FFXIV Endwalker Guide: How to Earn Tomestones of Astronomy and Radiant’s Gear

As of Patch 6.05, the Radiant's set is the easiest high-level gear (ilvl 590) to earn and it'll pay off in the long-run. You just gotta be patient.

Some significant additions are packed into Patch 6.05 for Final Fantasy XIV. While some may be working on clearing the Savage versions of the Pandaemonium Asphodelos raids, most folks engaging with endgame content will be working toward earning the new Allagan Tomestones of Astronomy. It’s a worthwhile endeavor because, like previous expansions, these new high-end Tomestones let you purchase some of the best gear yet. Here, we’ll outline how to earn them, why you should earn them, vendor prices and locations, and how upgrading to Augmented gear works.

How to Earn Tomestones of Astronomy

Earning Tomestones of Astronomy works the same as previous high-end Tomestones from past expansions. And your main source is through the daily rewards granted by the Duty Roulette. Below is an outline for the number of Tomestones you’ll earn for each Duty Roulette — keep in mind that you’ll need to complete these using a level 90 Job in order to get these rewards.

  • Expert: 60 Aphorism, 40 Astronomy (plus an additional 50 Astronomy for dungeon completion)
  • Leveling: 100 Aphorism, 20 Astronomy
  • Trials: 60 Aphorism, 15 Astronomy
  • Main Scenario: 100 Aphorism, 50 Astronomy (and 300 Poetics)
  • Alliance Raids: 120 Aphorism, 50 Astronomy (and 120 Poetics)
  • Normal Raids: 60 Aphorism, 20 Astronomy (and 80 Poetics)
  • Mentor: 30 Aphorism, 10 Astronomy
  • Frontline: 50 Aphorism, 20 Astronomy

Note that the Level 50/60/70/80 Dungeon Roulette does not offer Tomestones of Astronomy, but reward 120 Tomestones of Aphorism. There are other efficient ways to swoop them up, though. The level 90 dungeons The Dead Ends, Smileton, and The Stigma Dreamscape all give you a total of 50 Tomestones of Astronomy upon completion when you queue into them directly — these dungeons aren’t subject to a daily limit.

If you haven’t unlocked the post-game dungeons Smileton and The Stigma Dreamscape, you should absolutely do so. They’re great dungeons that offer the hefty rewards outlined above and are required to open up the Expert Roulette, which is best way to earn Tomestones of Astronomy.

Running any of the four Circles in the Pandaemonium Asphodelos raids will reward you with 10 Tomestones of Astronomy, which is a neat perk if you’re working toward clears or other items. If you’re into PvP, Frontline and Rival Wings queues offer 20 Tomestones of Astronomy while the Wolves’ Den queue gives 10 of them.

Keep in mind that all players are subject to a weekly cap of 450 Tomestones of Astronomy, limiting the rate at which you can earn them. This cap resets every Tuesday at 12 a.m. PT.

Where to Find the Vendor

You’ll be exchanging those hard-earned Tomestones of Astronomy to Cihanti located at X: 10.8Y: 10.3 in Radz-at-Han — this is near the main Aetheryte in the left-hand hallway. She sells all the necessary gear for all Jobs, which is all part of the new Radiant’s gear set with item levels of 590. She’s the same NPC offering the Moondward gear for Tomestones of Aphorism, but you may notice a new NPC named Khaldeen right next to her in the same stall.

Khaldeen offers Augmented versions of Radiant’s gear, all with item levels of 600. To get these, you’ll need the original Radiant gear piece and the corresponding material listed in the vendor’s menu. More on this later.

new FFXIV endgame gear for patch 6.05
A look at some of the new gear you can earn as of Patch 6.05 in FFXIV.

Radiant’s Gear Prices and Details

Here are the prices for each type of Radiant’s gear you can purchase:

  • Any Weapon: 500 Tomestones of Astronomy and one Discal Tomestone
  • Body and Legs gear: 825 Tomestones of Astronomy
  • HeadHands, and Feet gear: 495 Tomestones of Astronomy
  • Any Accessory: 375 Tomestones of Astronomy

These are pretty steep prices compared to the Moonward gear you can get from Tomestones of Aphorism, but all Radiant’s gear pieces have an item level of 590. This is higher than what you can get from the current Extreme Trials and normal level Pandaemonium raids, which are item level 580.

Considering that you can only earn 450 Tomestones of Astronomy per week, it’ll take quite some time to get the full set. But since the daily rewards in the Duty Roulette are quite generous, it’s not so much a grind as it is a waiting game.

However, getting your Radiant’s weapon requires a whole other endeavor. You’ll need to have one Discal Tomestone alongside the 500 Tomestones of Astronomy. One Discal Tomestone costs seven Unsung Blades of Asphodelos. To earn an Unsung Blade of Asphodelos, you need to run the normal version of The Fourth Circle from the Pandaemonium raid — you can only earn one per week, but thankfully it’s automatically awarded to you upon completion as opposed to an item to roll for. (See y’all in two months when I finally get my Radiant’s weapon!)

Why Radiant’s Gear is Worth Getting Now

As stated above, all Radiant’s gear is at item level 590 and can be upgraded to Augmented Radiant’s gear which is at item level 600. The road might be long, but if endgame content is important to you, it’s best you start now. (Also, missing a weekly reset will set you back 450 Tomestones of Astronomy that you could have earned for more gear pieces.) Radiant’s gear, and the Augmented versions, will put you in the best position for high-level fights and future content updates, especially when Patch 6.1 comes along with the new 24-player Alliance raid.

How to Get Augmented Radiant’s Gear (ilvl 600)

In order to get the improved Augmented versions of Radiant’s gear, you’ll need Radiant Twine, Radiant Roborant, or Radiant Coating (depending on the specific gear piece) and the original gear piece. As of now, you can earn one piece of either of the materials by turning in four Asphodelos Mythos IIIs to the vendor Djole in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.3, Y: 9.6) or Mylenie in Labyrinthos (X: 8.3, Y: 27.5). These Mythos can be earned from clearing instances of the Pandaemonium Savage raids. But in the near-future, you’ll be able to earn those necessary materials through the upcoming Alliance raid whenever Patch 6.1 rolls around, which might be preferable to some players.

Of course, most of this is advice for those who might not want to run Savage raids every week to roll for the necessary Asphadelos Coffers and Asphodelos Mythos to get the item level 600 Asphodelos gear set. Either way, players have at least two paths to earning the best gear in FFXIV so far.

For more on what’s new with FFXIV and Endwalker, be sure to read our breakdown of the changes in Patch 6.05 and catch up on all the Job changes from the update.