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FFXIV Grand Company Seals to Gil Guide - Earn Money With Seals (2022)

Need money? Turn your Grand Company Seals into Gil!

If you’re sitting on a veritable treasure trove of Grand Company Seals in Final Fantasy XIV and don’t know what to do with them, it can be daunting to decide on how to spend them. You can do one of two things with those tens of thousands of GC Seals. Option one is to follow our other guide and purchase items you’ll continually use like Glamour Prisms, Grade 8 Dark Matter, Cordials, and more. But what if you’d rather find a way to convert all of those Grand Company Seals into Gil in FFXIV?

With all of the available options like materials, minion boxes, Glass Fiber, Coke, and more, it can be really hard to know which is your best bet. What makes it even more difficult is the fact that every server’s player economy is different. What may be rare and expensive on Ultros could be plentiful on Famfrit.

As such, this guide will be primarily focused on how to equip yourself with the knowledge to earn Gil rather than simply listing what the best FFXIV Grand Company Seals to Gil items are. We’ll still highlight a lot of the safest bets, but nothing is one hundred percent certain when it comes to a live in-game economy.

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FFXIV Grand Company Seals to Gil Research

The first thing to do is find out what’s selling well on your server. For this we recommend pulling up the vendor page on Lodestone and making your way to a Market Board. There you can easily look up everything that can be sold and find out if it’s worth the spend. The most important thing to keep in mind here is how many Grand Company Seals the item costs. But you also need to take note of how often things are selling. While the price point on some things can be high, some items only have a buyer once every few days, others have more than a dozen in just a few hours.

With that said, let’s review two of the most common approaches.

Grand Company Seals to Gil in as Few Steps as Possible

By far the easiest way to turn those Grand Company Seals to Gil is by purchasing raw materials like Scheelite, Peacock Ore, Minium, and Coke. A full stack of these items will only set you back 20,000 Seals and can sell for anywhere between 40,000 Gil to 90,000 Gil depending on the market. One thing you need to decide on is how quickly you’re trying to sell them. Coke will undoubtedly sell faster, but at a lower price. If you’re swimming in Seals, you could feasibly make more money selling Coke, even though the stacks are going for a much lower price than the others.

Using Universalis Cross-World numbers on my shard, you would earn the following per 100,000 Grand Company Seals:

  • Scheelite: 18,000 Gil.
  • Peacock Ore: 300,000 Gil.
  • Minium: 526,000 Gil.
  • Coke: 210,000 Gil.

Grand Company Seals to Gil Using Crafting

If your crafters are leveled high enough, you can potentially earn even more Gil by transforming the items you buy into highly desired items. Glass Fiber, for example, costs 7,000 Grand Company Seals. On its own you’re only going to get about 6,000 Gil each, making it a pretty bad investment. But if you use Glass Fiber to make Tempered Glass, you can instead earn about 17,000 per high-quality (HQ) unit. You can also consider turning Arachne Web into Arachne Velveteen, increasing the value of the item from around 2,500 Gil to 12,000 Gil.

For the most part, this is a less efficient use of your Grand Company Seals. You will, however, be making rarer materials that are more likely to sell. If you’re always loaded with Grand Company Seals and want to worry less about constantly keeping your retainers stocked, this is a good option. Another thing to note is you will obviously need other materials to make these products. This will cut into your profits if you don’t already have them and aren’t willing to gather them yourself.

The following is revenue for selling these items per 100,000 Grand Company Seals:

  • Glass Fiber into Tempered Glass: 242,000 Gil.
  • Glass Fiber into Luminous Fiber: 86,000 Gil.
  • Arachne Web into Arachne Velveteen: 533,000 Gil.
  • Dubbin into Kirimu Leather: 614,000 Gil.
  • Scheelite into Wolfram Ingots: 437,000 Gil.

Grand Company Seals to Gil Using Materiel Containers

One of the things you’ve likely heard somewhere is the idea of using your Grand Company Seals to buy Materiel Containers and sell the minions inside. It sounds like a surefire way to earn some Gil, and it is, but we’ve done the math to see what kind of revenue you can expect. You will, however, need to have a Grand Company rank of Captain to purchase these. It’s not immediately obvious how to unlock this rank, so check out our Grand Company promotion guide for help!

For Materiel Container 3.0, which has all mounts and minions from A Realm Reborn and Heavensward inside, the average value is about 150,000 Gil. That number is incredibly skewed, however, by the 10,000,000 Gil-value Night Pegasus Whistle. Without it, the average drops to just 33,000 per box. With a situation like this, it’s probably best to use the median which is an even more abysmal 19,000 Gil. At 20,000 Grand Company Seals each, you’re basically playing the lottery and hoping to pull that Night Pegasus Whistle.

What about the more recent Materiel Container 4.0 which has mounts and minions from Stormblood? The good news is there are six items worth at least 1,000,000 Gil compared to the single-item jackpot one from the previous container. The average of 428,000 Gil isn’t too bad, but the median is even worse at only 2,300 Gil.

All of that is to say, using GC Seals to buy Materiel Containers is like playing the lottery. Sometimes you’ll come away with millions of Gil, but most of the time you’re going to get nearly nothing on your return.

Interested, but don’t know where to start when it comes to earning Seals? Head on over to our Grand Company Seals farming guide to get going!

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