with a stun. While not technically a barrier, this does effectively function as one during non-boss battles in dungeons and some raids. The monsters can’t hurt your tank if they can’t attack! That ethos continues throughout the White Mage job as it has the highest personal damage output of any healer in FFXIV.

There’s honestly very little else to say about the White Mage. They heal good and kill good. They’re also the easiest healer to wrap your head around. Though I almost wouldn’t recommend it as the first class for a beginner to play. The reason being that, for all its explosive power, White Mage is pretty dull to DPS with in early game content. It doesn’t get that much more interesting later, but the dungeons and other group content do, giving you more to do than just cast the same couple of damage spells through story missions.

On the other hand, White Mage is fantastic for first-time healers. It’s easy to learn with a great “get out of deep shit free card” in the form of a full heal. Mid-level group content also flies by with a White Mage — making it great for grinding and helping friends do the same.


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