FFXIV Endwalker: Aether Currents – Labyrinthos Map, Locations & Coordinates

Yes, you can even fly through this world in a jar.

If you’re a veteran player of Final Fantasy XIV, you probably forget all about the Aether Currents in-between expansions. These whirling orbs of wind dot the landscape in new maps, and only by finding all of them can you break your shackles and fly free. It’s a one-time hunt that tends to be forgotten outside of launch weeks. 

Underneath the quiet, austere nation of Old Sharlayan lies a secret. Labyrinthos is a massive terrarium, a construct using aether to power an artificial sun and bring clouds to its dome. Sharlayan scientists and farmers use the region to store the knowledge and life of Eorzea. But at the center lies an even bigger secret.

Labyrinthos is separated into three distinct sections. At first, you’ll only have access to the Outer Circuit, moving to the next section with the quest “The Medial Circuit.” You will not be able to progress to the final third of Labyrinthos until you complete the quest “Going Underground.”

FFXIV Labyrinthos Aether Currents Map

  1. Path of Artifice
  2. Upper Acrinthos
  3. Mistloom
  4. Hatching Canal
  5. Passemerrant Pasturponics
  6. The Aesthete’s Tholos
  7. The Archeion
  8. Trogophile’s Deep
  9. The Thirty-Third Facet
  10. The Phreatic Conduit
  11. Meryall Argonomics
  12. Psyche
  13. Phoibos
  14. Pneuma
  15. Mitato
  16. Logistikon Beta
  17. Sharlayan Hamlet
  18. Aporia
  19. Thaumazein
  20. Logistikon Alpha
  21. Logistikon Gamma
  22. Kokkol’s Forge

Aether Current Coordinates

  • X: 28.4, Y: 6.1, Z: 4.3
  • X: 36.4, Y: 22.8, Z: 3.3
  • X: 31.4, Y: 16.1, Z: 2.9
  • X: 22.1, Y: 15.7, Z: 2.9
  • X: 15.1, Y: 13.5, Z: 3.0
  • X: 22.4, Y: 25.0, Z: 1.9
  • X: 17.9, Y: 16.6, Z: 2.1
  • X: 11.3, Y: 19.0, Z: 2.0
  • X: 10.5, Y: 34.7, Z: 2.0
  • X: 18.9, Y: 35.0, Z: 2.0

Aether Current Quests

  • Quest – “Lost Little Troll” – Meryall Argonomics (Available After “The Full Report, Warts and All”)
  • Quest – “Let The Good Times Troll” – Sharlayan Hamlet (Available After “No Job Too Small”)
  • Quest – “The Lad in Labyrinthos” – Sharlayan Hamlet (Available After “Sage Council”)
  • Quest – “Gleaner’s Wish” – Sharlayan Hamlet (Available After “Sage Council”)
  • Quest – “Bonds of Adamant(ite)” – Kokkol’s Forge (Available After “Once Forged”)

With all the Aether Currents collected, you can take up the artificial winds and fly. Completing this map is your last stop before you take a big trip. Of course, you can’t save the world if you can’t do your Job, so if you’re curious about how to play the new Sage or Reaper in Endwalker, check out our guides for those Jobs as well as the expansion’s aether currents, dungeons, and trials.

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