FFXIV Endwalker Trial Guide: The Final Day

Only one more step to end this walk.

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So the original story of Final Fantasy XIV comes to a close. Endwalker was sold as the end of the HydaelynZodiark saga, and while you polished off both those figures early on in this expansion, The Final Day is the true end. Here, you face the Endsinger, the apocalyptic final form of Meteion. 

The Endsinger is a three-phase trial. The first phase is the proper fight, with some excellent time-twisting mechanics to test you. The second phase has an unclear speed bump, but it is otherwise a burn phase, where you have to damage something as fast as possible. The final phase is really just the boss flailing, the narrative taking over a bit as the Endsinger realizes you’re going to win. 

Be warned that trial guides contain spoilers. If you prefer to preserve the surprise of trials for yourself, give them a try first before referring to a guide. Then, come back here for some help if you have trouble!

FFXIV Endwalker Final Days Death's Embrace

Phase One – Recreating Despair

You’ll fight the Endsinger in a circular arena. You can fall off of the edge. In fact, the boss will try to make that happen. This phase is a whole lot of attacks in a very short period of time. 

  • Elegeia: This is a party-wide AOE. Heal through it. Like most bosses, the Endsinger will use this in the beginning, and intermittently throughout the fight. At the same time, the next attack will automatically begin. 
  • Stellar Collision: The Endsinger summons two planets that will rotate around the arena. One planet moves faster than the other and when they collide, they’ll explode in a large circle AOE. You have to watch their rotation to figure out where they’ll meet and explode.
  • Galaxias: The boss casts a knockback marker in the middle of the arena. Stack near to the center to avoid being knocked off the platform. 
  • Elenchos: The boss moves closer to the arena. There are two flavors of this attack. In the first, she opens her glowing mouth and will cast a huge line AOE down the center of the platform. If her eyes bleed, she’ll cast two huge line AOEs down the left and right sides of the platform. Watch her face and move quickly!
  • Death’s Embrace: The boss will cast tight, long cone AOEs on every party member. You have to spread to make sure you don’t stack this with another party member. Where you’re standing when this hits, a feather will fall and explode later in a circle AOE.
  • Aporrhoia: The Endsinger summons four tiny Endsinger faces that will eventually shoot straight line AOEs. Stand in the areas between the faces.
  • Hubris: This is a double tankbuster, targeting both tanks. Note, they’ll both be hit with huge lasers that will damage anyone near them as well. 

FFXIV Endwalker Elegeia

  • Elegeia Unforgotten: This works like Elegeia, but once the Stellar Collision explosion happens, the Endsinger will freeze it. The boss will then cast…
  • Fatalism: The boss will tether to the frozen Stellar Collision explosion, reversing it a short time. Then the explosion will happen again in the same spot. This is teaching you to remember where the Stellar Collisions are happening. This will later be combined with attacks like Galaxias and Aporrhoia, and even two Elegeia Unforgotten back-to-back.
  • Ekstatis: The Endsinger will summon five large circle AOEs. These will resolve into puddles that will grow, vastly diminishing the arena.
  • Interstellar: The boss flies away, stating “Tis so lonely between the stars”. When it reappears, it’ll fly across the platform in a very wide line AOE, forcing you to hug the very outside edges to avoid it. At the same time, four players will be marked with circle AOEs. Position yourself as best as possible to avoid stacking them.
  • Nemesis: A circle AOE marker is placed on every party member. Spread out to avoid stacking damage.

The Endsinger will throw out a lot in phase one, and in the latter half of this phase, much of it will be combined. So you’ll see two Elegeia Unforgotten, or an Elenchos with an Aporrhoia, or an Elegeia Unforgotten with a Galaxias. These are all hard-hitting attacks, so you not only have to know them, you have to determine the safe spaces between them.

FFXIV Endwalker Final Days Meteor

Phase Two – Planetes

Under half health, the boss will cast Plantes, marking the transition to Phase Two. This will summon an add on the platform called Kakodaimon and the boss will begin charging up a Despair bar. If this bar reaches 100, it’s a party wipe. Kakodaimon’s attacks are as follows:

  • Meteor Radiant: This attack summons planets that will slam onto the arena. The position is indicated by a larger tether that glows green and becomes red at the point of impact.
  • Meteor Outburst: A circle AOE marker is placed on every party member. Spread out to avoid stacking damage.
  • Katastrophe: A party-wide AOE. Heal through it.

FFXIV Endwalker Final Days Countdown

When you kill Kakodaimon, the Endsinger will start a countdown at 10 seconds. When the “5 seconds until oblivion is sealed…” message appears, one of your tanks needs to cast their Limit Break 3. If they fail to do so, it’s another party wipe. Yep, this is one of the few times an LB3 isn’t used by the healers for a party resurrect. The screen will go black, but don’t worry, if you cast the Limit Break, you’ll pop back up in 10 seconds when your friends the Scions wish you back to life. 

FFXIV Endwalker Final Days Phase Three

Phase Three – Hope

It’s sad when a boss loses its will to live. Most of the Endsinger’s attacks in this phase are simply straightforward damage. No tricks, no twists. 

  • Telos: A pretty powerful party-wide AOE.
  • Telomania: The boss strikes the entire arena four times in succession. The second time, this will include a party-wide AOE that doesn’t hit as hard as Telos, followed by three sets of circle AOEs under a few party members. 

From this point on, you’re just dodging these basic attacks and damaging the boss until the end. After that first cast of Telos, Telomania will be the only attack used by the boss during this phase.

That’s the end of the end of all things. The Endsinger falls beneath the skill and bravely of the Warrior of Light. The Final Days are averted. You’ve flown to the furthest reaches of the universe to stick your sword in a demigod. Good job. There’s still one more fight, but you probably won’t need a guide for that one. 

With that said, are you sure you’re the best tank or healer that you can be? The Linkshell, our upcoming FFXIV vertical, is full of helpful articles and guides for all your FFXIV needs!

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