FFXIV Endwalker: Aether Currents – Ultima Thule Map, Locations & Coordinates

At the end of all things, you can still fly on a Chocobo.

If you’re a veteran player of Final Fantasy XIV, you probably forget all about the Aether Currents in-between expansions. These whirling orbs of wind dot the landscape in new maps, and only by finding all of them can you break your shackles and fly free. It’s a one-time hunt that tends to be forgotten outside of launch weeks. 

At the end of the universe awaits your final challenge, Ultima Thule. A place where all life is in stasis. You’ll meet civilizations long dead and lost to despair, and in the end, you will walk through them onto your destination. That is your charge and burden.

Ultima Thule is separated into four distinct sections. At first, you’ll only have access to the Ostrakon Deka-okto, moving to Ostrakon Tria with the quest “A Test of Will”. Most of the physical aether currents will be found there and the next section, Ostrakon Deka-hexi, which is unlocked next over the course of the main story quest.

Other Endwalker Aether Currents

If you need to look at our other Aether Current maps, you’ll find them below:

FFXIV Ultima Thule Aether Currents

  1. The Ragnarok
  2. The Vitrified Fort
  3. Reah Tahra
  4. Ahm Nohl
  5. Hollow of the Flesh
  6. The Wellspring of Regret
  7. Abode of the Ea
  8. Elegeia
  9. The Tube
  10. Clouded Portal
  11. Base Omicron
  12. Fallow Portal
  13. Stigma-1
  14. Unmemoried Portal
  15. The Nekropolis
  16. Absolute Horizon
  17. Empty Portal
  18. The Tree of Life
  19. The Lost Hydraulic

Aether Current Coordinates

  • X: 14.8, Y: 14.2, Z: 2.2
  • X: 16.7, Y: 15.5, Z: 2.7 (On Top of Tower, Take Path Starting At X: 17.2, Y: 15.5, Z: 2.2)
  • X: 13.7, Y: 8.8, Z: 2.1
  • X: 21.7, Y: 6.3, Z: 2.3
  • X: 29.9, Y: 7.8, Z: 2.3
  • X: 32.2, Y: 26.2, Z: 3.9
  • X: 34.2, Y: 27.2, Z: 3.9
  • X: 34.7, Y: 29.7, Z: 3.9
  • X: 32.8, Y: 29.5, Z: 3.9
  • X: 36.5, Y: 28.6, Z: 3.9

Aether Current Quests

  • Quest – “Ending as One” – Ostrakon Tria (Available After “Where Knowledge Leads”)
  • Quest – “A Most Stimulating Discussion” – Ostrakon Tria (Available After “Where Knowledge Leads”)
  • Quest – “Combat Evolved” – Base Omicron (Available After “Victory [Gibberish] & Lost”)
  • Quest – “Learn to Love” – Base Omicron (Available After “Victory [Gibberish] & Lost”)
  • Quest – “You’re Not Alone” – The Nekropolis (Available After “Forge Ahead”)

With all the Aether Currents collected, you can soar the winds of bravery in this dead place. Now go save the universe and your world. Of course, you can’t save the world if you can’t do your Job, so if you’re curious about how to play the new Sage or Reaper in Endwalker, check out our guides for those Jobs as well as the expansion’s aether currents, dungeons, and trials.