FFXIV Endwalker: Aether Currents – Mare Lamentorum Map, Locations & Coordinates

Even on the moon, gravity is keeping you down.

If you’re a veteran player of Final Fantasy XIV, you probably forget all about the Aether Currents in between expansions. These whirling orbs of wind dot the landscape in new maps, and only by finding all of them can you break your shackles and fly free. It’s a one-time hunt that tends to be forgotten outside of launch weeks. 

The moon has been a key part of the promotional period of Endwalker. We’ve known for some time that the Warrior of Light was going to break free of gravity and head into space, but even space travel requires the Aether Current hunt. The region of the satellite we’re exploring is called Mare Lamentorum. Below you’ll find a map of the area with major locations marked with numbers, and the Aether Currents are marked with green dots — we have also included the exact coordinates for each Aether Currents and detailed the ones acquired through quests. 

Other Endwalker Aether Currents

If you need to look at our other Aether Current maps, you’ll find them below:

FFXIV Mare Lamentorum Aether Currents

  1. Sinus Lacrimarum
  2. The Watcher’s Palace
  3. The Drowning Brand
  4. The Numbing Brand
  5. The Crushing Brand
  6. The Searing Brand
  7. The Striking Brand
  8. The Biting Brand
  9. Vallis Vulneris
  10. The Cradle of Darkness
  11. The Chlorophosgrot
  12. Heimdall’s Last Sight
  13. Lovingway’s Darlings
  14. Kydonia Knolls
  15. Bestways Burrow

If you’re looking for the exact locations of each Aether Current, the coordinates are below. There are also some small notes about acquiring the currents that are slightly more annoying than their counterparts. Finally, there are a few Aether Currents that are only unlocked via quests. When those quests unlock and where you pick them up is listed below. 

Aether Current Coordinates

(All available after “Helping Hands.”)

  • X: 21.9, Y: 13.7, Z: -1.4 
  • X: 22.0, Y: 10.4, Z: -0.5
  • X: 27.8, Y: 9.5, Z: -1.6 
  • X: 34.5, Y: 13.3, Z: -1.7 
  • X: 11.8, Y: 9.5, Z: -1.6 
  • X: 6.8, Y: 6.8, Z: -1.4
  • X: 22.3, Y: 18.1, Z: 1.2
  • X: 33.2, Y: 23.7, Z: 1.4 
  • X: 29.2, Y: 27.6, Z: 1.0
  • X: 18.9, Y: 20.1, Z: 0.6 (In Cave, Access at X: 19.6. Y: 20.8) 

Aether Current Quests

  • Quest – “Carrots: It’s What’s for Dinner” – The Carrotorium (Available After “Styled a Hero”)
  • Quest – “True Carrot Crimes” – The Carrotorium (Available After “Styled a Hero”)
  • Quest – “Name That Way” – Bestways Burrow (Available After “Setting Things Straight”)
  • Quest – “Alluring Allag” – Bestways Burrow (Available After “Setting Things Straight”)
  • Quest – “Heart of the Matter” – Greatest Endsvale (Available After “Setting Things Straight”)

With all the Aether Currents collected, you’ll soar through the skies (or atmosphere) of Mare Lamentorum. However, they never really get into how you breathe on the surface of the moon. And you can’t just fly your company chocobo through outer space. I think that would kill you both.